The Great War of Foscor details an intense time on the planet of Foscor. The dark dragon Garuk rebels against everyone else and though he's outnumbered, his forces are strong, and the alliance don't know what might happen.



Garuk's Rampage of Morvis DrakbaneEdit

Garuk has been rumored to have been constructing an army. Those Rumors were true. William Drakbane stood in his throneroom with his son James, who was barely old enough for war. "Father" it was his other son, Morvis.

"Morvis!" William said "Oh god..." He stood on one knee and held his hands on his son's shoulders "Go to the vault, get my great sword, and run away"

"What? Why?"

"Garuk's coming. He is a very, very evil dragon"

"You can get my Longsword out of there too" James cut in

"Alright, son, I'll miss you"


"Just go!" William helped his son get up "Promise me you or your descendants defeat Garuk"

"I will" Morvis ran off. William Shed a tear. Him and james were gonna die, but Morvis would live. He picked up his sword and getting in attack position

"Let's show this dragon what hell feels like"

Garuk Crashed through the castle killing several guards with his fire breath. then after Garuk many Dragons, Humans, Elves, and Dwarfs filled the castle, both sides were taking heavy casualties. A bowman managed to hit Garuk's left eye, but died shortly after. Garuk was at the door the the throne room.

Garuk Crashed through the wall. William and James fought valiently. James rolled behind Garuk and slahed at his tail, but Garuk Turned quickly and hit William to the wall. He shot his ice breath at James.

"Fath-!" He froze, and Garuk smashed him. William got back up with his axe and threw it at Garuk. Garuk dodged and sped toward William, running him through with his claws, killing him.

Morvis ran away undetected by Garuk's forces. He would hide out until he was strong enough to fulfill the promise he made to his father. A promise he would fulfill no matter what.

Elf Wars of Lord CeratinEdit

Garuk's Rise of GarukEdit

The Worst 20 Years of my Death of Lord DeathEdit

The Void of GilgameshEdit

The Black Knight of George N. HallowsEdit

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