by Shaolu

From the Holy Libben (Cosmos 2:1-21):

1 In that time The One placed Man in the forest of Eternia, so that he might enjoy its fruitage and bask in its glory. 2 Only one provision did The One make, for he commanded the man "Of every tree and its fruitage thou mayest freely enjoy, but of the one tree by the river of life, thou shalt not eat of it. 3 For in due time, if thou wouldst eat of this river's fruitage, thou shalt find not life therein, but thou shalt find pain and death." 4 Man did just so, and lived in peace with the beasts of the field and the flying creatures of the heavens, together in a harmony no man since has ever attained.

5 Sadly, however, the peace of Man and beast was not to last long. 6 Long since planning in the depths of the world, in dark places unseen, Revelle conspired against The One's newest creation. 7 So it was that two forest spirits came to Man and turned his will toward eating from the tree by the river. 8 Convinced that great power he would gain, Man ate of the tree in that day, sound of mind, but corrupted of heart. 9 And in that very moment, The One called out through the forest and said unto Man, "What is this that thou hast done?"

10 And Man said in return, "My Lord, what ever dost thou mean?"

11 And The One called out again louder, as the forest shook with great might, "Wouldst thou believest that thy deed has gone unseen?"

12 And to that Man said, "The spirits deceived me. 13 I was told of glory unbeholden, and joy beyond compare, but all I feel now is pain in my heart and great distress."

14 And The One replied, "Yea, for the pain thou hast felt would be joy had thou not done bad in my eyes. And for the bad that thou hast wrought, thou shalt certainly die as has been foreordained."

15 Then turning to the spirits, The One said unto them, "Because thou hast misled thy brethren in this terrible way, I will put enmity between thee and Man, between thy kind and his kind."

16 With that, The One removed Man from the forest, and Man was forced to walk upon the cursed lands of the barren plains.

17 Beyond all grace imaginable, however, The One at last spoke unto Man again and said, "It has seemed fit in my eyes, to grant thou a blessing. 18 A companion thou shalt have, to soothe thy pains and bear thy burdens."

18 And so it was that Man was lulled into a deep sleep. 19 And The One took half of the man's heart, and with it made he a woman.

20 Upon seeing the woman Man said, "This is now flesh of my flesh, heart of my heart: she shall be named Woman, for the wounds of Man in the heart has this one lessened."

21 Therefore shall a man go away from his parents and stick to his heart of hearts: and they shall be as one flesh again.

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