Tales of the Heavenly EncounterEdit


The scientist have succeeded to understand the human mind and soul in a more technical perspective. From this knowledge a technology created, a technology that able to transfer a human soul within machines and robots. The technology codenamed “Lazarus”

The technology was considered very practical because machines and robots become more independent, able to took care of themselves and have the ability to judge the situations like human, but also they are able to do work in hazardous environment. This is why the technology grow very fast and popular.

The technology have become an alternative for the death sentenced convicts and politicals captures or for they who posses deadly diseases. The standard procedure mandates that memories of the subjects must be erased. This also to increase the efficiency of the worker robots because emotional memories considered interrupt their efficiency level.

Protests againts this technology grow, since it was considered inhuman and also considered a new form of slavery.

Governments and militaries ignored the protest and smell the potency of this technology. Military silently developed a super robot prototype based on “Lazarus” technology that'll be a super soldier and war machine with capabilities beyond human. This project codenamed “Shadow”. The main ambition with this “Shadow” project is world domination.

It is John Willis, a scientist participated in “Lazarus” development smells this conspiracy and silently joined the underground movement which protested “Lazarus” to oppose that ambition. Militer discover John Willis' plan. Willis become a subject of terrors. Willis' fiancee killed by the militer assasin, the underground movement raided and the government declares a state of emergency. John Willis swore to avenge his fiancee's death.

One day John infiltrated the military facility and stole the early “Shadow” prototype. He modifies Lazarus so that his memory and soul can be duplicated, not transferred and left his soul within his human flesh remain intact. Some acts executed with this prototype but military slowly smell these acts.

The government send another Shadow prototype to execute John in his secret hideout and capture the prototype, but it only succeed in killing John. Now John trapped within his new body. A really wrong move done by the military.

Now the society call their new mysterious hero “Crimson”, named after the figure with blood red color.

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