The Field is ever changing. No one can have true knowledge of it. It was first only a few leagues in every direction. Then it was huge, with a river. Soon after the river dried. And later mountains came in, and the earth became erasermahr. The Field is ever changing. There are those who change with the Field. The pencils. There are those who resist change. The pens, the stones. There are those who ignore the change. The Paar creatures, the Erasers. There are those who wait. And watch.

A legend so ancient that even the pens have forgoten it. Creatures more powerful, and ancient than the poliwompfs. Creatures who exist as the portal to Somewhere. These creatures can change form into anything. But they go by one name. It is a name forgoten for many generations. It is over three millenia since the great Inkwar. The Whatchamacallits are stirring. And soon they will make themselves known. And the pens will take the opportunity to rule Somewhere. To rule Unreality. But there are dangers in ruling Reality and Unreality. It only takes one mistake to put them out of balance. And once that happens, it cannot be easily undone. The Field is ever changing. And the watchamacallits are stirring.

Chapter One: Tales of The FieldEdit

The StonerealmsEdit

General Isokin was fuming. He had been planning for three years, a plan that would wipe out the stones and allow the pens to rule the Stonerealm. "No, the stones are our freinds. I will not betray their trust." The King of New Nepink had said. (New Nepink was located in the Sciward part of the Stonerealms). So Isokin went back to his chamber to think up a new plan. He had thought about recruiting the stones, but they did not want to "defy the law of the poliwompf." So Isokin had to think up a new plan. He seached through every book in the library of the pens, every tablet in the libraries of the stones. It took many days and many nights, but he finally found something of interest. It was a stone tablet deep withinn the catacombs of the Old Stonekingdom. It read

Beyond the Feild, beyond the dust,
Beyond the realm of no one's trust,
Find the one who has no name,
Find the one who has no shame.

Isokin read the tablet again. And again. Then he reread it. "What does it mean?" he whispered to himself. He turned it over. There was a map of the Eraserfields before the Inkwar. And far to the West (for the peoples that lived beyond the Field use North, South, East, and West, for Sci, Nep, Paar, and Erra, respectively. And the sun rose in the north, not the East.) was a place marked with a "w" just beyond the place were erasers stored their eraser dust. "Beyond the dust," said Isokin. "Maybe there is where I can find a being strong enough to destroy the pencils, and the stones!"

He took the tablet, and went to his study. He had some planning to do.

The SummerlandsEdit

Lapiz was a very intelligent pencil for her age. She was named after Lapisc, an ancestor from when the pencils lived in the Field. Now they lived in the summerlands, a place where there were no castles or kingdoms, just small vilages and houses, with the occasional fair or celebration. She was out gathering flowers one day when she tripped. She looked down to see what she had tripped on and found a small rock. There was something written on it

Kahsiiahr tah Spaev, kahsiiahr tah g'rth,
Kahsiiahr tah Raes vir Nahsurv Tr'th,
Siivu tah quoi vir riiv nah kael,
Siivu tah quoi vir riiv nah svael.

It was written in ancient Summerlandian, which Lapiz was studying. She knew it went along the lines of "past the something, past the something, seek the one that has no name, seek the one who has no something." She decided to go see her mentor to learn what it said. She walked back to her house and asked "Mother, do you know where Mentor Kahul is?" Her mother looked at her and said "Yes, he left on a journey to collect some mahr for his studies. Is it something I can help with?" Lapiz showed her mother the stone. Her mother read it, then said "This is an ancient legend. It speaks of the watchamacallits, creatures who have power that is beyond that of a poliwompf. The watchamacallits have no real form, and according to ancient Summerlandian legend,-" Lapiz cut her off there "Name gives us form, and those without form have no name." Her mother praised her "It looks like you've been learning well." She said. "But what do you plan to do.?" Lapiz told her that she needed to know what the stone said exactly. Her Mother said

"Beyond the Field, beyond the dust,
Beyond the realm of no ones trust,
Find the one who has no name,
Find the one who has no shame.

Lapiz looked at her in question. "It means you will have to journey West, past the eraser dust mounds." Said her mother. "You have a long journey ahead of you. Take care."

And thus, Lapiz journeyed off Eastward, to the Eraserfields.

The Border MountainsEdit

Three millenia ago, a young pencil named Silica took on the power of the poliwompf. She declared her order of the lands in a pool of life that was exactly in the center of the field. The pool disappeared, but was not destroyed. Instead, it was absorbed into the earth, until it was past the metal layer of Ironmahr. There the waters became into the form of a chair. Silica sat one the chair. She sat there for three millenia, for she could not die until her duties were fufilled. And because of this, she was never seen again by her family and freinds. But she was not upset. Sad, but not upset. Silica knew that her time would be soon. Then she would once again be with those she loved. She remembered the voice that had come to her just this morning. It told her of what would happen. It told her of what would change the Field for another time. It told her this.

One who seeks to win the world, one who seeks to save it.
Both will meet at a mound of dust, and one will live to pass it.
But turn around, and you will see, the who dies will set us free

And so Silica knew. But she did not turn around. She did not see what was written on the wall behind her. If she did, maybe, just maybe, they would not have died. Maybe, they would have lived to help the world again. Maybe. Maybe.

Chapter Two: A Quest and a Re-questEdit

Lapiz had been traveling for three days, towards the Border Mountains, and away from the Mountains of Paar. She was very tired, but did not have much food, so she did not rest until she found food. That was her plan. She kept traveling Southwest, when she came across a the ground. It was a marking of an "x" in the ground, and seemed to be forged with a type of mahr. It was a bluish color, so it couldn't have been lead or ink. She knelt down and inspected it closer. She touched it, and relised that it was written on something hard. She brushed away some dust, and saw that it was written on a rock slab. She lifted the slightly heavy stone, revealing a hole. It was just beg enough for her to squeeze in...

Beyond the hole was a small cavern. It was just like the houses at her village, except the walls were made out of rock instead of wood. But even stranger were the people living there. One of them was long, with a wad of grass where her tip should have been. Next to her was a bucket of something that looked like thick blue ink. On her other side was a stone. Silica had heard of stones, but had never actually seen one. "It is not polite to stare," said the long and thin one. "I am Sahr, and this is Kamrae. We are refugees. Please close the door." Lapiz snapped out of it and dragged the stone slab back over the hole. "What are you?" she asked. "I am a paintbrush," said the long skinny one. Lapiz looked at her grass wad. "And that is my tip. It must be dipped in paint to work. I was banned from the kingdom of pens, and Kahmrae was banned when he tried to protect me. We found these tunnels, which other refugees built. But we have never seen a pencil before." Lapiz nodded. She knew that pencils were rarely outcast from their homes. But she did not no that an entire network of tunnels were created just to house refugees. "By the way," Lapiz started "do these tunnels go to the Eraserfields?

General Isokin had a plan. He would travel to the West and find the creatures mentioned on the stone tablet. He would use their power. All he needed was the King's permission. He new it would be difficult to get the King to allow it, but he had to try. He walked up through the passageways of the Kingdom to the castle, and walked through it until he was at the highest floor. He knocked on the King's door with a giant bronze knocker. "Come in." said the deep voice of the king. Isokin walked in.

"You are requesting that I let you travel to the farthest West point on the biggest map in the Realm, on the basis of finding a monster that doesn't even have a name?" said King Rhakmir. "Well, yes," said Isokin. "It is an extremely powerful monster if it does not have a name, so we can use it to overrun the s- pencils, overrun the pencils." Isokin caught himself there. He could not reveal to the king his plan to take over the Stonerealms. "And if the monster turns on us?" The King asked. "Well," said the general "Listen to my plan..."

And thus the two creatures began their journey, one on a quest, and one asking a request.

Chapter Three: A Meeting and a FightingEdit

Lapiz had been traveling through the tunnels with Sahr and Kahmrae for hours until they came to an "underground field." It slightly dipped, and the lowest layer was metal Ironmahr. Lapiz walked down to it. She saw a small dent in it. She took out the stone that had the summerlandian inscription. It was a perfect fit. Upon inserting the stone into the dent, the metal smoothed over, and a small hole opened. Lapiz fell through, landing on the hard metal floor. SLightly dazed, but unhurt, she got up. Looking forward, she saw Silica. Silica looked at Lapiz. Then she said "You must meet the one who seeks you doom. You must win." That was the last Silica said. LApiz rushed forward. She was about to leave when she noticed an inscription of the wall behing Silica. It read

Give more, tell more, receive more.
Give vaguely, tell vaguely, receive death.

Lapiz did not know what it meant. She also did not know what Silica meant. She only knew that she had to fight someone. She knew that no matter what, No matter why, she would have to win. So she continued on.

General Isokin had finally made it to the eraser dust stores. It had taken him many moons, but he had made it. He was ready to pass through to his destiny when he saw a young pencil girl. She was staring at the dust mounds, getting ready. Isokin would not allow her to pass. He walked up to her, sword raised. She jumped out of the way. Many poliwompfs came to see the event. But the amount of hatred and death that radiated from both Lapiz and Isokin was too much. One by one, the poliwompfs died. Lapiz was getting tired. She tripped. The sword pierced her heart. Everything went black. When she opened her eyes, she saw she was on the cloud tops. She looked around. The poliwompfs, her family, everyone was here. She went to see Silica. But she was not here. So Lapiz looked down. And she Saw.

Isokin walked West. He had defeated the girl, and was looking for the monster. He soon found himself in a swamp. He knew that the swamp was at the edge of the Realm, but he kept going. Soon he found it. A large tree stood tall, and in front of that tree stood a statue. He reached out to the statue. It was one of the watchamacallits. He saw there were thousands. They were all his. His hand moved toward the statue. One would wake all.

"No," Lapiz whispered. She watched as his hand grew closer. Then something amazing happened. He looked up.

Isokin was just about to release the power of the watchamacallits, when he heard something. It seemed to be less of a sound and more of a...thought. No, He looked up. There was the face of a girl in the clouds. The girl he had killed. "But how?" Said the general to himself. Slowly he felt himself rising. Looking down, he saw his body.

Lapiz looked down. The man seemed to be looking right at her. She dearly wished he would not unleash the power of the watchamacallits. She saw him rise. She saw him look down. He rose through the clouds. He was next to her. "I regret that no one shall no what happened to me." Said Isokin. Lapiz looked at him. "That is something we have in common."

The Field is ever changing. The watchamacallits saw the love and purity in the girls heart. They saw the evil in the man. They gave the world another chance.

Chapter Four: Last WordsEdit

Silica had given vague instructions to Lapiz, and so received death. But in recaiving death, she and her family, the poliwompfs, received death. If she had only read the inscription behind the wall...

But the Field is ever changing, and slowly, ever so slowly, the pens and pencils and erasers and paintbrushes and paper creatures and srtones evolved into a human like form. The pens still a ink for blood. The pencils still had lead bones. The erasers still had...well, they became whole humans. The creatures of Paar were still animals. The Field is ever changing. And in their human form, pens and pencils could live together in harmony.

For a time. But that, is another story, my friend.

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