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The Life of steve is a story about a goldfish and his adventures as he leaves Walmart to a new home. This story is based on a true story, although the author doesn't know the fishes fellings.


I, Pirakafreak24 dedicate this story to all 10 fish that were bought for my Aunt's suprise party. I only kept two, and I hope the rest survive with thier families.

The Life of SteveEdit

Chapter 1 -SteveEdit

It was dark as I swam accross the river, desperate for something to eat. I was hungry. Who wasn't? It was hard to be a goldfish, especially when humans came to take us away to be sold in Walmart. Why, just last week my best friend Crush was taken away to go to the Yuba City Walmart in California. Poor guy.

Every fish has heard the story of Nemo, how he was taken by divers to live in a dentist's office, desperate to make an escape. Lets not forget that girl that Nemo was going to be given to. The stories told us that she was not bright and needed braces. The way the stories descibed, she was a nightmare to be with. Especially when she wouldn't stop shaking the bag and the poor fish went belly-up.

But, as we all know, Nemo escaped that horrible girl. Crush has no chance of that unless he is put into a plastic bag and his family just happens to be visiting from Lake Tahoe and they have a lake-side house. Of course, then, he still wouldn't survive.

But, hopefully, I didn't have to worry about that. As long as I'm swimming in this school of fish, I'm safe. Hopefully.

Chapter 2 -SteveEdit

It was morning. No one was arround. I'd decided to go for a morning swim. I watched the waves. The slowly moving waves. The bright sun reflecting on the water, burning those horrid humans.

It seemed like just yesterday that Crush had been taken away. It felt longer. Ever since, it had been pretty boring without him.

So, I'd decided to sit and watch the waves. The bright sun. The net swooping down at me. Oh, wait! That's bad!

Chapter 3 -CarsonEdit

Man, this'll be a great party. I was helping my cousin's set up for a suprise birthday party for my Aunt Sam and eveything was almost ready. We just needed some centerpieces for the tables.

"Ok, here's an idea." My Aunt Jane, Owner of Gridley's number 1 fast food resturaunt, The Ice Burgie, had just spoken up after a moment of pondering. "Dani and I go get some glass bowls and you four boys, "she addressed me and my other cousins, "go get some goldfish. How much are they? Like, $1.00 per?"

"Ten Cents a piece," I piped up.

"That it?" Jane asked. She handed my cousin Alex the money and the keys to her car and eveyone checked to see what there was left to get.

"Wait," Steven started, "What are we going to do with the fish when the party is over?"

"I can take some home!" I'd almost screamed. I loved fish, and ever since my last one died a few months ago, It'd been pretty boring without her.

Jane agreed and said that the other kids could take some home as well, and My 3 cousins and I were off to Walmart.

Chapter 4 -SteveEdit

I was in Heck. I'd been taken to Walmart in Yuba City. I had no chance of escaping, and I knew someone was going to take me home and shake the bag. The place was also REALY crowded. ut, there was one good thing. Crush was there.

We'd just been talking when we saw four teenagers looking in and the smallest one taking videos. I'd assumed that the rest were cousins or something because he looked nothing like the rest. But he had a special felling with him. He looked caring. He looked like he had handled Goldfish before. I wouldn't mind if he took me home. But he left and I thought I'd never see him again.

Chapter 5 -CrushEdit

I don't know what Steve is thinking! He's just told me that that one kid looked nice. He looks like a wierdo! Definately not my type!

Steve has seemed kind of off ever since he was brought here to Walmart too. And its so crowded! You think that someone would move us! It wasn't two days ago when billy started getting sick and went belly-up in the tank. You can imagine, all of us stayed low as the worker swooped the net down and caught his corpse.

I know it'll be soon that I get caught in that net. I just hope I don't get caught with that kids or another wierdo. Maybe a resturaunt. that'd be nice. Anything but that doof.

Chapter 6 -SteveEdit

Ok, Crush doesn't like that kid taking the pictures of us! How can you not? He seemes so nice. I'd rather go with him than anyone else.

He's probobly handled fish before. I'll probobly never see him again.

Chapter 7 -CarsonEdit

"Ok Alex, lets find someone to help us with the fish." We'd been walking all arround the store and we haven't seen anyone. If I find someone, Alex owes me a buck.

"There's usually one arround. They're supposed to be everywhere." My cousin Alex was doubtful. We have to find someone!

"We've got to keep looking!" I replied. Finally I'd spotted one by the cash register. "There" I pointed. "You owe me one dollar!"

"I owe you nothing." Alex replied.

"Trying to make a quick buck never realy works" My cousin Steven said.

"How lame" My cousin Taylor said outloud.

"You can go talk to her Carson." Like I was going to let Alex say that? I don't like talking to strangers, even if they're nice strangers whose job is to help you.

"You go!" I didn't want to go.

"Fine fine, but you' owe me a buck."

"No I don't!"

Chapter 8 -AlexEdit

Ok, I'll just walk up to the lady. I'm 17. I can do this.

"Excuse me miss." Did I just say that? Better continue, especially with Carson watching. He lookes up to me (mostly because I'm way taller, but still...). "We were wondering if you could help us get some fish." Did my voice sound nervous?

"Sure thing sir, let me just get someone to cover for me." She seemed nice. She walked out and walked back in. "It'll be just a few minutes sir."

"Thank-you," I replied. "We'll just wait over here." Glad that was over with!

Chapter 9 -TaylorEdit

This whole thing is lame.

Chapter 10 -StevenEdit

I hope we get those fish soon. I'm hungry. And we have to meet Mom and Dani back at the church to continue setting up. I wish it would hurry.

Chapter 11 -CarsonEdit

Ok, Alex owes me big for this one! I found the Walmart employee, but now we have to wait. We have to get back soon. I just hope we aren't late. Oh great! The walmart employee is coming to help!

Chapter 12 -SteveEdit

Ok, I'm bored. That kid has to have left by now. Wait! Here they come!

Chapter 13 -CrushEdit

I can't let Steve go to that kid! I just can't! I'm going to stop him! The lady is opening the container.

Chapter 14 -CarsonEdit

All of the fish have scattered down below. The lady is getting the bag ready. Better get my Cell video camera out!

Chapter 15 -Unnamed Walmart EmployeeEdit

Ok, I've got to do this carefully. Now lets see, get the bag ready....put alot of water in it....good. Now, grab the fish net....

Chapter 16 -CrushEdit

Steve is close to the top! I've got to just grab his fin! The net is in the water now!

Chapter 17 -SteveEdit

Just a little closer. The net is coming.....

Chapter 18 -CarsonEdit

The net is swooping and it grabs two fish. The lady put them in the bag.

Chapter 19 -Unnamed Walmart EmployeeEdit

Ok, two goldfish down, eight to go.....

Chapter 20 -CrushEdit

Just gotta grab Steve....

Chapter 21 -SteveEdit

Just gotta get in the net....The net is coming....

Chapter 22 -CarsonEdit

The net is coming down again....This is great footage for the documentary.....

Chapter 23 -CrushEdit

Almost got Steve....Got him!

Chapter 24 -SteveEdit

I feel someone hanging on to me! I'm going to go, and If they hold on, they're going too. The net is almost here....

Chapter 25 -CrushEdit

He's actually resisting. Well, if I have to go with that kid, I might as well go with my friend. The net is coming arround us....

Chapter 26 -SteveEdit

...and its got me...and...CRUSH!....He was holding on to me. Oh no! We're almost out of the water....Can't breathe....Put us in the bag already.....Ahhhh...water....

Chapter 27 -Unnamed Walmart EmployeeEdit

Ok....Five more fish....

Chapter 28 -CarsonEdit

Ok, she caught the one that I like. The one with the dark top. good.

Chapter 29 -GoldEdit

OK, so my mate, Silver, has been caught in that net. I'm coming Silver!

Chapter 30 -CarsonEdit

Ok, all of the fish are in the bag, and were headed off to the Church. I looked at the fish and they watched me. This is awesome!

Chapter 31 -SilverEdit

Oh great, Gold is here. He's so annoying. I hope we don't end up in a bowl together...

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