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Long, long ago, the trademarks were a great and powerful civilization, rivaled only by the Copyright Empire. But that all changed when a man named Szing Faha, a powerful sorcerer, summoned a great energy to destroy the Trademark Civilization. But the trademarks were so powerful, that they could not be killed. But the sorcerer was able to restrict them, and formed the restricted trademarks. No mercy was given, no trademark spared.

There is an ancient legend about one trademark that was so powerful, he was able to escape Szing, and hide away. It is said that whoever finds this trademark will be filled with uncompareable power. And so begins the quest for the Last Trademark...

Chapter One: ReasonsEdit

The Kingdom of PaareEdit

The Kindom of Paare, home to the squares and triangles, was a great kingdom. Not the biggest or best by far, but still a very great kindom. And, like all great kings, the king of Paare wanted to expand his kingdom, which bordered the Copyright Empire. So Makuw, the king (a trapezoid, as all kings were, for the peoples beleived that only trapezoids, combinations of both shapes, would be unprejudice and just), sent out one square and one triangle, named Sev and Vere respectively, to seek out the Last Trademark to conquer the Copyright Empire. The place most mentioned in Paarean lore was "The feild of delicate gold beyond the spears of unsurpassed earth," so Sev and Vere decided to head north, to the Speer Mountains.

The Copyright EmpireEdit

The Copyright Empire was by far the biggest empire. Even the people who hated the Empire (which means "Even everybody except the royals of the castle") had to admit it was big. And the Copyright Empire had spies everywhere. Which is why it was only two days before they got word of the "Travelers on a search for a myth." And of course, just to "keep tabs" they sent out travelers themselves. A group of five copyrights known as the "Five Best Copyright Travelers" (the copyrights were not very creative, you see.) And so began the copyrights journey for the Last Trademark.

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