"... and we have come to the conclusion that, despite minor protests, we will not look further into the previous count; we are to act as previously voted. Any other complaints?"

The head elder looked around, trying to see if any hands would rise. None did. He scratched his bald scalp. His ears wiggling up and down, he took another clay tablet from a pile of issues the council was to discuss, discarding the previous. He noted that the tablets were slowly increasing in size, with the authors increasing both word size and gloominess.

This one had a report written on it. A dead body was found near the village. A hunter, too. The body was viciously murdered and, as the report additionally suggested, horribly tortured.

The elder sighed. This was the third such report in the last three weeks, and, thank Gods, none of the murdered men were his own...

Untill now, that is.

This last death was this village's resident. His name was Konar, the report said.

Konar... where did Kron hear that name last?

Ah, he was a soldier once, too. Such a good life wasted... what misfortune befell him...
Troublesome times brew tension; no word of this must reach the village...

Except it did. With the harvest just about to begin, spirits dropped due to a leakage of information.

Kron was used to being an elder in a big town, and had been one for quite some time, but calm, riverside villages were quite harder to control.

That's maybe because it was just that, a village.


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