Juarez entered his home after a long day of hard work. His back hurt, he had a minor migraine, he was bored and...the PAIN! It bothered him the entire day! He couldn't even step on the ground without feeling the PAIN! He needed to...he wanted to...he...

He fell on the ground and did his best to take his shoe off. After some seconds of valiant struggle, he managed to throw it away and held his prize gloriously. A stone. More of a pebble, really. But had been the source of unbearable pain in his workday full of super important meetings.

He put the pebble into his pocket and laid there, quietly, looking at the paint that was peeling off from the ceiling, and the broken fan. There was nothing wrong with that. There was only bliss for him, right now. Nothing but unending, infinite bliss. But the eternal bliss lasted little more than five seconds, and he went back to his normal state.

Of course, entering his normal state meant he had to prepare himself for work tomorrow's work day. He really wasn't in the mood for it, though. So he went to his kitchen and poured milk into a glass, before sitting on the living room couch and watching TV, while drinking milk.

If only he had gone to the bathroom and taken the pebble off...but no. He had to endure an entire day of annoying little thing in his shoe. If he had to choose that or being shot on the head...he would choose that, but he would hesitate a little bit.

After he managed to forget the pebble that nearly drove him crazy, he turned the TV off and went to his home office, prepare the paperwork for the next day. While he did his job, he couldn't stop remembering the pebble, so he took it out of his pocket and put it on the desk, contemplating it.

It was just a pebble, he told himself, but his mind kept drifting to it, and to the PAIN while he tried to work. So he tried to focus on the bliss he felt when the PAIN stopped. But it was too temporary, it didn't last enough for him to enjoy it enough.

But then he realized that it wasn't such a big deal. He was in the same situation as at that time, and he didn't feel worse...then why he could only remember the Pain? Why did the Bliss last so little then? Maybe it was the pain? Only by having recently felt the pain he could notice that he was feeling the bliss? Was it all relative? Would there be any pain without bliss and bliss without pain?

Juarez didn't know. All he knew is that he was happy enough for not having that pebble in his shoe anymore. So, thinking back of how happy he was right now for not having a pebble in his shoe. And thinking like this, he could feel echoes of the Bliss, and did his work fast enough, so that he could actually do something besides working this night.

It was the best night of his life.

Juarez was in front of the mirror, making sure his suit was presentable. He then fixed himself a glass of chocolate milk as breakfast, since he was almost late. Then, before unlocking the door and leaving, he took the pebble from the desk and put it into his shoe. "Bless the pebbles in our shoes," he thought, and left.

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