(Omi had yet again mastered a more trickier obstacle course, beating everyone else's record.)

Raimundo: Nice one, forty-nine seconds. That puts you first, Kimiko second, Clay third last.

Omi: Do not feel dumped in the down.

Kimiko: Down in the dumps.

Omi: I cannot unscramble that phrase.

Kimiko: I think what Omi's saying is, cheer up, it's only OUR record, if this challenge would be up against someone like Scottie, he'd be laughing at us.

(But then Master Fung comes in.)

Master Fung: Please Raimundo. Will you repeat the course, just to see the error.

Raimundo: Okay.

Clay: Okay, 3..2..1.. GO!

(Raimundo ran to a spiral path and spirally ran past it no problem, then started hopping on poles to avoid a lake, then jumped in between six swords swinging to and fro. Then he swung on a rope to rescue the doll on the pedestal, but Raimundo didn't stretch far enough and missed it, and swung back and grabbed it this time, and made it to the finish line.)

Clay: Hey, your one millisecond less than your last score.

Kimiko: No offense, Rai. But another thousand more runs and you beat Omi.

Master Fung: Ah, but his failure was involved in the last course.

Raimundo: But that's the thing: I can't get to that doll on my first swing; Omi does and he's got shorter arms.

Master Fung: Ah, but this lesson teaches you to not focus on your life when the time comes, only think of the doll's life.

Raimundo: Seriously?

Master Fung: Yes. Now that I have taught you your error, do the course one more time.

Clay: You ready?

Raimundo: Ready as ready can be, Clay mah man.

Clay: 3...2...1... GO!

(Raimundo ran the spiral path no problem, he jumped the poles on the river no problem, he passed the swinging swords. Then it was the big moment, he then grabbed the doll, narrowly missing the mechanic crocodile guarding it. Then he flipped to the finish line. Clay, Kimiko and Omi smiled.)

Clay: Fifty seconds.

Kimiko: That puts you in second place.

Omi: And instead of one millisecond less, you've gotten faster by five seconds. And all in one race.

Raimundo: Thanks guys. And thanks Master Fung.

Master Fung: I am sure your new lesson will come in handy when the time comes.

(Then Dojo started slithering past at a high speed.)

Clay: Woowee, Dojo why are you running more faster than an Olympic runner on fire?

Dojo: Because Clay, a new Shen Gong Wu just went active.

(They walked to the scroll and Master Fung opened it.)

Master Fung: Ah, the Switching Piper. With it, the user can switch positions with another of the user's choice.

Kimiko: That would be good in a racing Showdown.

Raimundo: So if we get this Wu, the racing Showdowns would be a piece of cake?

Master Fung: Exactly Raimundo.

Dojo: Okay, all those who have initials of O, K, R and C. Hop on.

(The Warriors approached a ridge with a giant stone that looked like it had ancient runes on it. And on top of it was the Switching Piper. But as usual Jack approached with the usual Jack-Bots.)

Clay: Jack, could it be possible that your making those Jack-Bots outta thin air?

Jack: Hey, if that were the case, I'd be ruling the world by now! Jack-Bots, Attack!

(The usual Jack-Bots attacked with their usual cannons. The Warriors were making mincemeat out of them. Then as Jack was about to claim the Switching Piper. Omi took the Braclet Of Fate.)

Omi: Braclet Of Fate!

(He felt himself going backwards watching the battle with the Jack-Bots in reverse. He then stopped and immediately grabbed the Shen Gong Wu before Jack.)

Raimundo: Ooooh, I felt like I was fighting that battle twice.

Dojo: Now that we got the Switching Piper, lets get outta here. Clay yah coming?

Clay: Two seconds Dojo. Just busting up these hunk-a-junks.

Jack: Taunt all you want, but I've got Jack Spicer's Evil time bomb shooter! Hahahaha!

(He fired it towards Clay but missed, instead it went on the rock with the runes. Then Clay heard ticking.)

Clay: Uh-oh!

Raimundo: Hey, cowboy! Betta come on before you get blown alive!

Clay: Much obliged, Rai!

(He hurried to Dojo and flew off. Then they could see the rock exploding, crumbling into tiny pieces. Then a blast of water shot out as high as the sky.)

Raimundo: Whoa!

Omi: What is that?

Kimiko: A geyser?

Dojo:! It's been gone for 1500 years, I thought it'd cool down by now.

Omi: Dojo, what is it?

Dojo: Master Fung'll explain it when we get back.

(The water started to spread, then a little woodpecker landed on the water and it couldn't fly off, until it was washed away by the rest of the water. Then out of the hole came a voice.)

Voice: Free, at last!

(The Warriors and Dojo quickly rendevoused back to the Temple and explained what happened when the rock exploded.)

Master Fung: This is most troublesome. Come with me.

(He led the Warriors to a bookshelf, took out one of the books and opened it.)

Master Fung: It is known as the Heylin Flood. Unlike most floods, this flood will affect the entire planet. And once someone or something has reached below the surface of this flood, that body part will remain in that spot.

Raimundo: Wait it's normal water, isn't it. Can't Omi use his water powers to repel it?

Master Fung: Although Omi is a very skilled Xiaolin Warrior, this flood is not water, it is more denser and more evil. And also, the coming of the Heylin Flood will also triger the rise of a great entity, known as the Great Water Munga. It will protect the flood from any who try to stop it.

Clay: Why would it? It would suck him in too.

Master Fung: First, he is the only one to move freely in the Heylin Flood. Second, he is part of the Flood, if the Flood goes, it goes.

Omi: But how can we stop it?

Master Fung: All will be revealed, for now gather your essentials and the Shen Gong Wu and head for the rooftops.

(Back at Jack's Lair. Jack is working on some Jack-Bots.)

Jack: Ach, who needed that stupid Switching Piper anyway, i had no one to try it on.

(Then at that moment, his computer moniter flashed and Chase Young was on it.)

Jack: Chase Young? Nice of you to ... cyber in along. Get it? Hahahaha.

Chase: Ugh. I am not here to have jokes. I see you were the one to caused the Heylin Flood.

Jack: What? That big geyser of water?

Chase: Yes, i only came here to warn you.

Jack: Why would you want to warn me?

Chase: A little someone asked. Anyway, do not touch the water, if you do, your position will remain like that until you are either dead or if the Flood settles down.

Jack: Eeeek! I don't wanna die. I don't, i don't, i don't!

Chase: Sigh If you don't want to cease to exist, you will go to the Temple, and aid them to get rid of the Flood.

Jack: Yes, yes. I'll do anything to get outta this mess. And besides, i don't know why your so worried, you got a big fortress in the sky, remember?

Chase: If you rather be with me at this time, then you can aid Wuya with her duties.

Jack: How long does it take for the Flood to calm down?

Chase: 100 years.

Jack: Xiaolin Temple, here i come!

(Back at the Temple, the Warriors are gathering all the Shen Gong Wu and putting them into several sacks. Then they met up with Master Fung.)

Master Fung: Are you ready?

Warriors: Yes.

Dojo: And about time, it's coming this way!

Master Fung: Quickly to the rooftops!

(The Flood was approaching the Temple when they seen Jack Spicer, flying towards them.)

Raimundo: Does this guy ever give up? Wudai Star Wind!

(He flew up and grabbed him. Then he brought him to the rooftops with the others. The grounds became flooded very quickly.)

Omi: Jack Spicer! Why have you come to the Xiaolin Temple.

Jack: I came here to get away from the Flood. It was Chase's idea, and don't give me that look Kimiko, it makes you look like you're gonna bite my head off.

Clay: Why would Chase send you here in the first place? You got a nice big roof you can shelter on.

Jack: Although i would rather be on my roof than yours. Chase said i was supposed to "aid" you in your quest to stop the flood.

Raimundo: Or it could be an excuse to double-cross us and take some of our wu.

Jack: Here as to show you i'm not telling the truth, here's my bag of Wu.

Raimundo: Hmmmm, huddle!

(They gathered round in a circle.)

Raimundo: How do we know we can trust him?

Omi: He did give us a bag of Shen Gong Wu.

Kimiko: And he was sent by Chase, and not himself.

Clay: Ah reckon we got no better choice than ter let 'im in.

Raimundo: sigh Alright, but if i catch him trying to steal our Wu, i'll be the one Cannon Blastering him outta here, agreed?

Omi, Kimiko, Clay: Agreed.

Raimundo: We have reluctantly accepted your stay.

Jack: Whoa, this is the nicest thing you've ever done to me!

(He went up and hugged them all.)

Raimundo:(Gasping for breath.) Does hugging dead tight count as stealing Wu?

Omi: I do not

(Jack released his grip.)

Clay: Alright Spicer, if you're gonna stay here, there's a couple of ground rules yah need ter follow.

Jack: But the ground is covered in that water.

Kimiko: He was speaking metaphorically.

(Jack stared at her in confusion.)

Kimiko: (Slaping her head.) Meaning if you're staying here, yah gotta follow some rules.

Clay: Much obliged, Kimiko. Anyways, first, no stealing Shen Gong Wu.

Jack: What? Me? Steal Shen Gong Wu, hah! I would never do that. (Under his breath.) Darn!

Clay: Okay, second, it's lakely we'll be sleeping up here for a while, so no bed wetting!

Jack: Bet wetting? Jack Spicer Evil Boy Genious never wets his bed!

Clay: Good thing yah got that outta the way, and third and thoremost important rule of 'em all! No gloating or evil laughs!

Jack: Awwww, i was coming up with a new trademark laugh. One that didn't sound evil.

Clay: Too bad.

Jack: Alright whatever.

Kimiko: Master Fung, what can we do to stop this flood?

Master Fung: I believe there might be a Shen Gong Wu that can stop it...

Raimundo: That's it!

(The shock of Raimundo's speech almost made Kimiko lose her balance.)

Omi: What's it?

Raimundo: The Lunar Locket, we can use the moon to repel the water. Lunar Locket!

(The moon came down towards the Warriors, but the water didn't budge, either the water was too low (almost toe-high for now.) Or it wasn't water at all.)

Master Fung: Raimundo. I said before, this is not water, it reacts differently to water, therefore it is not affected by lunar activity.

Raimundo: Awwwwww!

Jack: So what Shen Gong Wu then, old timer?

Master Fung: Dojo, did you bring the scroll?

Dojo: Right here, boss.

Master Fung: The Shen Gong Wu is known as the Diva Disaster. With it, one can control many of the world's disasters, even the Heylin Flood.

Jack: Then what're we waiting for? Let's get it!

Omi: Jack Spicer, we do not know the location of the Shen Gong Wu, therefore we cannot find it.

Jack: Come on, baldy. Your dragon buddy hid the Wu, surely he can remember where it was!

Dojo: Hey! That was 1500 years ago. I barely remember what happened then what i do now!

Raimundo: Do you remember your first master?

Dojo: Of course, Dashi!

Jack: There we go!

(The Warriors, Dojo, Master Fung and Jack spent all afternoon on the rooftops, the flood increased a little to foot-high.)

Kimiko: Hey, it's not water. Maybe it won't drown us like water.

Raimundo: Hello, the only thing that this water is different from regular water is that it pulls you down.

Omi: Aha, the Gills Of Hamachi!

Kimiko: Of course! We won't drown because we're fish!

Clay: I won't bet on my life on that little lady. Look. (Pointed to the flood.)

(They could see small normal fish floating dead on the flood's surface. The Warriors and Jack were gobsmacked.)

Omi: Okay. The Gills Of Hamachi idea is out.

Master Fung: Gasp I am sensing something is out of the ordinary! It is approaching!

Kimiko: What is?

Master Fung: The Great Water Munga! Prepare for battle!

(The Warriors took out some Shen Gong Wu and prepared for combat, Jack too grabbed one Shen gong Wu.)

Raimundo: Is it here?

Dojo: It is below us.

(Then the water splashed up, the Munga seemed like a ball of water, but then it morphed into a mutated shark creature.)

Munga: You will not survive this flood!

Raimundo: Just try us yah great water dunga!

Munga: Then we will battle!

(It too jumped on the roof and prepared for battle.)

Omi: Orb Of Tornami Ice!

(He shot out some water and started freezing all it touched, it hit the Munga and froze it.)

Kimiko: Star Hanabi Fire!

(She span the Star round the Munga until the ice melted and the Munga was back to water.)

Raimundo: Dark Hole Abyss!

(Raimundo sucked in the tiny water parts, but he didn't know a small drop entered the flood.)

Raimundo: Hahaha! So much for the Great Water Munga!

Master Fung: It is not over until the flood is over!

(Another ball of water shot out towards the roof and morphed into the mutated shark creature.)

Munga: That tickled!

Raimundo: Well this will. By twenty thousand volts of tickle. Eye Of Dashi!

(The munga started shaking and writhing to the electricity and got blasted back to the flood.)

Kimiko: Did you defeat it?

Raimundo: My

(The Munga came back again.)

Munga: You were right. That did tickle!

(It then punched the Warriors out of the way, they narrowly hung on the edge, trying desperately not to fall down. Jack was the only one left to stop him.)

Jack: Thorn Of Thunderbolt!

(The electricity rings shot out and blasted the Munga away. Jack waited a minute then used his Heli-Bot to save the others.)

Jack: Oh yeah! Who's the hero? Oh yeah, you had no chance, but Jack Spicer, comes and saves your butts! Hahahaha! Chase was right, if i didn't come you were all about to be Munga toast.

Clay: The Munga maght not be destroyed yet!

Omi: Correct, Master Fung said it will only cease if the Flood ceases.

Jack: Do you ever see me for my good talents? You were getting your butts kicked, and then Jack Spicer comes in and shoots that freaky water thing down. I can't exactly see that as failing!

(But while Jack was gloating, the Munga was making for one bag of Shen Gong Wu. Kimiko noticed it.)

Kimiko: Jack what did we discuss about gloating?

(She ran for the Shen Gong Wu bag, but she tripped on what would appear to be one of the Munga's tails. She slid to the edge until the Munga was right behind her.)

Raimundo: Kimiko! Look out!

(But it was too late, the Munga kicked her and she fell off and they could hear the thud as her feet hit the ground. The Munga then turned into pure water and went away.)

Munga: Very soon, she will be swallowed by the Flood. Hahahahahaha!

(They all raced to find Kimiko standing in the water. Her feet literally stuck to the ground. She struggled to get her feet up, but nothing.)

Raimundo: No. It can't be!

(He punched the roof.)

Kimiko: Come on, Rai. Don't give up hope! The Diva Disaster can get me out!

Omi: Kimiko is right, Raimundo.

(But this didn't make Raimundo feel any better.)

Raimundo: Kimiko, she's like a little sister to me! This makes finding the Diva Disaster even more into our target list.

Kimiko: Raimundo, thanks. But i'm fine, the flood is only up to the soul of my shoes.

Clay: Master Fung, how fast does the flood increase in size?

Master Fung: About one inch per hour.

Raimundo: Hey Kimiko, what height are you?

Kimiko: Five foot four inches. Why?

Raimundo: Yah got just about three days until the flood completely covers you!

Omi: The Diva Disaster could reveal itself any time!

Clay: Your the one ah blame for this! (Pointing at Jack.)

Jack: What? What did i do?

Clay: You were gloating that bought that thing time to get the Wu. Not only have we lost a chunk of our Wu, yah've also risked Kimiko's life, yah no good varmant!

Raimundo: What say i Cannon Blast him to next week?

Kimiko: No! That won't help. Let him stay.

Omi: But Kimiko, he is responsible for you being down there!

Kimiko: It wasn't his fault, i could've used the Star Hanabi to stop the Munga but i didn't. It's my fault i'm down here, Omi. Besides, like Rai said it'll take three days for this flood to kill me.

Raimundo: Oh alright. But anymore gloating or losing Shen Gong Wu you will be Cannon blasted outta here! Capiche?

Jack: I do. I do!

(The Warriors slept that night, rather uncomfortably. Except for Kimiko who was still standing like a statue. Later the following morning, Raimundo was awoken by Omi.)

Raimundo: Whoa, Whoa Omi! What's wrong?

Omi: We have trouble that you should definately see!

(Omi lead Raimundo to where Kimiko was standing, it turned out it had gone up to her hands.)

Raimundo: Master Fung! I Thought you said it would go an inch at an hour!

Master Fung: The Great Water Munga must have evolved during his containment, it appears that Kimiko would be completely covered by the end of the day.

Raimundo: What? That's it, we gotta get her out!

(Raimundo took some of the Wu they had left, and took out the Ruby Of Ramses.)

Raimundo: Ruby Of Ramses!

(He started to try and lift her, but she didn't budge an ounce.)

Kimiko: Give up, Rai. The only thing your causing for me is stretched arms.

Clay: The only thing that'll get her out is the Diva Disaster, am sure Master Fung spelt it out fer yah.

Raimundo: Like Omi said, it will reveal itself any time.

(He saw the Lotus Twister and right beside it the Switching Piper.)

Raimundo's thoughts: Of course! The Switching Piper, tha'll get her out. But i'm gonna have to sacrifice myself. Remember what Master Fung said. Don't think of my life, and think of the Doll's, mainly Kimiko. But i have to do it when nobody's looking.

(He grabbed both the Lotus Twister and the Switching Piper (Without anyone knowing.))

Raimundo: Lotus Twister!

Kimiko: Forget about it, Rai. It's Okay, i'll survive.

(He threw the Lotus Twister back in the sack. He still kept the Switching Piper in his robes. But then Dojo started to shake and shiver like he always does.)

Dojo: The Diva Disaster has revealed itself!

Omi: Then who shall go? If not Kimiko?

Raimundo: I'll stay with Kimiko, Jack if you're really sorry 'bout you're gloating, you go too!

Jack: What? What chance have i got against that big humunga thing! Besides i bruise easily!

Raimundo: Okay, Clay give me the Cannon Blaster!

Jack: Okay, okay i'll go, just don't fire me into next week!

Raimundo: Great! Well go on. Oh and Omi.

Omi: Yes?

(Raimundo bent down and put his arms on his shoulders.)

Raimundo: Get the Diva Disaster. I dunno what's gonna happen next, but whatever happens, make sure Kimiko is safe, okay?

Omi: What do you mean?

Raimundo: Doesn't matter, just show that big guy what your made of!

Omi: Okay!

(Dojo sized up and flew off with Omi, Clay and Jack.)

Raimundo: See yah.

(But then, the water level increased up to Kimiko's upper arms.)

Raimundo: What? Your kidding!

Master Fung: The water levels are increasing very fast. According to my calculations. Kimiko will be completely covered in...

Raimundo: What? How long?

Master Fung: One hour.

(This struck Kimiko and Raimundo dead hard.)

Raimundo's thoughts: The Switching Piper is Kimiko's only hope, Omi, Clay and Jack'll never make it in time. Huh?

(Raimundo could hear Kimiko snivelling, then he seen the flood give a small ripple.)

Raimundo's thoughts: She's crying! She knows that they'll never make it. Okay this is it.

(He ran for the bag of Wu and pulled out the Star Hanabi.)

Raimundo: Star Hanabi!

(He threw it in the air giving off a huge flare of light, temporarely blinding Kimiko and Master Fung.)

Raimundo: Now's my chance! Switching Piper!

(Raimundo felt weightless as he travelled down from the rooftops onto the flood, and Kimiko took his place on the rooftops. When the Star Hanabi's effects wore off, Kimiko was confused as to what happened. Then she looked horrorstruck.)

Kimiko: Please don't make it what i think it is. Please.

(She peered down and seen Raimundo stuck in the same position as Kimiko was.)

Kimiko: No! No! It didn't had to be you, it had to be me!

Master Fung: Do not give up hope Kimiko, Raimundo is taller than you so he will last longer.

Raimundo: Yeah. And Kimiko, if yah wanna help me, then don't worry. Okay?

Kimiko: Don't worry? Rai, i didn't want your death to be on my conscience.

Raimundo: I did it because i just wanted to help a friend, that's all. And don't worry, i' m not gonna die!

Kimiko: Omi, if your hearing this. Get the Diva Disaster with all your strength. Please.

(On Dojo, Omi felt a sudden chill.)

Clay: You okay little partner?

Omi: Yes, i just felt something unusual. Like a furry animal crawling down my back.

Jack: That's spine shiver, yah get it when you think something bad is gonna happen.

Omi: Dojo, how much further to the Shen Gong Wu?

Dojo: It's supposed to be one mile away from the resting spot of the Heylin Flood.

Jack: Oh sure, now you know where it is.

Dojo: Aha! There it is! The Diva Disaster!

Omi: I would not celebrate just yet.

Clay: Why's that little partner?

Omi: Because the Great Water Munga has found it also!

Jack: Oh no you don't! Thornn Of Thunderbolt!

(He fired a blast at the Munga, then he used his Heli-Bot to lure the creature away.)

Omi: Jack Spicer!

Jack: Forget about me, just get this flood outta here!

Clay: Gotta admit, ah never seen Jack more reckless before!

Omi: We will seal the Munga when we use the Diva!

(Omi jumped off Dojo and flipped to the Shen Gong Wu, and Omi touched it the same time as Clay, Jack and the Munga.)

Omi, Clay, Jack: We challenge you to a Cosmic clash Xiaolin Showdown!

Omi: But wait, how did the creature get back here?

Jack: The guys made outta water, he travels like a...

Clay: Bull in a hot summer's day?

Jack: Yeah.

Munga: I wager my Tangle Web Comb, Tongue Of Tsaiping and Reversing Mirror!

Omi: Against my Orb Or Tornami!

Clay: Mah Ruby Of Ramses!

Jack: And my Thorn Of Thunderbolt!

Munga: The contest is, first to touch the Diva Disaster in the Water bridges, wins.

All: Let's go! Xiaolin Showdown!

(The flooded canyon turned into a huge mixture of water walls and platforms.)

Clay: Hey, don't think we were born yesterday. If we touch that water we'll get stuck here like a tongue on a frost pole.

Munga: Oh do not worry. That is just normal water.

Omi: If you are lying, you will be automatically disqualified from the Showdown!

Munga: Hehehe, you have my word!

All: Gong Ye Tempi!

(The Munga jumped up and started crawling up one of the walls to the Diva Disaster. Jack had already gotten a fresh start with his Heli-Bot.)

Jack: Thorn Of Thunderbolt!

Munga: Reversing Mirror!

(The blasts hit the mirror and went straight for Jack, but before the blast could hit Jack a huge water wall came out of nowhere and the Thunderbolt blasts were blocked. Omi had conjured it with the Orb Of Tornami.)

Jack: Thanks, baldy!

Omi: Just get to the Shen Gong Wu, Jack!

Jack: Got it!

(He continued to fly up. Clay is jumping up between water and spotted Omi doing the same.)

Clay: How 'bout a little hand partner? Ruby Of Ramses!

(He levitated Omi until he was higher than the Munga.)

Munga: Tangle Web Comb!

(The munga spun the vines at Omi, he was beginning to get wrapped within it's confounds until...)

Jack: Thorn Of Thunderbolt!

(Jack shot at the vines which cut Omi free. Omi glanced at Jack who gave Omi the thumbs-up.)

Omi: Orb Of Tornami!

(He shot the water down, he was soon racing up towards the Diva Disaster until...)

Munga: Tongue Of Tsaiping! Squirells, attack the bald one!

(A flurry of tiny squirells charged at Omi, but he didn't attempt to dodge it as he was paralyzed with fear.)

Clay: Got your back, little buddy!

(He grabbed Omi and raised him to a higher platform. And then took on the flurry of squirells.)

Clay: Wudai Crater Earth!

(He shot rock spikes all over the squirells that made it cower away in fear. But the munga was already going for the Diva Disaster.)

Omi: No! Raimundo is counting on me to stop him! Orb Of Tornami!

(He shot out a wave of water.)

Jack: Thorn Of Thunderbolt!

(The electrical attacks combined with the water attacks. But the Munga wasn't fazed.)

Munga: Reversing Mirror!

(The blast almost looked like it was going to reverse, but it moved around the Munga and hit him on the back. Clay had used the Ruby Of Ramses to divert the blast away from the Reversing Mirror.)

Omi: Now is my opportunity! Orb Of Tornami!

(He shot up with all his might and then grabbed the Diva Disaster. The arena then changed back into it's original position.)

Omi: You shall go back to the pit you have spawned from! Diva Disaster!

(Back at the Temple.)

Raimundo: Okay, i can't feel my legs!

(Back at the Temple, the water level rised to Raimundo's neck. Kimiko had been trying to pull him out with the Lotus Twister.)

Kimiko: Either the flood is true or your too heavy! Yeesh!

Raimundo: Haha! I feel like i'm in quicksand.

Kimiko: And to think i'm shorter than you by your head!

Raimundo: Yeah, you'd be a goner by now if i didn't used the Switching Piper! It was worth it though. The only thing i'm not so happy about is the killer itch on my stomach.

Kimiko: Ah, quit your whining!

Raimundo: I was doing better than you were doing. You weren't even giving a crud that you fell into the flood!

Kimiko: Master Fung! Aren't you gonna help?

Master Fung: It will not matter how hard the ram bashes, the fence will remain intact.

(Both of them were silent for a second then Raimundo piped up.)

Raimundo: You do know Master Fung just called you a ram, didn't you.

Kimiko: It's an expression, Rai.

Master Fung: Oh no. This is most troubling!

Raimundo and Kimiko: What is?

(He pointed towards the mountain. There to reveal a massive amount of the water coming his way.)

Raimundo: Uh oh. Omi, Clay, Jack, if your listening, Get me outta here!

Kimiko: A bit too late for that. Raimundo, i'm sorry!

Raimundo: It's okay, Kim. Wouldn't have missed this time for the world!

(He raised his head upwards and closed his eyes. But twenty seconds later, he opened one eye to reveal the flood wave was right there in front of him.)

Raimundo: Hey, am i dead? Or has the someone used the Golden Finger?

Kimiko: I didn't do it.

(The wave started to turn back, it literally was retreating back to he mountains. Then the water level started to drop immensely. He could feel his legs, and scratch his itch. Until all the Temple was cleared of the water. Kimiko then slid down on the roof and jumped on Raimundo, giving him hugs.)

Kimiko: I thought i'd lost you!

(She was crying tears of joy. Raimundo was still shocked at his luck.)

Raimundo: Thanks Omi, i owe yah one.

(When Dojo and the others returned they found Kimiko still hugging Raimundo.)

Raimundo: Can you believe this Omi, i've been upgraded from punching bag to crying cushion, all in a few months.

Omi: We have successfully stopped the Heylin Flood. And believe it or not, Jack Spicer helped us.

Kimiko and Raimundo: No way!

Jack: Uh huh. Who's your saviour now? Hohoho, i came through for them when the chips were down. Woohoo.

Raimundo: I dunno what to say. I was doubting you and here you are saving our butts. (He picked up the Switching Piper that he dropped when the Flood calmed down.)

Kimiko: And not only is Jack a hero, Raimundo here is a hero too.

(Kimiko and Raimundo explained there story to the others.)

Clay: So if it weren't fer Rai, you'd be more deader than roadkill?

Kimiko: Yeeaah.

Jack: I dunno, i think there's something going on, besides Raimundo's crazyness.

Raimundo: What do yah mean?

Jack: Oh nothing. (Giving a cough and in the middle of that cough saying...) Lovebirds.

Raimundo: Bless you. Anyways what happened at your end of the story?

(Omi, Clay and Jack explained their story.)

Kimiko: So Jack was trying to draw off the Munga, during the Showdown, he saved Omi from the Tangle Web Comb, and he used the Thorn Of Thunderbolt with the OrbOf Tornami to beat the Munga?

Clay: Reckon you got it all figured out.

Kimiko: Jack, we can't thank you enough.

Raimundo: Yeah, is there anything we can do to make it up?

Jack: Well there is one.

Raimundo: Yeah?

Jack: Can i keep the Monkey Staff? It's my favourite Shen Gong Wu.

Clay: Of course yah can, yah stinky rat tail.

Raimundo: Feel free to take it yah low down piece of garbage.

Kimiko: It's all yours trash pile.

Omi: Do as you will with it, you no good hero!

Jack: You mean it?

(They all nodded. Jack then ran over and gave them all a hug.)

Jack: Your the best enemies, a world genious can ask for.

(He ran for the bag and took out the Monkey Staff.)

Jack: I dunno how us greatest enemies will ever fight again. But do remember my courage.

(With that he activates his Heli-Bot and flies off.)

Raimundo: He really is a hero. Id be dead if it weren't for him.

(Then Master Fung walks in.)

Master Fung: You too are a great hero. Young Kimiko would be dead if it were not for you. And i see that you have learned well from my lesson.

Raimundo: Thanks, Master Fung.

Kimiko: I wonder why Jack wanted the Monkey Staff.

Omi: Who knows? Maybe he wanted a little fun with it.

(But over at Jack's Lair, Jack had the Monkey Staff on and taunting Chase Young through his computer. Chase then gave a sigh of boredom and went off the computer.)

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