The Lost Cat 2 is a sequel to The Lost Cat. Peter's next-door-neighbour-cat, a show Birman named Belle who Peter is quite keen on, is teaching him to understand other animals. But then one day, Belle is stolen; and it's up to Peter to save her.

1: Belle tries to teach Peter to understand other animalsEdit

"OK, you got it yet, Peter?" Belle asked. Belle was this beautiful Birman from next door. She was cute and fluffy and had lovely deep blue eyes.
"Er... maybe?" I stammered, but nodded my head all the same.
"OK. Let's put you to the test. Squeaks?" she called. A little dormouse scurried out of a hole in the wall of the shed. Belle must have noticed that I had my eyes set on him. "Don't eat him!" she warned. I took a step back hurriedly.
"Squeak squeak squeak squeak!" said Squeaks.
"Right, so what did he say?" Belle asked me.
"Um... rice... won't eat shoes?" I asked. Belle stared hard at me.
"He said, 'nice to meet you,'" she pointed out.
"Ah..." I replied.
"Squeaks, try something else," Belle said.
"Squeak squeak squeak squeeeak squeak."
"Squeaks!" Belle shouted.
"What did he say?" I asked.
"I don't think you want to know."
"No really, what did he say?"
"He said... 'you've got a big butt,'"
"Why that little..." I started, but Squeaks saw my expression and bolted back into the shed. I sighed.
"Oh, don't worry, Peter," Belle told me, holding my paw. "Squeaks doesn't really like cats that much. He thinks I'm a small sheep."
"A sheep!?" I spluttered. "Well, I guess you do kind of look a bit..."
"Oh... nothing... nothing."
"You're telling me I look like some skanky farm animal?"
"No! Well... not much... no!"
"I've had it with you. Bell's gone. In both ways. Class is over!" she shouted at me, and then went stalking down the driveway. I took back what I said. I didn't want to make Belle unhappy! However much I try to hide it (and I think I do)... Belle was the love of my life. I just don't seem to have a way with females. I was left sitting sadly alone, and I stayed there just staring at the driveway while grey clouds started to cloud over and raindrops appeared on the ground.

I spent the afternoon sniffing around the garden. Not like dogs do, just sniffing the flowers. I was looking for one that was more fragrant and beautiful than the rest. Suddenly I spotted a large blue rose. It was in perfect condition and was almost exactly the colour of Belle's eyes. I hopped up the patio steps and flicked out one claw. With one swipe at the stem, I gripped it in my teeth, and jumped over the gate in search of Belle.

2: Peter tries to make up with Belle, but a horrible suprise awaitsEdit

I leapt onto the pavement. Where was Belle? I couldn't see her anywhere. I decided to go and have a look around.

Belle wasn't in next door's garden I'd looked round all the flowers and under the bushes. I'd even balanced myself ontop of the gate to see if she was in the back garden. Dropping the blue rose on the ground, I climbed up the trellis and onto the roof. I scanned the area to see if I could spot a fluffy white cat with a black face and paws. Nope. But then I suddenly heard shouting.
"Help! Someone, please! Help me!" Belle!

I immediately spotted where the sound was coming from. A van had just turned at the end of the road and was coming back down. At the sound of shouting the three dogs; Ollie, Max and Minty, from across the road had started barking like crazy. As the van passed the house I saw through the small windows in the back doors a familiar cat.

There was no time to lose. I leapt from the roof and ran down a branch of a nearby tree as it bended under my weight. Then I sped off after the truck.

The truck had now increased it's speed as it was heading towards the main road. My paws pounded the pavement as I overtook it and leapt into the road. The truck swerved and came to a half just centemetres infront of me. I was momentarily frozen to the spot as I saw how close it was infront of my nose. Then I shook my head and reminded myself what I was supposed to be doing.

The men got out the truck. As the same time I ran round to th back and leapt up at the doors, aiming to go through the barred windows. But I misjudged my jump. BONNNG! I slammed right into one of the bars. Luckily I was able to grab hold of the bottom of the window. I pulled myself halfway through when one of the men grabbed me by the scruff of the neck.

I fought back, throwing my claws around everywhere. The men talked in some of their human gibberish (unfortunately I haven't learnt how to understand humans either because they only seem to talk nonsense) and then opened the doors in the back of their van. The one holding me opened a cage and put me inside.

But I wasn't giving up yet! Just as they were closing the door I jumped through the gap. I ran up the person's arm while their hands flew about trying to grab me and I hopped onto their head, then jumped off. I ran down the street.

The men gave up and got back in their van. I decided the best thing to do was follow it, even if I couldn't get Belle out of there. So I ran after the van again. But I was too late. It turned left onto the main road and sped away.

I tared after the van. I hadn't saved Belle. As I turned around I almost bumped into the Balinese, Loui, who lived with the three dogs.
"Peter?" he asked. "You're not just going to give up like that, are you?"
"What am I supposed to do!?" I asked back.
"Well... go after the truck."
"It's too fast. I don't have a chance at catching it."
"No, I mean... like a big adventure!" Loui told me. I knew for a fact that he had once gone on a big adventure himself, in search of some kind of island or something. "I'll tell you what... I'll come with you!"
I was taken aback. "Why?"
"Oh, come on, you need some accompnyment on a big adventure like that. And I can understand other animals." I knew that Loui had been taught to understand animals when he was a kitten. It's like humans. I hear they're better at learning languages when they're younger. It's the same with kittens. I'd never been taught, though.
"Well... OK," I said eventually, after thinking it over.
"Great! Let's go!"

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