Chapter 1 - ConceptionEdit

February 14, 1998Edit

Bokai Gin wandered into the lavish Offenhouse Hotel with a collection of measly flowers he picked up on the walk over there. In his broken English, Gin asked the male clerk for directions to the elevator. After momentary confusion, he was directed toward the elevator sign which pointed down a hallway. He entered the crowded elevator and pressed the button to the fourth floor.

As he stood in the elevator, feigning the presumed niceties to the Americans crowding around, Gin was filled with a combination of nervousness and excitement. Although he had won her heart, he hoped he could win Hoshiko's continued interest past his poor Indonesian immigrant status. He dusted off his shoes and knocked on room seven.

September 6, 2029Edit

Charles Cochrane turned the media center off and snuggled next to his wife and companion of six years. Although Charles and Ruby had advanced to living a relatively comfortable life, they were both survivors of San Francisco's Sanctuary Districts, a poorly conceived attempt to separate the homeless that degenerated to ghetto-like prisons.

Scarred by their memories, Charles and Ruby had decided not to have any children in a world increasingly harsh, even in this post-modern reformation. War had spread out across Europe and Asia, and America was one of the root causes. Despite Charles' hesitation, he had forgotten to administer his contraception injection that month.

March 22, 2000Edit

Mitchell Green toiled over an open stove. "This stew will astound you," he told his anxious wife. Green was always the best of cooks and the two had a great relationship. "Mitch," Virginia Green calmly stated, "I've been waiting for hours." The anticipation was a bit much. Both Mr. and Mrs. Green had had a relatively nervous day at the fertility clinic throughout the day, trying to create their first child. Through in vitro, it is possible that Mrs. Green was finally pregnant, although unlikely.

They finished their stew and went to have some fun in the bedroom. No one knows for sure how she became pregnant.

Chapter 2 - BirthEdit

October 30-31, 1998Edit

The newly Bokai Hoshiko was admitted into Mercy Hospital, San Francisco, complaining of hip pain. She knew it was likely the end of the pregnancy and attempted to contact her husband, to no avail. Hoshiko had wandered into the hospital just a short time ago and her condition was immediately recognized.

The young, kind man, Dr. Buck Harmon, was the last thing she saw before being sedated, a common practice amongst foreigners in the hospital. She gave birth at 12:32 AM, and was released that afternoon.

June 12-15, 2030Edit

Ruby Cochrane was rushed into Hermosa Hospital from her husband's novelty hovercar. He tried to ease her down as she was suffering from the contractions, knocking down the image of the Chief of Medicine, an elderly Dr. Harmon, in the process.

After a tumultuous fifteen hours, a small, blue, silent baby was born. Within the next three days, his condition was stabilized and Ruby had settled on a name. She gave him the funny name of her childhood dog.

February 2-28, 2001Edit

Virginia Green felt like a million bucks, or at least, like a million bucks had been thrown into a pot and was strapped to her waist. She was now officially postmature and the few tries at inducing labor had not worked. A c-section was recommended, but Mrs. Green felt that anything other than a "natural" birth was wrong. This would anger Mr. Green to no avail, but he allowed it as it was her choice.

After almost three months in the hospital, and after consulting with the medical staff at Taylor Hospital, Mrs. Green was, against her will, placed under sedation. The child was removed via caesarian, and placed in a specialized NICU chamber. Unfortunately, Mrs. Green died from the surgery, having never woken up, and Mr. Green would name the child after her father.

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