Those who think the know everything, have not yet met a Poliwompf.

Deep in the realms of the unknown, lies a place where logic doesn't exist. Even deeper and there is a place called Unreality, where reality is a joke. Travel even deeper and you will find Nowhere, a place where those who know the secrets can control the bounds of reality. Deep in Nowhere, almost to the edge of the world, lies a place that has been at war for many years. And this war started from something that many cannot understand today. But it happened. This is the story of how the great Inkwar began.

Chapter One: The FieldEdit

Befor one can understand the Inkwar, one must know the fields where it took place. Imagine a barren field. Now imagine a cross section of it showing the depths of the earth. There are many layers. The first is a layer of loam. It is just plain old dirt. The second is a mixture of loam, lead, and ink. It is the foundation for the powers of the people of the Field. Dig even deeper below this layer and you come across a layer of eraser loam. This is where the eraser colonies built there underground system of tunnels. Dig even deeper and you will find a concentration of mahr and loam. Mahr is a substance that both pens and pencils use. Pens use it to mark things permenately. They form it into a thick liquid that can be changed, but not destroyed. The pencils are simpler, and use it to create things that can be used for gentle items, but does not last very long. Because of the different ways mahr is used by the tribes, pencils are forgiving peoples that are not concerned with history, while pens are able to hold a grudge for millenia, and focus on th past almost more than the present. But that is besides the point. Back to our cross section of the Field. Dig past this layer of mahr and loam, and you will come to a metal that has been compressed through the ages. No one knows what is beyond the metal, and many a legend has been made.

As for the top of the Field, it is, well a field. In the west of this field there is the village of the pencils. And almost a mile eastward is the slightly more impressive village of the pens. Traveling north, you would find the Errafields, where the erasers lived before they migrated underground. Some say that they migrated because they could predict the future, and were preparing for what was to come. Some don't. If you were to travel South, you would find the mountains, where the creatures of paper dwell.

This is what the feild was like before the Inkwar. But it is ever changing. And those who think they know everything about the feild, have not yet met a Poliwompf, creatures that can control reality, and morph the land, sea and sky. But if you can manage to kill one, you have gained a slight control over Reality and Unreality. Which is what I will explain now. Everywhere, Nowhere, and Somewhere are all places. Nowhere you already know, Everywhere is a place high in the sky that is like a veil over the Universe, and Somwhere is the Unreal plane between the Existance and Nonexistance. It is where the heart of Reality beats.

Erasers, pens, pencils, and paper. They are the four tribes mentioned here, and this is how they live. The creatures of paper are morphing creatures formed from paper, and have many different forms (thus: morphing). They generally do not leave the mountains, because the field is very dry, which causes the paper to burn quickly when the sun shines down. Th mountains have many rivers running through them, and this forms a moist air which has, over the years, slowly givin them a strong resistance to physical means of harm, like knives and daggers.

The pencils and pens are literally pencils and pens, but they are not formed directly from the shape of pencils and pens. They are people running with the blood of ink and lead, evolved from the original species.

The erasers are a mysterious people. No one know much about them, as everything that is know is soon forgotten. What secrets do they hold to have formed such a dark power?...

The REAL Chapter One: The BeginningEdit

It was a stupid reason. It was beyond stupid, it was idiotic. It was moronic. It didn't even make sense. Well, if the people lived on Earth, were humans, and existed in a humanly way, it would be a stupid reason. But on the Feild, it was a very good reason to start a war. It was THE very good reason to start THE war. This is the reason. This is the Beginning.

Lapisc was of the Pencils. She was going to the well in the center of the feild, to wash her baby (for pens and pencils are very much like people, just a different shape), when she saw one of the Pens. She greeted him, and they continued towards the well together. She brought up some water from the waterwell, and he brought up some ink from the inkwell. The both brought the buckets out of the well. Lapisc went to fetch a towel to lay her baby on. The pen was a trickster, and a stupid one at that. While Lapisc was gone, Soan, for that was the prankster's name, added a drop of ink to the waterbucket, not knowing that ink was poisonous to Pencils, and fatal to babies. When Lapisc returned, she bathed her baby directly in the bucket. Upon taking him out, she noticed that he seemed unable to move. She looked to see if he was asleep, and found, to her horror, that the baby was dead. She looked at Soan and said "You did this! You killed by baby!" Soan looked at her and replied "How was I supposed to know that ink would kill him?!" Lapisc was momentarily speechless. It was common knoledge that ink was such a high concentration of mahr that even baby pens aren't filled with ink until their second birthday. They continued arguing with each other, and this would have been fine, if a crowd had not gathered.

As said before, pens can hold grudges for a very long time. That is how the war began, for 20 years after the incident, the pencils had all but forgotten it, while the pens had forgotten all but it. So when Lapisc was diagnosed with a sickness that a very diluted and small amount of ink could cure, she thought nothing of traveling to the tribe of the pens to get the cure. She arrived at the gate to the village of the pens, and politely explained her dilemma. The pens refused, and practically kicked her out of the village. More pencils had gathered to help lapisc, and the war would have started right then and there if what happened next did not happen. It was said along time at the beginning of Nothing, that "The gentle and final cannot live together, and the war will start from a drop. But when it begins it will be forgotten again, to give chance to the ones who would die." The earth started to shake, and the two tribes back away from each other. A giant split in the ground was created, but the ground was comming OUT of the chasm, instead of in, as if the land was being stretched out. As the expanding slowed down, the earth became wet, and then mud, and then it became a river that seperated where the pens were standing from where the pencils were standing, and the two villages were swallowed up into the earth. The two tribes could not fight like this, so they traveled in opposite directions to find new homes.

The pencils had traveled a long way to find that a chasm surrounded an abandoned castle. The crossed a wooden bridge over the chasm and entered the castle. This began the Kingdom of Pencilia, and Pencilia was the pencils' territory of everything Sciward from the river.

The pens had traveled a long way, and when they found a well of ink, the knew they were close. So when they found a ring of mountains, the continued on through a pass, and found an abandoned castle. They did not like its lack of...stuff, but they dicided to make their kingdom here, and modify the castle to their liking. They named it the Kingdom of Nepink, and Nepink was the pens' territory of everything Nepward from the river.

It could be said that the castles were just coincidence. But that would be false, for in the realms of Nowhere, and Unreality, everything is destined to happen. The person, or thing, that created the world knew everything that would happen. He also had some control. He knew that the Pens could not live alongside the Pencils, so he gave them distance. He knew that they would wage war against each other, and did his best to stop it. Because when it comes right down to it, Pencils came from Pens. So they may not be able to like each other, but they can definitely understand each other. And that is why the Feild isn't completely void of life today.

Chapter Two: Quest for the PoliwompfEdit

The pencils had been living in the castle for generations. Lapisc had passed away. Her son had come and gone. Her grandson's grandchildren had came and gone. Most of them. Lapisc great great grandson, Misc, was about 80 years old, and regarded by most as the wisest person in the entire kingdom. One day, Misc was taking a walk amlong the battlements, when he saw something that was...unusual. There was a dust cloud in the distance. Misc walked back down to the ground floor, and spoke to Karr, a pencil known for his knowledge of war. "I don't think this is a normal dust cloud," said Misc "It is too regular. I think something is out there." Karr looked at him. "You may be right. I'll go check it out." Karr left the castle. By now the dust cloud had reached the bridge spanning the chasm that surrounded the castle, and it was clear that it was not a dust cloud. "What would the pens be doing over here?" Karr wondered. The pens castle was over 100 leagues away (that's about 300 miles). He had barely finished this thought when they came over. Karr was dead before he hit the ground. The pens surrounded the castle. Pencils from every part of the kindom came to the battlements to watch. "Surrender your Kindom!" yelled one of the pens. Most of the pencils were speechless with fear. The rest had fainted. It must have been only have of a minute before the pencils retreated, but to the pencils, it was an eternity.

No one knew what to do. The pens had just attacked them without hesitation. Nothing like this had ever happened. Not in the entire existance of pens and pencils had there been a siege. And the pencils (as said before) were not vey concerned with their history, and had no memory whatsoever of the Lapisc-Soan-Expanding-of-gound incident. Most of them wanted to forget about the whole thing, and tried to go back to their lives. But three people did not forget. Misc and Karr's sister, Karra, were speaking together about the incident. "Someone is going to have to search out the Poliwompf." Karra looked at Misc. The Poliwompf was a legend past down through generations. Before pens, pencils, erasers, parchment, paper, ink, or even mahr, there was a race of creatures called poliwompfs. They were said to be the forgers of the Field, and were wiped out. All but one, as the pencils' version of the legend goes. "But that's just a legend!" Karra cried. Misc looked at her. "No, it is not. The pencils are not concerned with history, and this is the only thing remembered by pencils that occured earlier than todays breakfast. I do not believe that we would take care to remember something if it did not have a grain of truth in it." Karra was appalled. How could the wisest person in the Kingdom believe in a child's story? But Misc would not listen to any denials of the legend's truth. "There is only one known Poliwompf left, deep in the mountains of Paar," Karra said "It would be a dangeroud expedition, and even if it was found, it would still have to be convinced to give us some of its power." Just then something made a creak. The door was opening, and Karr's daughter came in. Silica was just over 10 years. "I'll go." she said. Karra and Misc had a long whispered conversation. Finally, Misc looked up. Smiling, he said "You're going to need a map."

Before it is said what happened on Silica's search for the poliwompf, it should be explained what was happening on the pens' side of the Field. General Soal was the greatest war general in the history of the pens. For unlike pencils, pens were very concerned in their past, beilieving that if one knew one's past, one could learn from it and become a great being. This is why the pens were able to hold a grudge against the pencils for over 200 years. And they were finally ready to take revenge. General Soal had a foolproof plan. He would send an army of about twoscore pens to the Kingdom of Pencilia. They would demand that the pencils surrender. If that did not happen, they would return with information about the size, shape, distance away, and obstacles on the path to the castle. That way Soal could prepare a plan to infiltrate the pencils and wipe them out. Then he would rule the Field. You see, General Soal was an evil hearted pen, and although the pens had hated the pencils for many years, Soal was the first to actually plan an attack. Most of the pens did not care. The others agreed. All in all there were no objections to Soal's plan, and it was carried out smoothly.

It had taken the soldiers a moon and a half to reach the river that divided the two halves of the Field. That was with no breaks, no sleep, and a fast pace. The river was wide. They could see the other side, but there was no way to swim across. They would have to build a boat. Now, these soldiers weren't just any soldiers. They were scouts hanpicked by General Soal, and they knew how to build a boat. The leader of the expedition, Commander Knix, called five other pen soldiers to his attention. "To get across this river," started Knix "We are going to have to build a boat. You five are in charge of the making of the boat. I want Knosk and Ferr to gather mud from the riverbank. Fredrael, I need you to gather any sticks you can find to build the frame of the boat. Nomex and Sark, you are in charge of the construction of the boat. Are there any questions to this assignment?" Knix finished. There were no questions. "Good," said Knix "You are dismissed." The soldiers went to fulfill their duties.

It took two days to complete the boat, it was midafternoon of the third day when the soldiers prepared to set off. The pushed the boat into the river and began paddling. But the soldiers failed to notice a tiny thing that would change the fate of the war in their favor. As Knix pushed off, a small amount of mud from the bank was dislodged. It contained some eraser mahr in it, and was very...clumpy. It rolled into the river, and followed the currents Erra along the bottom of the river. It slowly grow bigger, like a snowball, and soon a dam was formed. It would be long before this dam had an effect, but by the time the soldiers returned to the river, 3 moons later, The dam had caused the river to become a very thick kind of mud, and the sun had baked it into ground. The boatwreck was half sunken and trapped in the hard earth. The soldiers no longer needed a boat, and they could easily send an army to the Castle of Pencilia. This would be good news for General Soal...

Silica had been traveling Paar for a moon now, and had not seen the river. It was the afternoon of the second dayinto the second moon that she fould a thick stripe of mud that stretch from Erra to Paar "Right were the river should be," Silica said to herself. This was bad. She continued Paar, and soon met a small Paarflutter. They were small birds made out of paper. It fluttered around her, then shot off to one direction. "Hey wait!" Silica cried, as she ran after it. It continued fluttering, waiting for her to catch up, then shooting off. "I need to know where to find the poliwompf!" She yelled, and continued to run after it. Two hours later, she was at the base of two large mountains. Beyond them, lay a field of paper creatures and plants. But in the middle, the most wonderous of all, was a giant tree. It seemed to be alive and moving, and Silica thought it looked like it was raising a small sapling from the ground. Then she relised that the tree was raising the sapling from the ground. She walked towards it, and it seemed to shimmer as she got closer. When she was only a stride away, It seemed to be less of a tree and more of...something. It had no definite shape, and no real color. The sapling was like this too. Then it hit her! "Your the poliwompf!" Silica said. At that moment, the "sapling" poliwompf had become a full grown...poliwompf, and it seemed to glow. Silica walked forward, and petted it. She began to glow with it, and then she Saw.

It was if she was everywhere, and everything. She saw the war through the eyes of the pens. She saw the impact it had on the erasers, and the effect it had on the Paar creatures. She saw why it started, and she saw what the pens were planning to do. All of the sudden, everything seemed to be at the center of the Field.

Chapter Three: The End of the BeginningEdit

A small pool was in the center. Silica stood in the pool. But when she spoke, it was not her, but the reincarnation of the poliwompf. She was the poliwompf now. She had touched it at birth, and now spoke the Words of Great Wisdom.

"The pens and the pencils are different. The are not the same, and because of this, cannot live together in peace. So I will declare this to be the ruling of the land: The pencils will travel Sciward to find home in the lands of summer. The pens will travel Nepward to the realm of stone, where they may live with Others like them. The erasers will bring their field inward, and become the sole ruler of the Field. The mountains of Paar will also spread inward, to make a giant wall that none can pass. Any who defy this ruling will die upon the hands of the Poliwompfs, rulers of the Realm of Unreality!"

Upon those words, Silica colapsed into the pool of water. The pens walked Nepward, to the realm of stone, the pencils walked Sciward, to the lands of summer. Erasers swarmed the Field, and a stretch of mountains began to rise. The great change was here.

And so all lived peacefully, but the pens do not forget anything. They know that the poliwompfs defied them of their rightful heir: The Field, and now the have the stones with them. The pens will not -nay cannot- live in oeace without destroying the pencils. But now they do not only want to rule the Field, nor the Stonerealm, nor the Summerlands, nor Nowhere. They want to rule all of these and more.

The pens want to rule the Realm of Unreality, and they have the determination to get it done. The story of the Inkwar has ended. But there is more to the history of Unreality. Deep into the Eraserfeilds, Whatchamacallits are stirring. And the pens are planning to use their power to rule Unreality. And once they rule Here, they will attempt to take over There, and then Somewhere. This may be the end of this story, but it is the beginning of a thousand others.

The End

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