In the twenty-second century, humans invented machines and devices that enabled them to do more work in less time. Soon, space travel became prominent, and weapons became more advanced. However, several massive nuclear wars very nearly destroyed civilization, and wiped most of the modern weapons. Humans degraded to a more base state, still using the space travel technology, then gradually advanced to be able to use weapons such as swords, pikes and the like, and soon were back in the Middle Ages. But they were unable to go further, because the Creator, the maker of the universe, saw how destructive they could get and rendered them unable to upgrade.

Our solar system, now called Mazthra. An organization of ten planets, lead by a king, Sibkal, who resides on Earth. Each planet is assigned to a lord, who makes sure there are no uprisings and protects the global inhabitants.

An evil entity known as the Blackness is threatening the existence of Mazthra. Its basic shape is a massive black mass that slowly devours star systems, and is threatening the very existence of the universe. It can take other forms too. Sibkal is able to view it in a human shape, but this is deformed, monstrous and dark. It is revealed by a wizard, named Salendir, that the only weapon that can defeat the Blackness is a power called the Light of Crael, located in distant star system. A young squire named Loman is chosen to find this power, since he has shown more bravery than any other his age in Mazthra. To aid him in his quest, Salendir will go, along with several knights and another squire, Lyan. But the journey is frought with many dangers, including great Space Dragons, a black hole, and the servants of the Blackness, the Fiends; machines that are under its control and disguised as humans in black robes.

Chapter OneEdit

The sun shone through the hazey atmosphere of Jupiter, down on the lord Durman's castle. Jupiter had been a gas planet centuries ago, but a special ray known as the Organizer had been used to compress it into a solid state. Now, it was a rocky planet, with a large ocean at its center and several great lakes scattered across its surface. The Lord Durman was the steward and caretaker of the planet, and kept the various civilizations scattered across it under control. His castle was located on top of the great hill of Zamran, in the middle of Lake Carmac.

"Lord Durman!" a voice shouted. "There's trouble!" The man groaned and got up from his chair. "What now, Captain Rich?"

The glass door that led into his quarters slid open, and Captain Richerd entered. "Lord, the King wishes to speak with you! He says its urgent!"

Durman sighed. "I'll put him on hologram." He pressed the button of a small, cone-shaped device on his desk. "Yes, your majesty," he said as the laser-generated image of King Sibkal appeared.

The king's face was heavy with worry. "I need to speak with you in person, Durman," he said. "You are to be at my council on Galileo by 4:00. Don't be late!"

"What for?" asked Durman.

"It's too detailed to explain in full here," said the king, "But several stars have been dissappearing from the sky. We're on the verge of discovering the cause, and it doesn't look good!"

Durman looked at the atomic clock on the wall. It was 3:30. "Guess I'd better hurry," he said. He pressed a button on the wall and the door slid open again. "Captain," he said, "You're to look after things while I'm at this council." The man nodded. "Yes, milord," he said.

Durman walked down the long corridor to the elevator. Pressing the button on the wall by the door, he stepped in and the doors closed. Then he said into a small microphone, "Take me to the Zephyr." The car moved downwards, then stopped at level 4.

Lord Durman stepped out into the large hangar that held his ship, the Zephyr. The triangular-shaped craft was sitting at the far left corner of the hanger, amongst several other, larger ships. He walked across the hangar and pressed a button on the craft's side, causing the cockpit to open. Stepping in, he closed it once again, and then pressed several buttons and flipped some switches on the ship's control board.

The ship didn't use any gas or fuel; the oil had been used up a century ago. Instead, the ship was covered by a solar panel, which took the sun's energy and transferred it to energy the ship could use to fly. This was very efficient and cheap, since now there were seldom any clouds on Jupiter and most of the plant life was sustained inside arboretums with artificial rain.

The ship took off out of the castle's hangar, and flew up and away into the atmosphere. The air here had been altered to be composed mainly of oxygen, nitrogen and a few other gases, rather than the original toxins that had covered it. There was a thin layer or water vapor, which didn't really do much except to magnify the sun's rays somewhat so as to provide more energy for the machines that ran on solar power.

The Zephyr flew out of the atmosphere and into the high altitude of outer space, and then went into coast. Every moon of Jupiter's now had been civilized, so as to save as much space on the main planets as possible. The King, Sibkal, resided mainly on Earth but usually did his important, secret work on one of Jupiter's moons.

As Durman flew into the asteroid belt, suddenly he felt the ship veer off to the side. FZZZT! A bright explosion lit up the floating rock nearest him.

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