The year is 2030 on the planet Earth; there is not a cloud in the sky, and it is dusk. There is an island out in the middle of the Atlantic ocean called Portyard; the only city on Portyard, which is also called Portyard, has been ravaged by war. Most of Portyard's buildings are dilapidated; however, it's high-tech north, west, and east wharfs are in perfect condition and are fully operational.

Within Earth's inner space, a starship comes rushing into Earth's atmosphere; the object catches fire as it enters the exosphere. A few moments later, the ship crashes into the water after creating a trail of black smoke in the sky; sometime after the sun completely set, something begins emerging from the ocean near Portyard's south beach.

A gray-haired man with sparkle-green eyes, wearing a brown trench coat and boots, watches as the mysterious figure wades toward the beach. The man has a flash light with him, shining it, so the figure will come to him. The figure walks onto the darkened beach, and approaches the man; it is a muscular, naked, female adolescent with light-cyan skin. She is five feet, six inches tall, and she is adorned in tattoos; the young woman also has long, dark-red hair, and deep, blue eyes.

"Hello, Othessia," The man says in an alien language.

"H-hello," The girl, Othessia, responds in the same language.

"My name is Leroy Bennett," He says.

"Oh, well, it's nice to meet you, Leroy, but how do you know my language or my name?" Othessia asks.

"I was taught by your father," Leroy smiles.

"My-my father! Where is he? Is he okay?" Othessia asks.

"Yes, yes, Othessia, he is okay; would you like to see him?" Leroy asks.

"Oh, yes, please," Othessia says.

Othessia and Leroy enter a small shack in between two palm trees, and when Othessia sees her father, she quickly embraces him; Othessia's father's name is Soba.

"Father! You're alive!" Othessia says.

"Yes, my daughter," Soba says.

"Why, Father? Why did you come to this planet?" Othessia asks.

"Because Leroy asked me to," Soba answers.

"You mean Leroy is telepathic like our species?" Othessia asks.

"Yes," Soba says; Othessia lets go of Soba.

"Leroy, why did you ask Father to come here?" Othessia asks.

"I'll tell you the story . . . "

The year was 2015 on the planet Earth; the sky was overcast with many gray clouds, and it was dawn. There was a trail of black smoke in the sky; underwater, there was a majestic fleet of submarines, which all looked the same, save the leader, which was larger and more elaborate than the others.

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