On the first day in January in the year 2019 in the in the fictional New York City-sized city of New Castletop, Pennsylvania, on 12304 North Zack Lantz Avenue live a family of police officers who work for the New Castletop Metropolitan Police Department called the Washingtons. The 33 year old chief of police and matriarch of the Washington family named September Washington and her four 22 year old sons named Jamal, Edward, Stephen and Richard, also known by his nickname, "Mr. Money" Washington and who also does his own rap songs on the side of being a NCMPD police officer for his second job, are watching Richard's new rap-themed music video show titled "Music & Money" when they heard a window shatter into a million pieces from inside of the kitchen area and someone came in with intent to stalk and murder September for putting him or her in the Pennsylvania State Penitentiary 37 years ago. September enters her and her husband and the patriarch of the Washingtons, the Chief of Police named Alistair Washington begin to have sex and telling each other stories about how they have met and what was the magnets to each others' loves were when three shots rang out and shot September dead in a pool of blood by the masked intruder, who we won't know until the series finale or at some point in this story...

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