Looking off the Temple Walls
Armies in the Distant Lights
Keeper of the City Keys
Look not too afraid

Mother, Keeper of Children Round
Life is just too short for me
Maybe Time has aged to fast tonight
But I am not to sway

Temple Master, Temple Master
I Call you To your Grave
And Put Into Your Place

Riders of the Blacker Winds
I can see the Wild Horse
lower Mountainsides cloud my memories
And Still I am in stake

And There The Young did Call
My Voice they're calling for
To Know my Reason, The Answers of Seasons
Maybe a Serving Prayer

In his Castle World
The King does pray false
Greed has Stolen me home
And only I can see

Barely through the hole
The key fits the door
Soldiers dragging the floor With Them
Leaving Heaven There

So My Voice did not Say
What hearts what to Lay
So Young ones, Be patient, Nothing is Leeching
So Leave the Violin

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