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Nice title. I will write something here, hehe.

Summary: I just liked this title. I found it had been deleted and it had no content, so I decided to write a tale about it.

The Gargoyles LoveEdit

A Gargoyle had taken human form. He wanted to go to the movies and he had just met a lady on a party held with some human friends. He was in love with her, although love between Gargoyles and humans is strictly forbidden. Of course, there had been some gargoyle friends there too, but they were searching human food, not human company. He had invited her, Katherine, to go out at that party and now he was waiting for her. At last, twenty minutes late, she came.

"Hi there, Kathy” Gargos said. I thought you would never come" Gargos, the Gargoyle in disguise, said, with a human voice.

"Oh, I am sorry. I had to help my sister with her homework" Kathy answered.

"Ah, never mind. The movie is about to begin. Let's go."

And they took a taxi to get to the cinema. Neither Kathy nor the taxi driver ever suspected they were in the presence of a gargoyle. "Maybe they did not know those species existed", Gargos thought. They had hidden very well from humans, apart from occasional tales about them and, of course, the gargoyles on churches, but most people believed they were allegorical. The constructors of churches knew they were very real. They did it for people to remember their existence. But nobody believed in such species, anyway.

They talked about everything. They started to know each other. Nobody knew if a Gargoyle could love like a human being. Gargos did it very well, we cannot say if he was being false or simulating feelings. There are very few things we know about gargoyles as species. The only facts we know is they eat our flesh, not for feeding, but for pleasure. They can have thermal view. They are more violent than most humans. And they are like any animal, very much like us, but with reptile instincts.

Gargos was like any of those strange creatures whose sculptures fill the churches, a Gargoyle. They were tall, horrible to humans, had wings and violent behavior. Some humans confound them with vampires, but different to vampires, Gargoyles do not feed from blood. Exclusively, that is to say, they drink blood but they also eat meat, human meat.

Thinking about meat and they were seeing a vampire movie. Kathy has very frightened. Gargos laughed to himself, imagining her reaction if she could see him in his Gargoyle form. But she will never do it, unless she betrayed him. He would show his real body only as revenge. That is how Gargoyles think. They are always suspicious and paranoid. They fear even their mother, because they have very less loyalty than humans. She kept scared and Gargos only laughed, in silence.

Now he was thinking about himself. He had fallen in love. This was not strange, even a demon can fell in love. For instance, think about Lillith and Satan. Although they are the worst beings in the world, they love each other. They make everything that lovers do. And they have children and they love them. Of course, their fights are horrible, they even eat parts from each other, but, that is no matter, as they regenerate soon. And they are also born-sadomasochists, so, who cares? The strange thing about this story is that Gargos was in love with another species... a human female, Katherine. That was disastrous; and it was forbidden too. He was to face death penalty if he were caught. He had to hide because even his brothers could betray him. Love for the family or friends is not as strong in gargoyles as it is in demons and humans. So, he had to be careful.

Suddenly, Gargos was aware. He recognized another Gargoyle entering the movie. But he was no trouble as he was deceiving another girl, like himself. He could not betray Gargos. Gargos made a noise, a noise beyond human hearing, directed to the other Gargoyle. The other answered and said: “Don’t worry. I will cover you as I am doing the same thing”. But Gargos thought it could be a trap. He could be deceiving him too and would go to betray him. But that was no problem now; he could run faster than any Gargoyle, at least he thought that.

Gargos thought he was happy. Maybe she thought she was with a real man, of course. And she did not know how cruel that “man” could be. Gargos laughed in silence again.

The movie finished and they went outside. Gargos was impulsive; he tried to kiss her as soon as they were outside. It could have been more romantic inside the cinema, but he was still deciding it. At last he thought he did not fear anyone; so he went right ahead. She was in love with him too, from the first time they saw each other, so she accepted. After that, he took her home and went back to his own house.

Gargoyles don’t live in human houses. They use underground homes to live. He went to the nearest hole and entered the Gargoyle Underground Complex, or GUC, as they called it. He entered there and as far as 1km below, he started to see constructions. These were very deep for humans not to be able to find them. He got to an underground highway and took a taxi. Life was very similar to human life.

The taxi driver took him home. He slept and the next morning he went to work. Gargoyle was thinking too much lately, because he was in love. He bore it until he was not able to fight it. It was very dangerous. But it was not the danger that scared Gargos. It was love itself. It was such an overwhelming feeling. He had lived without it most of his life but now his genes or something were bothering him in that sense. It was a shame. He kept on thinking about it. That was an obsession. He had to get cured of love, but he chose the other way. To love her was not the right decision. He should have forgotten her. But he could not.

Life on GUC was very similar to human life because once Gargoyles and humans were together. However, they got into a war and the Higher Spiritual Beings decided they should separate to avoid mutual destruction. These are the records of some books, like the Bible, about giants and men. Those are the legends of Titans and demigods like Hercules. He was not a man, he was a Gargoyle. The matter was that he never showed his Gargoyle form, he showed as a man to anyone. So the Higher Beings decided the Gargoyles would live underground.

And so they did. They built entire cities there, living in total freedom. Occasionally, they would go to the surface and treat humans. Some Gargoyles mated with humans, other ate them. Of course, both things were forbidden. But Gargoyles do not have any sense of law on their minds. They are like animals; the only difference is they have a mind similar to humans’. An average Gargoyle is smarter than man. Their secret plan was to go to the surface and take control of the entire world. But it was a plan for centuries, not for years.

Gargoyle got to work at last. He continued the project he was making. It was programming software with another 4 people. It was a financial program they would sell to humans. Gargos laughed every time he thought about it: most of the software that humans used daily was made by Gargoyles. And no human could know it. Sometimes, there had been filtrations but nobody would believe it. There was no way to distinguish a real man from a Gargoyle disguised as man. They had this advantage. That was why they were planning to overthrow the governments of the world.

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