(To my old friend, I'll just call her 'J')

Susan walked home from school, the autumn leaves swirling around in the air after each gust of air. It had been an awful day. Her best friend hadn't saved her a seat at lunch, she totally messed up her speech in Social Studies, and had embarassed herself in front of the total hottie, Nick. She walked inside the house and flopped down onto the couch. Nobody was home yet. She rubbed the necklace that her grandmother had given her. She rubbed that necklace every time she felt sad or something bad had happened, because for some reason it comforted her. Susan would be alot easier if she were popular.

"I wish I was popular."

Suddenly her necklace began to glow and out popped a genie.

Susan gasped.

Unsurprised, the genie began: "Let me guess...You think that all genies come from lamps. It's all because of my famous cousin who helped that kid, Aladdin."

Susan shook her head, "No, that's not it. I just didn't expect a genie to come out of Grandma Judith's necklace. I've rubbed that necklace tons of times and you never came out."

"Duh! I'm not as powerful as my cousin. I can only come out when somebody makes a wish WHILE rubbing the necklace. And there are certain things that I can't do. I can only do things that involve you. No changing anybody else, okay?" the genie said.

Susan nodded, "That's okay. I only want to change myself, anyways. I want to be popular."

The genie fell over with laughter.

"What's so funny?" Susan demanded.

"Nothing! It's just that I've heard that wish so many times. They always turn out the same. I'll grant you your wish and I'll throw in a little bonus as well. You'll be able to read certain people's minds. You just have to tell me which ones and you'll be able to read any of their thoughts concerning you," said the genie, who still had a grin on his face.

"But what if someone sees you?" asked Susan.

"Nope. Only you can see me. If you need me again just rub the necklace. I'll give you your wish tomorrow," the genie said as he returned to the necklace.

Susan smilled; she could hardly wait for tomorrow to arrive.

The Next DayEdit

Susan walked down the school's hallway. She felt thousands of stares as she walked down the hall but she didn't feel at all embarassed. The genie had granted her wish that morning. She was wearing the coolest clothes and her hair-style was the coolest one on Earth, thanks to the genie.

Nick walked up to her, "Hey! Wanna have lunch with me and my friends?" Susan nodded. She heard Nick's thoughts,"Suhh-weet! This girl is hot." Susan wanted to scream; this was great. The rest of the day went perfectly. Matt, her best friend, even apologized for not saving her a seat at lunch. Susan was on cloud nine...but unforunately, Susan had forgotten that old adage: "The higher you are, the farther you fall."

Susan had been part of the 'cool' group for about a week when Nick came up to her holding an invitation. "Hey! Do you wanna come over to Lucy's, on Halloween? It's gonna be a blast." Susan took the invitation and nodded. "See you there," Nick called as he walked off.

As soon as Nick was out of site Matt came up. "You coming trick-or-treating with me again this year?" he asked. Susan shook her head, "Sorry, I have other plans." "Oh..." Matt said sadly. Then she heard something that shocked her, Matt's thoughts. "What is wrong with Sue? We've been friends since...first grade. Now all of a sudden she gets in with the cool crowd and she drops me like last week's menu. She's been acting like a real jerk."

Susan was shocked. If that was how Matt felt about her, then fine. She didn't have to talk to him. She walked down the hallway in a huff.

The Halloween PartyEdit

Susan rang the doorbell of Lucy's house on Halloween. She was dressed up as a peasant. The costume made her sad. She knew that out there Matt was wearing a prince costume. Every year since first grade they had worn matching costumes. This year they would have done the Prince and the Pauper. She shook her head; Matt didn't want to be her friend anymore. Lucy opened the door. "What are you wearing a costume for?" she asked.

"Aren't we going trick-or-treating?" Susan asked confused.

Lucy shook her head, "Nope. We're doin' something so much more fun. Come on, I'll show you." Lucy led her to the living room.

"Here's my boyfriend John," Lucy said gesturing towards a sloppy boy lying on the sofa smoking something that might have been marijuana. He didn't seem to notice her.

Next to him on the table were tons of bags. Lucy opened them up and removed the contents: eggs, toilet paper, and a can of spray paint.

Not much later, Susan and the others were walking down the street with Lucy in the lead. She stopped in front of Mrs. Tinkelton's house. "This one first," she said passing out the supplies evenly among them. Susan just stood there. She knew Mrs. Tinkelton. She was the kindest old person she'd had ever met.

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