I was sitting on the Cape of No Hope, sad and in despair. I had heard news from a Matoran that my island's volcano, named Mount Valmai, was going to explode....

A Burnak ran past my foot. Suddenly, I realized that all of the Rahi on Voya Nui were fleeing to the Southern Continent. Slowly and stealthily, I, Gar, launched myself in mid-air, and landed on the back of a Mutant Ussal Crab. The creature howled in pain.

I was running as fast as I could in the giant stampede, but I could still see, in the distance, lava and flames shooting out of the volcano.

Just then, I started to see flashing lights in the jungle. I lept off the Ussal Crab and landed on a large Volo Tree.

What these flashing lights were??? Time vortexes. Leaping onto a slender branch, I swung my hands around the huge twig.

After about half an hour, vine swinging, the volcano started to erupt. Trees lost their bark, Matoran were about to die and the island began to crack. It was as if the Great Cataclysm was happening again and again.

There was only one choice: to jump into a time vortex. I threw myself into the huge, swirling black hole.


After a series of flashing lights and deafening sounds, I found myself lying on a sandy beach.

I felt someone or something tap me on the back. I twirled around, astonishished to find someone in this deserted area. But this land was not deserted. Not deserted at all.

All around me, several shadowy Matoran were cornering me. "Quick," shouted someone behind me. "Take this Energized Protodermis Ball."

I felt a heavy orb drop onto my lap. "Now," said the voice again. "Throw the sphere!" I did so. All the strange "Shadow Matoran" around me started to glow bright yellow.

"Thank you," they all said at once. "You saved us from the Piraka Virus!!!"

"It's okay," I replied. "Now, where am I, exactly?" "The Northern Continent," one of the Matoran groaned.

"I thought it was the Southern Continent," I whined.

Well, wherever I was anyway, I planned to find out.

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