The Ethereal Series is a series of novels that are currently under active construction by Christopher Costello. The events of each chronicle occur in a fictional universe attempting to merge the realm of the "seemingly"-supernatural with the scientifical reality that each of us exist in today. The universe takes its own spin on the mythical accounts of the old world, while addressing the theodicy and moral questions that still plague a more modern society. With the universe's extensive timeline, and its global scale, each book offers key insight onto the multi-generational big picture. The Ethereal Series is prepared to enthrall each and every one of its readers, and to make them desire more.

Hours of historical research, and reading have inspired this series.

Story indexEdit

Epimetheus' BoxEdit

Main article: Epimetheus' Box

What kind of evils had really been released from Pandora's box? Epimetheus' Box offers a unique take on this classic tale, while introducing what might just be the deadliest, most cunning predator to ever stalk the world of the living. The story strains the concept of what it means to be alive, and suggests that in a corrupt world, that maybe life shouldn't be taken for granted as it is today.

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