The Galactic Alliance Era is a Fanon era right after the NJO era. There so far is one author writting for this fanon era, User:Fell Skyhawk who will be writting 3 sort novels and 3 short stories. It is a period where there actually is some peace for awile, unlike the canon Legacy Era where they remake the Sith before the peace that was intended to come after the Sith died. However while the Galaxy is at peace, a war will be waged in a small sector, where a threat greater then the Sith and the Yuuzan Vong combined will be defeated. This is but one parallel Universe in the midst of thousands. It splits off from mainstream Universe when the Jedi Exil's Parents have a boy, instead of a girl, and Revan and Bastilla have a child before he goes. Then he and the Handmaiden have a child who maries Revan and Bastilla's child who they have Fell Skyhawk. These two changes bring a ripple effect that is frozen in a black hole, not changing much else about Star Wars until 13 years after Jaina and Jacen are born, where they meet Fell after Luke rescues him from the black hole. He then gets kidnaped and uses the force to wipe their minds of him. Now nothing else is changed until after he comes back. And that is where this Parallel Universe goes really diffrent then mainstream.

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