This story is based on the dream called "Hlouběji do historie už to nepůjde" available via: [1].

       We are the group of travellers. We are travelling throgout space to the different planet's times and eras. On the planet, where your parents gave a birth to you we are called Nommads. Travelling from one planet's era to another planet and its era, we prefare the deepest prehistory of these locations to not to be distract during our stay. We prefare pure landscape with grasses, herbs, shrubs and trees, few animals and no people.
       This time we had visited the planet called Arrakis. Alrakis how it is also called within the humans like you is a medium planet in the Draco constellation. It si well known in the space for its spice resources, which are used by some "humans" to support their vitality and prolong their lifespans. It is also known as a desert planet with dunes and sietches and two moons.
       We need to stop, to stop for some time. The planet was very suitable for us, but we didn't want to meet Fremen. We didn't want to meet nobody, nor worms. Arrakis, the planet, is known also for Fremen. This is the name for humans, who are the inhabitants of this planet for some time, who live in the sietches, storing water and have special costumes to recycle all liquids produced by their bodyes. Worms are those than, who lives in the sand. These big worms travel below ground and they stay behind produceing mange, the Arrakis's spice.
       So we travelled back, back to the times, when Fremen came for the first time to this planet. But we didn't saw Alrakis history, we didn't know if and who was there before Fremen. We where looking for the prehistory of the planet, the times were no worms nor humans, could be there. We find out the era, the era of a void planet with the landscape and only a few small shadygreen plants.
       We came to the times, where there were just dunes, dunes covered by small plants, maybe grasses. There were dunes, but their color wasn't yellow, they were grayish, they were brownish. Sometimes we saw a rock, but maybe it wasn't a rock, maybe it was just a piece of soil, the soil which forms lumps when its moist. These dunes, where everywhere. Not high, we could see far away. We could see the yellow blue skine. The sky without clouds. The sky you know from Arrkis. Time by time bulges, depressions and plains were covered by a grey-green mass of plants like on the painting of a track you know from the paintings. Maybe they werent grey-green, maybe they were light green. The color was melted with the soil. We were not interested by these plants and by their colors, we were intersted of the planet desolation, by the good conditions of this era.
       The soil, was inidicating the presance of microorganisms, the plant were inidicating water, water wich comes to the surface of the soil from top or from the bottom. The big lumps were incredible. How they were made?
       We stayed together in this peacfull landscape, we are humans too. Like you, but our bodies are differnt. We were staying there with our tools and things and looking around. It was the ideal eara of Arrakies on our jurney. But We - prefare - the most distand era of the plant, so we left this time and continued to another era.

       We travelled some time, a few thousand years, how you would understand it on your planet. Than we rest in. This era was very simmillar to that one before. We build up a very light construction. This construction came from your planet from your time. They are made from concrete basment, steel pillars and zinc roof. We really like this kind of construction. We place there our tools and machinery and walked opposite to the landscape.
       There were also a small elevations and depressions. Covered by a darker carpet of plants. There were some clods. We came closer, they were much bigger. And we also found sietches. It shows that sietches are not from the times of Fremen. They were not build up by Fremen. They are much older. Who build those siethes? We started to be fidget.
       Suddenly one of us, was attacked by a monster. It was a small four leg, very hairy creature looking like an animal. We killed it. The other came and was killed by some shots. There were us, spreaded tools, hangar and someone else. More cratures started to came. We become affraid. They were comeing all from one side. Different shapes, dark colors, comeing closer and closer. We used tools, begs, boxes and clodes, to find a shelter there a shalter from the fier. We had a fier. As much "annimals" we killed, more and more and more dangerous creatures were comeing. We were using common guns such as those you know from your planet, those wich are used for the hunting of annimals. The situation started to be unjastifable. More and more of us was comeing with their guns. More and more of us understood, that we should go to the offence. Our crowed was hit by some of these dark very hairy creatures. Some of us were hurt. We starte to use discharging guns.
       The big fight started. We get the role of warriors. Comeing closer and closer, we recognised one big sietch, from where these cratures were comeing. We were week, and we understood, that there is a need to evaculate our bodies, tools and machines to the previous era. We were predicting the last most strong craetures. These get us several projectiles. The last one came. It looked like a big human, it looked like a big gorrila. We shoot, the bullet touched hairs, skin was split and grains of shots were distributed in the body. Nothing happened, the creature was comeing. Hit from discharging gun. Still comeing. We have launched fire. The creacher was killed and falled to the ground. Even the ground was dry, now dust came. This wasnt an era for us, we couldnt go deepr...

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