The Elven Wars- Un-Finished Edit

Now, the logical place to tell this tale would be from the beginning so I’ll do just that.Edit

Thousands of millennia ago, the first creation of Light was made, the Light was proud of its composition. Yet the Dark was envious, like all others in a relationship of hate, it made its own as well. Each kept on, composing each second of every minute, every minute of every hour, and every hour of every day... and soon, when there was no room left in the world, the two bickered about which creation was best until they lost their voices and became the silent beginning and end of day and on to night.Edit

The first creations saw the world in which they were made and were joyful, they worshipped the Light and held ceremonies when the sun rose at the beginning of each year. These were the Lusien, the Sun Elves in our tongue. Those who did not revel in the sun’s glory and instead were entranced with woods, where they built tree top cities, in contrast to the spires and towers of the Lusien, became known as the Arbrien, the Tree Elves.


A Lusien and Arbrien colony on the banks of a river, note the mixed styles.

The Dark’s creation hated the Light’s creation, just as the Dark hated the Light. They enjoyed the night and built temples to the moons, where they held nightly sacrifices. These were the Oscien, the Dark Elves, who made low dark Ebony-like buildings with jagged and uneven roofs and strange proportions in a mockery of the fair buildings of the Lusien and Arbrien. The Oscien who dedicated themselves entirely to the dark were then known as the Nu’Oscien, but they were not savages, they set up a temple, with acolytes and patriarche's, whatever was wild about them were the berserkers, Oscien who bathed and blood and ate live flesh...

With the Elven prosper, life was good. The Lusien in their cities and the Arbrien in their forests, all was well. Then came the Medeien (Med-eh-i-en), harsh and short invaders that burst from the ground, you see, the Earth thought that its own creation was due, for it despised the Lusien for hurting her so with their building projects so her dislike was vented into the Medeien, The Stone Elves, Dwarves, so they would always, at the least, not like their customs and such, no matter what.

The Medeien destroyed many Lusien cities and killed the Sun Elven guards there, the Lusien begged for peace and the Medein only would do so if:

"We agree, only if thy stop thy actions upon our creator, if thou shalt not agree we shall be forced to destroy thee. If thou wish peace thou must mine the way we do, which shant interfere with the creator." The Lusien agreed and a group of Medeien engineers came and taught the Lusien miners, from there on the two lived in peace for centries, or maybe even less.

After many years, about a century, there was peace and harmony between the three Elven races, then came the Oscien, the Elven Coalition of the Lusien, Arbrien and Medeien Elves had no idea that they existed, yet the Oscien hated the Lights creation, and if the Earth joined the Light, than the Dark would hate her too. The Earth hated the way the Oscien mined her stone, with jagged picks and rough treatment, she told the Stone Elf Oracles of her plight, and so begins how the Medeien asked the Lusien and Arbrien to help their creator in her defense, which they accepted.


The Arbrien leave their tree cities to go to war!

The Elven Coalition raised its army, under the banners of the Green Wyvern and Silver Axe and sent it south, to train and to stay, to protect important cities. That began the war, the Oscien warriors along with the Nu’Oscien berserkers, under the Black Spear Tribe, came from the North, burning Arbrien villages, yet finding no villagers. Also, The Bleeding Hammer Tribe from the North-East, came destroying border forts, finding no one there as well. The North, was desolate. A meeting was held between the two Clan Chieftains, Yarnodak Radnor of The Black Spear Clan
Osciengeneral 2

Yarnodak Radnor, Clan Chieftan of the Black Spear

and Coreboq the BloodSpiller

Gradab Lojarksev, Chieftain of The Bleeding Hammer, and his spear carrier.

of The Bleeding Hammer and they spoke with lesser chieftains as well such as Gradab Lojarksev of The Ruby Knife and Wodark Æflrahld of The Winged Arrow. The meeting spoke of why the towns and villages were empty, also what should happen if the Coalition should be planning something, then, during the middle of the meeting, a horseman rode in with a message saying…

“Which one of you is the leader here, I come with a message for thee, that thou shalt know thy charges, destroying our towns, burning forests and wounding Earth. We charge thou with this and we find thee guilty, we shall meet thee and your army on the field of the once known forest, Galyarda.”

With his message said, he rode on shooting a flare up into the sky, and so that started the battle of the Burnt Forest.

The beginning was there, in the early morn, the Oscien in formation behind barriers of sharpened logs and a coating of shields, and the Coalition forces with Lusien pike men in front with Arbrien Archers behind them, after that Arbrien, Lusien and Medeien Fighters (swordsmen, axe-men) with two foot tower shields. The Oscien clanged their swords against their shields while jeering the enemy; the Coalition forces stood their ground, silent. Then came the roar, then came the drakes. The green and white wyverns of the Coalition swooped down with claws out, ready for battle. The black and red wyverns of the dark breeding pens of the Oscien burst from above the Oscien ranks and started to attack the surprised Coalition drakes, the battlefield was theirs. The carnage of the wyverns was strewn over the battlefield, many dead, the wyvern trainers called them back, it was now man-to-man, blade versus blade. The Oscien clambered over the barrier shouting and screaming numerous curses and half-hearted oaths, their black drake scale and leather armor glittering in the sun as they ran, yet the Coalition forces stood their ground. The first Oscien volley of arrows missed by a meter but when the second volley hit the pike men’s shields the Coalitions archers returned fire, their arrows hitting home, shield or flesh. Then the wave came upon the pike men, Oscien warriors impaled and hacking and slashing wherever they could, cries of hate and battle lust could be heard everywhere, then the swordsmen came down on the already busy Oscien, the Oscien were outnumbered. The battle ended quickly yet fiercely, the cries of anguish and help were from both sides.

The battle over, one of the chieftains was dead and the other, prisoner. The two chieftains of the smaller clans escaped back to the Oscien homeland. The battle had done significant damage to the Oscien, and obliterated the four clans’ Nu’Oscien berserkers, therefore hindering the Nu’Oscien Temple Acolytes. The winning of the battle gained the Coalition, prisoners for ransom, suits of armor, weapons and much needed supplies for the Coalition’s army.

Yet there was a third and last great clan of the Oscien, with their Master Warriors and Sorcerers of unequaled magik power. These were the Goranor, The War Scythe, they were named this for their grand weapons of war, naturally, scythes. The clan was ruled by a civilized yet barbaric Chieftan who enjoyed when his prisoners were under torture. He'd drain them of all life, leaving them senseless and cold, perfect for silent night sacrifices. He stayed in the Oscien homeland, to wait, and to see of what his fellow tribes would do. In truth he was quite tempted, but he controlled his insticts and waited, however uncomfortable. So, with the death, capture or retreats of the other chieftains he, Gradak, amassed a great land. He proclaimed himself King and High Priest of the Night. On one particular evening when he was enjoying the torture of what was now an undefinable, he thought,"Aaaah, life is good. Maybe I'll worship it some day," he chuckled, "Oooh, what heresy..."

With the cautious king in the North, the Coallition had (once again) a time of peace. A High King was chosen, he would be the commander of the army in times of war and a somewhat Political figure in times of peace. Yet all was not well, governors of the West had become corrupt and were bent on the power of slave labor, these slaves were Wild Arbrien who became a enemy against the Western Aristocracy, the Arbrien were now no longer noble Rangers, they had split into two groups, those who slowly became accepted as Lusien and the Wild Arbrien, trying to cling on to what was left of their civilization.

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