This page is dedicated to the history of the native Ieran races of Ienar and the Northern Oscien Clans of the the world of Koranor.

Timeline Edit


  • 1 - The Light and Dark create the creatures of the world,envious of each other, amomg them the sentient Ienart Fortest. Tree Elves, the Arbrien; Sun Elves, the Lusien and the Dark Elves, the Oscien. Day and Night become mute and stay as the silent beings of Day and Night.
  • Mid-months of 1 - The Ienar see the world and are joyfull, The Oscien are further away and split into 3 clans, The Black Spear, The Bleeding Hammer and The War Scythe. Three more after those were these, Nu'Oscien Temple and two renegade groups which separated from The War Scythe.

Middle Period

  • 2-124 - The Earth is finally fed up and creats her only creation, the Medeien. Many city skirmeshes are fought and then an agreement is settled, The Pact of Earth which states how mining should be done.
  • 124-231 - Age of Prosperity, Elven Coallition is formed.
  • 232 - Five of the six total Oscien tribes assault the North in a desparate dash for rescources, only the War Scythe Clan leader has the forsight to stay.
  • Late 232 - Raids and burnings commence along the Northern borderline of the Coallition, Battle of the Burnt Forest ends with the defeat of the Clans, only clans left are The Scythes and a sliver of The Temple (now controlled by The Scythes as a way to get the other peoples trust in the North).
  • 233 - First Ienar High King is chosen, Evodar I, Governors of the Western areas of the Coallition become corrupt and use slave labor, Arbrien are split in two.

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