I struggled to fight off another horde of infected Matoran as I went.

The strange figure that had helped me earlier on in my adventure ran across the shore. "Hey, you there," I cried. "Help me to fight of these zombie Matoran back here!"

To my suprise, the mysterious figure ignored me, and I soon realized this newcomer was not the friend of mine I thought it was.

"Strange," I mumbled to myself as I hit a zombie Matoran with one of my weapons.

"Quick!!" called my actual ally, gesturing towards a large stony, sandy cliff.

I followed him into a cave, trying to regain my breath, and breathing heavilly.

My friend led me through the dark area, through a series of twisting tunnels and secret passage ways.

"Phew," I panted. "That was close!"

"Too close!" my ally shouted.

Just behind me I felt a claw on my back.

To be continued...On the Land to The North chapter 4.

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