Author Mightyerick (Works) is fine with any constructive edits you wish to make to this literary work.

by Serprex, of course

Even I have limits to how short is short

Let's see if this goes anywhere


*remembers Yunz's massive writing sprees*

Dang not so commy commies

I was watching these Ikaruga 2P vids. Crazy stuff


moving comment as doesn't seem to understand how to use a wiki talk page

If you're going to change a story you don't like, at least login and spell loser as loser and not looser

This is what happens when you spread the word.Silly Firefly and his badgering of my objections to all


Serious Turkeys On Patrol, To Hail All New Knowledge So Gore Induced Violence Is Never Given Unless Some Idiot Noob Goes To Evaluate Reserved Reasons Over Reactions Inflicting Serious Massacres

Pure dialogue is good for light reading

And it'd make me feel happy inside that someone enjoyed it enough to be inspired

I made a menu today yep, this has nothing to do with my post. Yep, blatant spam ad here. GET YOUR MEAT IN THE BONES!!



Being petty is petty

Tolerationizationism is a very important thing



So I met this guy who was like HI and I was like HI and he was like BYE so I was like BYE and so I thought'why do we even say that stuff?'


Now if only I could be back on my CRT monitor to write

In other news, Kibosh is done so if you're bored try itkthx

We never did hear the format he has it in

This is an odd post

The first step is to accept the fact that you want it REALLY bad. And then, to deny it. Yes, we will deny the want to be a conworlder again. Can't let that happen, nonono that'd start taking my time

I remember that guy that posted his PDFs as images. Funny guy that one was


So I said LOONY and he said MOONY and so we started to chat on about it before I noticed that the guy was just joking and so when someone else came to chat I joked and we laughed, the other like WT*??

But we could have the AI say"You are mistaken, I am the master!"

Style is of the author

redirected the redirect

Don't be silly

Cats go woof

If you think UM is random, you've let the sized text and quirky structure get to you

Be great if this turns out to progress fine, and he sees us talking about deleting it

Days are numbered

Do keep the mainpage link

How about we do it the other way around?

Because less is more

Copypasta doesn't taste good, especially when it comes from an IP]

But maybe I was tired when I read it?I always like stuff when tired, there was this great IF and then I really really liked Photopia


? .


When doing stuff, always remember KISS



You guys aren't planning a coup de etat or anything, right? <- It was the one who revealed the mystery of Abc/Hou


Yes, for once I think more should be deleted than Yunz. Great how we switch around like that

By only giving my cent instead of 2, I can badger on about little things twice as much

If that cat is dead, however, feel free to die with it <- I really wonder what was all that stuff on cats (?)

If you are unavailable, please leave a note about how we can contact a more suitable guardian of your expenditures, such as that cat dying by the road

Of course, this will come with additional costs of interest if you cannot arrange a meeting to pay the sum of .04 cents by the second day of purchase

Order now though and we'll also include this new book on getting books

I'll even take away your cat for FREE

Nobody even cared enough to give me the okay? Okay then

Am I vain in my attempt to blame CSS for why I can't read from Novelas? Probably. On another note, I'm finding The Cat Who Walks Through Walls is being quite enjoyable

How's this for inviting?

This gonna get expanded?

Er...I have nothing to say

Preferably 24


Even when doubled





JWS left Novelas. As the only living left author of this, I call for DEATH. Now then, I believe that to make mass deleting less probable a proper reason for deletion should be supplied. And yes,"My reasons don't ne

Talking with souls of the shadowland doesn't sound like realism. Nor does this story seem to have more than a "This is who I am kinda right now" intro

Now this is a good one, "Please ask permission if possible for copyright at", I guess he missed the GFDL garble

A community who welcomes potential that knows it will not meet that potential has no potential

This causes people to submit a mass of half completed mostly techdemo works

In the community of GM, there is an issue. We welcome WIPs with open arms

I think we should give Yunz half credit here. People posting an introduction to a show that they wanted to write about years ago really just doesn't belong

Sexual scenes shouldn't even be considered until after you show more than some bored person writing out of their head total bull that has no actual development and has less length than my grandmother can write i

Cover pages after you pay up front the 30KB

Now if only I could find out where I left my pet toad

Ya, I'm thinking that weird wanabe SciFi literotica posted by an IP should be deleted...Ima do that right now

I nominate this for featuring


I see a tie with end of first month and talking in private for monthness. I also see a poorly placed word of "secondary teacher" that really could use some explaining in the next summary of an edit

I'm too lazy to do it

Seriously, that thing I wrote probably lacks style on so many levels in so many genres

I'll just let Non make it actually progress?

Now then, where's that leash so we can make sure Modred doesn't scamper off again?

No, I'm not happy

If that was in English, I'd still delete it

‹UNIC◙DE›™ <- More problems with the charset!



News is silly

PerfectCherryBlossom was such a drag to find, as was eXcess 2nd


Really now,this is getting silly

The internet is a small place,seems

Letter and some itals


Note: My favorite are the italic ones.

Poetry, I guess. Isnt, Serprex?

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