The Great Fortress is the most powerful computer-building in the universe, created and operated by a green crystal, the most powerful artifiact in the universe.


The planet Calathon was a planet of frozen plateaus and crystalline buildings, scattered across a wide distance and separated by frozen plains and watery grounds, usually packed with ice. The average temperature was minus 80 degrees. Calathon's dominant species, the Calathonians, looked exactly like humans, and were also biologically identical, but were millions of years ahead scientifically and were also more solemn and strict, never smiling or crying. They were also physically weaker.

The Calathonians had developed many scientific advances:

  • Cure for Cancer and other Diseases: The Calathonians had developed a cure for cancer and all known diseases, but refused to share it with other races.
  • Memory Storage: They have perfected the technology of storing vast amounts of data and powers on crystals of all sizes.
  • Communications Equipment: The Calathonians had developed revolutionary ship-to ship and planet-wide communications equipment, in the form of hand-held communicators and larger devices.
  • First Hyperdrive: The first faster-then-light speed drive was developed on Calathon.

Calathon was in danger. Calathon's red sun was due to explode, and was very unstable. The planet itself was unstable, with the deep core clashing against itself. For hundreds of years, the core had been slowly splitting apart, and was due to crack and explode. The scientists who ruled Calathon were ignorant "know-it-alls" Only one had the senses. His name was Chris-El.

Chris-El was the most revered and respected scientist on Calathon. He had developed the first birthing matrix (a sort of artificial womb that spared women the pain of pregnancy and childbirth), the first nuclear "creation" missile (a nuclear-powered missile allowing creation of whole continents or cities) and the first universal-controlling computer (a computer allowing manipulation of space). He had also considerably advanced the technology of storing large amounts of information on small crystals, by discovering techniques of storing large data files in small areas of storage crystals. Despite all his respect and reverence, he was unable to convince the Ruling Scientists of the doom of Calathon. They warned him not to spread rumors, or he would be sentenced to eternal imprisonment in the Phantom Zone, a sort of crystalline holding device Chris-El himself had invented. It looked like a mirror.

Green Crystal

The crystal.

Chris-El decided to create a crystal to store all the records and data gathered by Calathon and on Calathon's history, politics, culture and entertainment, geography, mathematics, astronomy, technology, and science. He also decided to give the crystal great powers. Because of the width of it's power and knowledge, the crystal, intended to be white, became green. It took Chris-El twenty years before the predicted date of the destruction of Calathon to create and generate the crystal.

The crystal has the following powers:

  • Healing: The crystal, when pulsating with energy and glowing bright, can restore a person's energy or cure them of AIDS, cancer, or any other known virus, toxin, or contimination. The crystal can also heal humans and Kryptonians from the effects of Kryptonite or magic. The crystal can also restore computers or fix interactive bugs.
  • Virus Creation: The crystal can create viruses, toxins, and contiminations, or can eliminate or change them.
  • Vampire Extermination: When shown at a vampire, the crystal can turn then into dust or revert them to ordinary human beings. The crystal can also reverse the effects of vampire bites.
  • Life Restoration: The crystal can bring the dead to life and restore energy to the dying. The crystal can also give more hydrogen and helium to dying red giants and cast them as yellow main sequence stars again. The crystal can also transform zombies into humans again.
  • Time Control: The crystal can change, edit, add, or completely delete historical events past, present, and future. The crystal also controls the flow of space and all things created.
  • Fortress Operation: The crystal initates the operations of the Fortress and provides the power source for it's abilities and uses.
  • Power Control: The crystal can grant anybody superhuman powers or remove them from superheroes or crystal created heroes at will. It can also do the same to supervillains. The crystal is the only object known to be able to kill or weaken immortal beings.
  • Destruction and Generation: The crystal can generate, edit, or destory galaxies, solar systems, planes, universes, or dimensions. It is the only power source known to be able to destory all universal life.
  • Interaction and Holographic Generation: The crystal can interact with it's user, can communicate other crystal sources, and can generate holograms or artifical intelligence of computers, people, and objects.
  • Energy Pulsation: The crystal can power any machine using it's emitted green energy. It can also destory and stop the function of machines or their power sources.
  • Resource Elimination: The crystal can eliminate entire resources, create it's own, or edit existing and artifical resources.
  • Invulnerability: The crystal is invulnerabile. It is impossible for even superheroes or villains, or nuclear explosions, or supernovas, to destory it. The crystal cannot be shattered or burned.

  • Computer Control: The crystal can create, remove, and operate the Fortress (which is a fortress-computer). It can also destory or operate ships, other computers, and technology.
  • Other Powers: These powers include control of the Star Wars "Force", ablity to destory or control the Borg, project different zones of space, etc. The crystal also can project or control magic and can exploit even the most powerful objects or people.

Destruction of CalathonEdit

Finally, Chris-El constructed a star-like spacecraft, and he scribbled a note in English and in Calathonian about it and the crystal:

The crystal inside this capsule is powerful, bearing the knowledge of a advanced space civilization. It also has great powers and will be of great meaning. Use it wisely and fairly.


After he finished the note, the crystal came out of one the slots on his crystalline working panel. Chris-El took it and placed it inside a small canister, made of crystalline material. He then placed the crystalline canister inside the one man starship. He also put the note inside the canister. After that, the planet started to shake. The core was splitting apart, and mid-level tremors were erupting across the surface. The red giant started burning up and exhausting it's energy. Chris El then programmed, quickly into the starship it's destination: Earth, Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy, Local Cluster, Local Supercluster, Universe. After that, he pressed the launch button. Soon, the bottom part of the starship connected with the upward part. As the complete starship lifted into the air, a eruption rocked the core of the planet. In the crystalline buildings and structures, Calathonians were becoming fearful. The core started collapsing, falling in on itself. Earthquakes and volcano eruptions rocked and burned respectively, much of the crystalline Calathonian surface.

By this time, the local red sun had neared the planet, and the entire surface was bathed in red sunlight. The Calathonian atmosphere began to melt, and millions, including Chris-El, suffocated to death from lack of air. Temperatures exceeded 1,000 degrees, causing many others to be burned to death. The starship was already in space, heading out of the Calathonian star system sucessfully.

The destruction continued. The core turned blue, and then spurted out iceberg molten rock, burning the surface. Survivors, those who had not died from the radiation or atmosphere burning, inside the crystalline underground cities ran and were afraid. Millions died because of these problems. All the while, Calathon's sister planets were exploding or being absorbed by the expanding Calathonian red sun.

Finally, red sun solarlight completely penetrated the atmosphere, and crystalline buildings started to melt by the billions. All the while, the core burned and exploded, killing millions in the underground cities. Meanwhile, Calathonians on the frozen plateaus died from the melting of ice or from radiation.

Then, a huge eruption rocked the planet, throwing survivors off cliffs and collapsing the underground buildings onto the sides of the splitting core. Then, the planet was pulled in by the red sun. Finally, the red sun was destroyed and the planet disintegrated into billions of pebble-sized pieces.

Arrival on Earth and FoundingEdit

For the next sixty-one years (from 1948 to 2009 in Earth years), the starship traveled through space. By the time Calathon was destroyed, the starship was already traveling in the Calathonian galaxy. It traveled through many dimensions, including Robocop, Superman, Star Wars, Star Trek, Power Rangers, Oddparents, Spiderman, and Commercial City. The ship passed through radiation fields too dense for other forms of interstellar transportation, but at sublight speed, for Chris-El had no time to construct a computer controlled hyperdrive. Several times, it passed by the USS Enterprise and the Millennium Falcon. Thanks to Data and C-3PO, the two ships, working together, found out of it being a relic of the destroyed planet Calathon (whom both revered).

Finally, in June 2009, the ship approached Earth. Chris-El had not programmed the approximate landing site, so the ship would land in a random place. At first it headed towards Kansas, but was then pulled by a "radar signal" (Colorado Springs). A boy named Larry, intelligent but of 11 years of age, looked out the window, seeing the ship landing in his backyard. Going outside, he approached a crater, with a burning, rusted, and coal-like rock (the starship) inside. Opening the top, he saw the glowing green crystal, with the container it was held in turned to dust. He then read the wrinkling and crumbling note, and after he did, it turned to dust.

Creation of FortressEdit

Fortress of Solitude 1

The new Fortress.

Larry then hid the ship and the crystal at his grandmother's house, in her backyard. For the next seven years, it waited patiently. Finally, when Larry was 18, and sleeping at the house, he heard something calling for him. He went to the backyard, to the place where he had buried the capsule. Digging with a shuvel, he saw the old starship, now a burnt rock. Opening the top revealed the green crystal, glowing brightly. He took it slowly, looking at it. The crystal called him to make a trip; to the tip of Pikes Peak.

The next day, Larry put in a load of money he had collected over the years, plus a third of the money in his bank account. He packed food, clothing, and tools inside. He put on a coat, and went inside his car. He filled the tank with gas. He said goodbye to his aunt and father (his grandmother was dead), and then left.

Driving up a trail, he reached the peak of Pikes Peak. He saw a large Artic-like field, stepped with heavy icebergs and blocks of crystal material. A stream of water, looking like creamed milk, led to this open frozen plateau. Taking the crystal from his backpack, he saw it. It glowed radiantly, telling him to throw it. He did, and it flung across the sky, heading towards the field. Finally it landed. It went into the ground. The ground started shaking. Water started splashing, as the ground cracked apart. Finally, a crystal wall popped up from the ground. Then iceberg walls rose, crashing against rising crystal walls. A glowing green light in the ground was the source of all of this, thus revealing it is the crystal itself creating the Fortress.

Larry saw as more crystal walls rose, and iceberg stands rose. Water splashed, and earthquakes occured, spurting up more growing crystalline and glass material. Finally, the icberg walls went down, as the crystal walls popping up slowed. Then..boom! A eruption rocked, as the Fortress, physically and power-wise, formed. Finally, they stopped. The building was revealed.

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