Overview: The island is the product of a recent volcanic explosion, one of the largest in history. A scientist has made it his research headquarters, and has made sure that the island doesn't make it onto any map. His research involves dinosaur cloning from unfossilized bones which he found in Alaska (and other places), some even with red blood cells still inside them.

Note: I'm changing this story to a script, but I've saved the original here.


Fade to title.

Ominous music plays, then fade to a scene of a dark night ocean scene. We begin to hear a faint rumbling, then suddenly the water begins to boil. Suddenly, chunks of rock blast from the ocean into the air, and we see the water turn orange with lava. The molten liquid begins spraying high into the heavens, and the sky is blotted out with smoke and fire. It continues for quite some time, then it begins to clear. In its wake, we see a great volcano has been formed, and lava is continuing to come out of the top.

Narrator: This gigantic explosion, which occured approximately five hundred years ago, created a new island. One that has, amazingly, survived undiscovered and unexplored to this day. No one has ever set foot on this incredible work of volcanic activity, until now...

Cut to a scene of a snowy, bitter cold wilderness.

Subtitles: Alaska, February 12, 1994

We see a group of men in orange parkas, trudging through the blinding snow. Suddenly, they come upon a large rock wall, in which is the narrow opening to a cave. They venture in, and begin travelling downwards. Finally, after about five minutes, the leader holds up his hand.

Leader: Okay boys! This is where we dig!

He takes a shovel out of a holder of his backpack, and begins to dig into the surprisingly soft dirt. His team joins him. Suddenly, one of them strikes something hard.

Man: I got something, sir!

Leader: Stop right there, Daniels! Let me have a look at it.

He walks over and examines the object Daniels had uncovered. He begins to scrape at it with his hands. Soon, he begins to jump up and down exitedly.

Leader: Gentlemen, we've found it! Start loosening it!

The team begins to slowly take the dirt off the object. Soon, they uncover the top part of a Tyrannosaurus skull.

Leader: Keep going! We're almost there!

The team continues scraping at the skull. Soon, they have uncovered the bottom half. But it remains stuck in the ground. The leader begins to dig at the back, and finds the start of a neck.

Leader: Boys, we could very well have here a complete skeleton!!

Cut to three hours later. The men have dug a fairly deep pit, with most of the Tyrannosaurus skeleton exposed. The leader, Brian Warner, moves his hand along the vertebrae of the neck.

Warner: This is unbelievable!

One of the team feels the jawbone.

Man: Dr. Warner, there's something in here.

Dr. Warner examines the jaw, and feels it with his hand.

Warner: Hand me my magnifying lense, Dobson.

Dobson hands him the lense, and Dr. Warner looks over the bone material.

Warner: I don't believe this!

Dobson: What? What is it?

Warner: Hand me my rock cutter.

Dobson: What! Surely you don't intend to...

Warner: I'm just going to make a small cut. Now hand it over!

Dobson hands him the tool, and Dr. Warner begins to cut through the outer layer. Suddenly, his tool slides in. He takes a chisel and begins to scrape inside the jaw. Then he removes the tool and holds some yellowish substance iin his hand.

Daniels: What is it?

Warner looks at it through his lense.

Warner: This, my friends, is unfossilized yellow bone marrow! Can you believe this??

Dobson: What?!

Warner: Take a look at it!

Dobson examines it under the lense.

Dobson: How can this be?? That couldn't survive this long without fossilization!

Warner: It did!

Another man: But how?

Warner: Uncover the rest of the skeleton. We're going to examine this skeleton thoroughly!

Cut to a scene of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport.

Subtitles: Grand Rapids, Michigan, 2007

Inside the airport, we see a crowd of people getting ready to depart on Flight 205, for New York. We zoom in on a young, dark-haired college student and his girlfriend.

Student: Well Marian, I'm gonna miss you. After we get to New York, we'll be flying out over the Atlantic to Madagascar.

Marian: You have a good time, Ron.

Ron: This is going to be a great trip. I wish you could come!

Marian: I have my master's degree already.

Ron: When I get back we both will.

Marian: I'll be waiting!

The two give each other a hug, then the loudspeaker says "Flight 205 for New York is now boarding." Ron gives Marian a kiss and gets in line. Cut to outside the airport, as the plane is finishing taxing down the runway and taking off into the air.

Cut to inside the airplane. Ron is sitting next to his friend, Leigh Parker. Leigh is sleeping, while Ray is reading "Jurassic Park". A stewardess stops beside his seat.

Stewardess: Can I get you anything to drink?

Ron: I'll have a Sprite.

The stewardess pours him his drink, and hands it to him. Ron sips, and continues to read.

Ron: This is a great story. There's no way it could happen in real life, though.

Cut to four hours later, as the plane for Madagascar is taking off from the airport in Albany.

Pilot [over loudspeaker]: Welcome aboard Flight 304, from Albany to Madagascar. I hope you enjoy your flight. For your entertainment, we will be playing "Indiana Jones IV: The Prehistoric Primate" as our in-flight movie. Headphones will be available for purchase, if you haven't brought your own.

Ron: "The Prehistoric Primate"?

Man in seat next to him: Sounds like a cheesy rip-off of King Kong.

Ron: Maybe it's a spoof!

Cut to a nightime scene outside the airplane. The stars are out, but clouds are beginning to surround the plane. Zoom into the window, where we see Ron beginning to fall asleep. Suddenly the pilot makes an announcement.

Pilot: Ladies and gentlemen, we're heading into some turbulent weather. Please relax and keep your seatbelts buckled. It's going to get rough.

Ron looks at his secure seatbelt, then goes back to sleep. We see passengers throughout the plane doing the same for an undertermined period of time. Suddenly, the plane lurches, throwing his forward. The passengers all give shouts of surprise.

Pilot: Sorry about that, folks. That was a low pressure area. I'll try to stabilize the plane.

Suddenly the plane lists to the left. The passengers scream and grab their seats. Ron looks out the window. Suddenly, there's a bright flash outside and then the window bursts. Ron ducks back as pieces of plastic go flying.

Pilot: I'm not sure what happened, but...

Suddenly there's an explosion, and Ron sees the left wing burst into flames.


The plane erupts into chaos as passengers start screaming and jumping over each other to get out of their seats. Ron falls into the aisle where he is nearly trampled by rushing feet. Suddenly the plane begins to slope downward. It goes at such a steep angle that all the people are thrown towards the front of the plane. Ron grabs onto his seat, but is overpowered by the human current, and is carried off. Suddenly, he sees the section of the plane he was at explode, carrying off the back half of the plane with it.

Ron: Thank heavens I'm here!!!

Suddenly the passengers are thrown back as the plane hits the water. Lightning flashes overhead as waves crash over the body of the plane. Water begins flooding in, and then the right engines begin to whine loudly.


He is barely able to make himself heard above the roar of the engines and the screaming passengers. He starts to swim away rapidly as the roar grows louder. Suddenly, the engines explode, followed by hundreds of screams as people are engulfed in the ball of flame and thrown hundreds of feet. Ron looks back in horror to see the plane beginning to sink. Suddenly, he sees a large piece of metal ahead of him. He grabs it and gets on top of it as the flames on the plane go out, and it dissappears beneath the waves. He is unable to hear any more as the screen fades to black.

After ten seconds, the screen begins to fade to light blue and yellow, and then we see the sun shining down in a clear blue sky. We hear groans as Ron begins to awaken.

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