The Dream Land

(The warriors are busy training for the big day when Master Fung chooses a leader, but Raimundo starts to struggle with the tough training courses. So he sits down to catch his breath)

Master Fung: Raimundo, do you not want the rank of leader?

Raimundo: ... Yah... I do... it's just this... hard training course.

Master Fung: Well if there is an alternative, please share it with us.

Raimundo: err... I know! Let's look for Shen Gong Wu.

Master Fung: Well the Shen Gong Wu act without warning and you only have a limited time to prove your worth...

(But then Dojo interrupts)

Dojo: Hey Rai looks like it's your lucky day; a new Shen Gong Wu just went active, along with my allergies.

(The other warriors join)

Kimiko: Dojo, not a good time to talk about your hygiene, what is this new wu?

(Dojo pulls open the scroll)

Dojo: The Emerald of Samapara, whoever uses it can transport his or herself to the Dream Land, a mystical land that has been sealed for 1500 years.

Clay: Hold on a minute partner, ain't this wu the same as the Ying and Yang Yo-yo?

Master Fung: Not exactly, Dojo would you care to fill them in.

Dojo: Ok, this Dream Land has no effect on your good or bad chi whatsoever, the Dream Land is faaaaaaar totally different from the Ying-Yang World, and once you use this Shen Gong Wu there is no return!

Master Fung: Unless you have its sister Shen Gong Wu: The Garnet Of Samapara, Useless in the Normal World, but once in the Dream Land, it can transport you back.

Clay: I don't know, it does sound like a cat in a catfight.

Omi: That maybe Clay, but what might happen if Hannibal would get his hands on it?

Master Fung: Exactly, we must get the Shen gong Wu, before Hannibal claims it.

(At Jack's lair, Jack's Detecto-bot goes active)

Jack: Aha, at last I was beginning to think that the Cannon Blaster was the last one!

(Then Hannibal walks in)

Hannibal: Excellent.

Jack: (turning around in fear) Don't you go anywhere near me you little plasticine.

Hannibal: My dear boy, do you think you’re any chance of defeating four little pesky Wudai Warriors?

Jack: Eh... yes?

Hannibal: (slapping his head) Just get me the Emerald Of Samapara and you won't have to worry about those four little pesky Wudai Warriors.

(The Warriors and Dojo arrive in front of a huge cave)

Dojo: Here we are folks, Dashi's favorite cave, and mine.

Kimiko: We... have to ...go in ...THERE?

(The other Warriors and Dojo stare at her)

Omi: Kimiko, you aren't afraid of the dark are you?

Kimiko: Who me? (while fake laughing) of course not Omi.

Omi: Oh that's good, because I accidentally didn't bring the Star Hanabi to light up this dark cave.

(Kimiko stares in disbelief)

Kimiko: Please tell me... you’re kidding... right?...Omi?

Omi: Sorry Kimiko, I am not childing around with you.

(Raimundo getting sick of the argument jumps in)

Raimundo:(sarcastically)Oh no now we will never get the Emerald Of Samapara, it's a real pity Kimiko can't use her fire powers to light up the cave so we can get the Emerald Of Samapara.

(Kimiko stares at Raimundo for a second and starts hugging him frantically)

Kimiko: Raimundo! You’re the best! Anyways down to business, Wudai Fire Ignite!

(Kimiko engulfs in flames and they enter the cave and thanks to Kimiko's fire powers they are guided safely)

(While in the cave the Warriors come across a few giant bats)

Dojo: sigh in happiness this was why this was Dashi's favorite cave the good exercise!

(Once the Warriors took down the huge bats easily they continued)

Kimiko: Dojo, how more do we have to walk?

Dojo: No worries I’m certain it's right around (Bangs into a pedestal) here. (Collapses)

Kimiko: Finally, the Emerald of Samapara and not a little spud to be in sight.

(But then when she touched the Emerald it started glowing.)

Clay: What in tar nation?

(Then out of nowhere Hannibal appears from thin air and in human size.)

Kimiko: What? But... how?

Hannibal: Shroud of Shadows. Help you to sneak around.

Omi: But why are you so big when you were supposed to be tiny?

(Hannibal puts on reading glasses and a teacher's hat and drags out a blackboard with 3 different sizes of him.)

Hannibal: As you can see this is me (pointing to the small Hannibal) however if I can use the Changing Chopsticks and the Reversing Mirror I can move one size up. (Pushes the blackboard away and takes off the teacher's equipment.) Did yah get that short stuff?

Raimundo: That's all fine and dandy, but where did you get the Changing Chopsticks and the Reversing Mirror?

Hannibal: Hm... a little bird called Jack Spicer.

Clay: Well ah thought he was against you after turning him zombie-like.

Hannibal: You know me. I can be very... persuasive!

Kimiko: I had enough! Hannibal, I challenge you to a Xiaolin Showdown!

Hannibal: I accept, what Shen Gong Wu shall we wager?

Kimiko: Your Shroud Of Shadows for ... my err... one minute please.

(She ran to Omi)

Kimiko: Omi, what Wu do you have?

Omi: Err... the Orb Of Tornami and the Gills Of Hamachi.

Kimiko: I'll take the Orb

Omi: I don't think that's a wise move.

Kimiko: Oh Please. (Putting on a little cute face)

Omi: Well Ok but if you lose it...

Kimiko: I know I know its one week's worth of chores.

(She runs back to Hannibal)

Kimiko: Against my Orb Of Tornami.

Hannibal: The game is race to the Emerald in the cave, first to touch the Emerald wins.

Both: Let's go! Xiaolin Showdown!

(The Cave started to split into two halves and between those two halves stalactites and stalagmites began to sprout, and Hannibal and Kimiko (Who is in her battle armor) land on a platform and are ready for the showdown)

Both: Gong Ye Tenpi!

(Kimiko jumps down to the bottom and starts hopping between stalagmites)

Hannibal: I'd get out of there if I were you!

Kimiko: Why's that? Cus you know I’m taking the easier route?

Hannibal: Nah, your route is a bit "handy" Ahahahaha!

Kimiko: Huh?

(Then the Stalagmites came to life and started to grab at Kimiko but narrowly missing, and she jumps back onto the stalactites)

Hannibal: Awwww, what's wrong getting tired already?

Kimiko: No, but I am tired of you!

Hannibal: Really? Then how about we make this contest a little interesting?

Kimiko: I'm listening.

Hannibal: How about the winner wins this showdown, but the loser gets sealed in the Dream Land for all eternity! Ahahahaha!

Raimundo: No Kimiko, it's too risky!

Kimiko's thoughts: I don't know, if I win then we're finally rid of Hannibal for good, but if I lose then I get trapped, and I did promise Omi I keep his Orb safe. Maybe it's wise if I decline. No, I can't, an opportunity like this might never happen!

Kimiko: I accept your challenge!

Others: No!

Hannibal: Thought yah might say that, now on with the Showdown!

(He whacks Kimiko off her Stalactite and goes falling down to the arms.)

Raimundo: Kimiko, get outta there!

(But it was too late, when she tried to get back up one of the arms grabbed her, and soon they were all over her)

Hannibal:(Swinging from stalactite to stalactite) This is way too easy.

Kimiko: I can't lose! Wudai Fire Ignite!

(Then she turns into her fire mode and burns the arms all off)

Kimiko: Orb Of Tornami Fire!

(Then quickly she began to approach the Emerald soon they were both near the pedestal, but then Kimiko went too fast and missed the Emerald and crashed on the ceiling)

Hannibal: Looks like your one Emerald (grabs the Emerald) short.

(The cave starts to return to its original form, and the others go to help Kimiko)

Kimiko: Omi, I’m so sorry I lost you your Orb.

Omi: I do not require my Orb.

Hannibal: No, but I require my last wager!

Clay: Come on you little plasticine, you won the Showdown, what more d'ya want?

Hannibal: Kimiko to be trapped in the Dream Land like she accepted!

Kimiko: Hannibal's right, I accepted to try and get rid of him, but now I failed. Just get the Garnet Of Samapara and get me out Ok?

Hannibal: Ahahaha, say goodbye, Emerald Of Samapara!

(A Blinding green light shone the cave and was coming towards her. But then Kimiko heard a voice)

Raimundo: Wudai Star Wind!

(When the green light faded, she was still in the cave with Hannibal and the others but Raimundo was missing)

Kimiko: Raimundo!

Hannibal: Ahahahaha, instead of an Emerald, I got a diamond. Oh well farewell Xiaolin pipsqueaks. AHAHAHA!

(Then he shrunk down and jumped on the Ying-Ying bird and flew out of the cave.)

Kimiko: (beginning to cry) no, no, no! This is my entire fault. Because of me Raimundo's trapped! (Burying her face in her hands)

Omi: Remember Kimiko we still need to find the Garnet Of Samapara.

Kimiko: Well we need to get it!

Dojo: Err... did I mention one flaw in your plan?

Clay: And that flaw would be...?

Dojo: Err... the Garnet Of Samapara is hidden in the Dream Land.

Kimiko: What? We'll never get in the Dream Land without the Emerald.

Omi: Well we now have two choices to help Raimundo!

Kimiko: Which are?

Omi: We can sit around and hope Raimundo gets the Garnet!

(The others look at him in anger)

Kimiko: Please tell me the next choice involves us helping Raimundo.

Omi: Or we go reclaim the Emerald and assist Raimundo in his search.

Kimiko: And I got an idea how to do it.

(Meanwhile in the Dream Land Raimundo wakes to find himself in front of a golden castle.)

Raimundo: Whoa, this must be the Dream Land. Well time to make friendly with the locals.

(When he took a first step into the castle, a little golden light appeared)

Light: Are you friend or are you foe?

Raimundo: Err... friend.

Light: Who are you, to walk into the castle?

Raimundo: Wow, a little light bulb with an attitude.

Light: Hm, I might have difficulty remembering that.

Raimundo: No, my name is Raimundo.

Light: And how Raimundo did you come to this sacred land?

Raimundo: Well technically it was a matter of saving...

Light: The one you love?

Raimundo: No, a friend.

Light: Very Well.

Raimundo: So where's the exit round here?

Light: Well, you do know about the Garnet Of Samapara?

Raimundo: Yeah.

Light: Well, it's kept in that castle.

(He floated over to a large black castle over a couple of hillsides.)

Raimundo: Ok then thank you.

Light: Hold on, if you prove yourself worthy you can get a head start inside the castle. Compliments of the Empress Of Dreams.

Raimundo: Ok then, but how do I prove myself worthy?

Light: Follow me.

(They walked into the Golden Castle and Raimundo found himself in a small courtyard.)

Light: You must prove your strength.

(Then out of nowhere two large golems appeared and started to approach Raimundo)

Raimundo: What? sigh Ok Bring it on!

(Raimundo leaped to attack the golems but one just flicked him back.)

Raimundo: Wise guy huh? well get a load of this! Sword Of The Storm!

(And that same golem flew back and crashed into the wall and crumbling into tiny little pieces)

Light: Impressive, you’re the first to defeat one golem in 1500 years. But don't get cocky.

(The second golem grew double its size and made a swing for Raimundo.)

Raimundo: Hey what's going on?

Light: Well defeating one golem proves half your strength defeating another with double strength will prove you.

Raimundo: I'm gonna need a bit of back-up. Blade Of The Nebula!

(But the golem didn't budge)

Raimundo: Crest Of The Condor!

(But still nothing)

Raimundo: Wudai Star Wind!

(Then at last the golem flew back and crashed into the same wall and crumbled as well.)

Light: Indeed, you are a strong warrior. I will take you to the Empress.

(Raimundo and the small light climbed hundreds of flights of stairs and when they reached the top Raimundo seen a golden throne room.

Light: Empress, you have a visitor that has proven himself worthy.

(The light shone on her face to reveal a beautiful looking girl.)

Empress: Welcome Raimundo Pedrosa

Raimundo: I don't think I recall telling you my last name.

Empress: Well, not to be nosey I do know everyone and anything in the world.

Raimundo: Lemme guess, including dreams?

Empress: (smiling) Exactly.

Raimundo: Oh I take it you know about my little mix-up with Hannibal, huh?

Empress: Yes, and I must say your skills are admirable in that little "mix-up".

Raimundo: Gee, thanks. So you’re the Empress Of Dreams?

Empress: Yes.

Raimundo: Well from all the movies I’ve watched Empresses are supposed to be dark and ruthless.

Empress: (giggling) Nah, I’m not like that. If you want dark and ruthless, go to the Emperor Of Nightmares.

Raimundo: I take it that's the guy in Castlevania?

Empress: Mhm. For many years he has plagued these lands with his nightmares, I narrowly escape.

Raimundo: Whoa, but you said years, shouldn't you have grown old?

Empress: On the contrary, in this mystical land, you never age.

Raimundo: So how old would you originally be?

Empress: Fifteen.

Raimundo: Whoa, I never expected that. So how long have you been here?

Empress: 1500 years.

Raimundo: 1515 huh? Wait then you must know Grandmaster Dashi?

Empress: Yes, I did. I was his top student before I got sealed in this land. Then when I proved my skills to become an Empress I became Empress and defended these lands for hundreds of years.

Raimundo: Wait, who sealed you?

Empress: Hannibal Roy Bean.

Raimundo: Talk about coincidence, I got locked up by Hannibal.

Empress: To save the one you love? If it weren’t for your loyalty she would be here and not you.

Raimundo: (Raising his eyebrow) I did tell your companion about that. She's a friend.

Empress: (giggling) Believe what you want, you can't deny your feelings.

Raimundo: So, if you were originally from the past, you must have a name.

Empress: Yah, it was originally, Samapara.

Raimundo: just like the Emerald and Garnet.

Samapara: Yes, Dashi liked me that much of a student he named two of his Shen Gong Wu after me, but then Hannibal saw me as a threat because of my skills and stole the Emerald and trapped me. After what I’ve seen Dashi kicked his butt (Giggles)

Raimundo: Oh, if your from the past you must have known Chase Young?

Samapara: Yes, and I know that he turned to the dark-side and I know that he wears spiky-underwear. (Laughing)

Raimundo: Hahaha yeah. So if you can see into the real world, what are my friends doing?

Samapara: Take a look in the crystal.

(Raimundo noticed a large sphere and looked into it. There he can see them riding Dojo, into Chase Young's lair.)

Raimundo: WHAT? there going for Chase Young!

Samapara: That's not good, Raimundo, there's only one way out of here to help your friends, and that's by using the Garnet Of Samapara.

Raimundo: Your little light buddy told me it's up at Dracula's castle.

Samapara: Yeah you need to go there and get the Garnet; otherwise your friends might be doomed. Oh and take Dashi.

Raimundo: Dashi?

Samapara: My light buddy.

Dashi: At your service Raimundo.

Raimundo: And he also said that if I prove myself worthy I can get a head start into the castle.

Samapara: Uh huh, there are guards of utter brutality outside if your caught then I fear what might happen to you.

Raimundo: Thank you Samapara.

Samapara: Wait take this as well.

(She approached Raimundo and gave him a little kiss on the cheek and he started glowing)

Raimundo: (blushing) Whoa. What's this?

Samapara: I have increased your strength a bit. And it is mighty dark in that place and this light and Dashi will guide you.

Raimundo: Thank you.

(Samapara then opened a portal and Raimundo and Dashi went inside)

Samapara: Be careful.

(Back at the real world, the other warriors and Dojo are approaching Chase Young's lair just like the crystal said.)

Clay: Are you sure about this Kimiko? Ah mean, Chase is more slippery than a snake in a grease factory.

Kimiko: Well you can stay, I need to help Raimundo.

Omi: But only I have defeated Chase and he's still a very strong foe.

Kimiko: Well I have to try something.

(Kimiko approached the doors when a blue light flashed in front of them and they transported to Chase Young's entrance hall. And in font of them was none other than Wuya.)

Wuya: What do YOU want?

Kimiko: We have come to see Chase.

(And a purple smoke blew in and Chase materialized from the smoke.)

Chase: What do you want?

Kimiko: We have come to ask for your help.

Wuya: Don't trust them, it might be a trap!

Chase: Silence! What do you need help with?

(Kimiko told Chase the story of Raimundo's trapping)

Chase: Hannibal you have crossed the line. So what do you want me to do?

Kimiko: We need your expertise to help us reclaim the Emerald Of Samapara.

Chase: Hannibal is a very evil foe, it will be difficult to get it from him unless by means of a Xiaolin Showdown.

Wuya: Chase, there is a way.

Chase: Silence!

Kimiko: Wait, what's your plan?

Wuya: Follow me.

(Chase and the others followed them to a small room with a huge chart.)

Wuya: This chart shows every single Shen Gong Wu that one of us possess.

(Kimiko could see Hannibal's name but the chart showed he only has the Shroud Of Shadows and the Orb Of Tornami)

Kimiko: Then Hannibal doesn't have the Emerald?

Wuya: Correct, but who does?

The Warriors scrolled down the chart.)

Omi: Here it is the Emerald, and it is in the possession of Jack Spicer!

Chase: (smiling) You've changed my mind; I will get you your Emerald! But I do not do favors for free. You will do an errand for me in exchange for my services.

Clay: And what errand you hoping for us to do?

Chase: In Death Peak, there is an ancient stone known as the Dragon's Amulet bring me the Amulet and you can ask anything off me.

Clay: But what does this Amulet do exactly?

Chase: This Amulet allows me to locate all the ingredients to the Lou Mang Lone soup; once you bring it to me I’ll have an unlimited amount of it.

Omi: Wait, Death Peak isn't all that dangerous. You could have taken that Amulet easily.

Chase: Thank you for your opinion Omi, but Death Peak has an ancient barrier that cancels out all heylin magic, and there are traps all around that place and I’ll be completely defenseless.

Kimiko: But what about our magic won't they be cancelled out?

Chase: Fortunately, no.

Kimiko: Good enough for me, let's go.

Chase: Don't fail me, and I won't fail you.

(And with that the same blue light transported them back outside.)

(Back at the Dream Land, Dashi and Raimundo are currently walking through a pitch black corridor lightened up by both Dashi and Samapara's light)

Raimundo: Are you sure you know where the Garnet is?

Dashi: Of course, I could have gotten the Garnet centuries ago, but I didn't have any hands to carry it.

Raimundo: Did it always take this long?

Dashi: Yes, oh were near the central point of the castle.

Raimundo: How can you tell? These corridors look all the same.

Dashi: Because when last time I was here I marked where I was with a checkpoint.

(Raimundo noticed a little light that must have been the checkpoint.)

Raimundo: Oh.

Dashi: Were in the central point, we don't want to draw attention, but if we do get your Shen Gong Wu ready. What ones do you have?

Raimundo: The Sword Of The Storm, the Golden Tiger Claws and the Ruby Of Ramses.

Dashi: Good, now once we get to the central point, head for the right passage and that will take you to a pedestal that will lead you to the Garnet, understand?

Raimundo: Yes.

(Then they came across a huge room and Raimundo noticed a passage to the right)

Raimundo: Come on.

(Raimundo then used his wind powers to glide along undetected, and they made it to the passage. And right there glittering like a star was the Garnet Of Samapara. Back at the real world, The warriors and Dojo are climbing up Death Peak with ease until they come to two solid pillars with ancient runes.)

Clay: I take it this must be the Heylin Barrier.

Omi: Not to worry, it will have no effect on us whatsoever.

Kimiko: Well come on, we've no time to lose.

(They ran up the ridge to find the Dragon's Amulet shining on a large column.)

Kimiko: Let's bag this Amulet and get it to Chase and rescue Raimundo.

(But when she jumped to get it, a large stone dragon whacked her back.)

Omi: Who or what are you?

Giant: I am the Dragon Guardian. If you want this ancient artifact you must destroy me.

Kimiko: We can take on this walking rock down easily.

Guardian: Only one has to face me.

Omi: So who should go?

Clay: Well this bronco is my element, so as they say, it's tahm to fight fire with fire (Cracking his knuckles.)

Guardian: As you wish.

(The dragon swung his tail at him but he jumped just in time unto his back)

Clay: (bringing out the Lasso Boa Boa.) Lasso Boa Boa.

(The Shen Gong Wu wrapped the dragon's neck, but it wasn't affected by it.)

Guardian: It's going to take more than petty Shen Gong Wu to stop me.

Clay: You're right it's elemental Shen Gong Wu I’m wanting. Longhorn Taurus.

(As the Shen Gong Wu extended on his arm he punched the Dragon's head, leaving a huge fist mark on it. Then Clay hopped off and took out his Wudai Weapon.)

Clay: Big Bang Meteorang.

(And as the Wudai Weapon circled round the Dragon and returned to Clay, the Dragon split into four parts and crumbled.)

Clay: Whew, now that's what I call a rock sandwich! Now fer that Amulet.

(But once he touched it, the whole place started to shake.)

Dojo: What now?

(Then the ridges started collapsing)

Clay: Quickly gather round me.

(The other warriors and Dojo gathered round Clay.)

Clay: Wudai Crater Earth.

(Then The Warriors were engulfed into a giant rock sphere, then there was a lot of shaking, and then the rumbling stopped.)

Dojo: Is it over?

Omi: There's only one way to find out. Clay, do you have the Black Beetle?

Clay: (Pulling off his hat and taking the Black Beetle out) Got it.

Omi: Everyone grab onto it.

(Kimiko, Clay and Dojo grabbed onto it.)

Omi: Black Beetle!

(Then they began to be encrusted in black armor.)

Omi: Now Kimiko, use your fire powers to melt these rocks. And thanks to the Black Beetle's special armor we will be resistant to the heat of the melted rock.

Kimiko: You got it, Wudai Mars Fire.

(Then the rocks slowly turned to lava, and Omi was right, they were completely resistant to the heat of it. Then they reached the surface of the avalanche.)

Clay: Good thinking, Omi. Now to get this Amulet to Chase Young.

(Dojo sized up and carried the Warriors straight back to Chase Young's lair. Then the same bright light transported them to Chase's entrance hall.)

Chase: Have you failed, or have you succeeded?

Kimiko: We have got the Dragon's Amulet just what you want.

Chase: Very good, I am most pleased of your victory. Now as promised I will get the Emerald off Spicer.

Omi: Thank you Chase.

Chase: It is always my pleasure.

Kimiko: So what exactly is your plan to get back the Emerald?

Chase: Simple. Two moments please.

(Chase put his two index fingers on his forehead. Then the blue light appeared and Jack was there.)

Jack: Err... hi Chase; I got your message saying you want me, wanting to form an evil alliance? Hey what's the loser patrol doing here? (pointing at the warriors.)

Chase: Oh, they were here to witness something special.

(Chase lit a purple flame in his hands a launched it at Jack's feet then when it diminished a whole pile of robot parts appeared.)

Jack: WOW! Wait obviously there must be a catch, right?

Chase: Oh no Spicer all I’m asking is the Emerald Of Samapara for an unlimited amount of robot parts.

Jack: Sold! (Throws Chase the Emerald and disappears in the Blue light with his robot parts.)

Chase: Come on Omi, you've known Spicer longer than me; surely you know Jack will do anything for robot parts.

(The warriors gawk at him)

Kimiko: Yeah whatever.

Chase: And here you are. Go rescue Raimundo, and you better make it fast I’m sensing Hannibal is already in the Dream Land trying to find Raimundo.

(Back at the Dream Land.)

Raimundo: Wait, the Garnet's right here, no trap, no guards.

Dashi: Correct, I do sense something is unright about this.

Raimundo: Hm, Ruby Of Ramses.

(The Garnet slowly lifted off the pedestal with nothing reacting to it.)

Raimundo: Golden Tiger Claws.

(Raimundo quietly tore open a portal, which would lead them to Samapara's throne room; the Garnet went slowly in the portal and disappeared into it.)

Raimundo: Whew, great team work Dashi. But we're not outta the woods yet, Golden Tiger Claws.

(He tore open another portal for Dashi which he went in and disappeared.)

Raimundo: Now for me, Golden Tiger...

Voice: Golden Finger!

(Then Raimundo was paralyzed)

Raimundo: What’s... going ...on?

(Then Hannibal stepped out of the shadows.)

Hannibal: Just so you can't wiggle out, Tangle Web Comb!

(Then Raimundo got completely bounded up)

Raimundo: How'd you get all these Shen Gong Wu?

Hannibal: I take frequent visits to the vault from time to time. Now I’m gonna turn you over to the Emperor Of Nightmares. Ahahahaha!

(Hannibal then carried Raimundo all the way to the top of the castle, to a dark throne room.)

Hannibal: Emperor, I’ve caught your rogue thief. (Throws Raimundo down.)

(The emperor rose, he was the complete opposite of Samapara, although he was human, he had red eyes and dark hair, and wore and ancient-looking suit of armor.)

Raimundo: Whoa, You’re creepy.

Emperor: Silence worm. Tell me where you've hidden the Garnet, you thief.

Raimundo: Even if I did know, I would never tell a rag-tailed scumbag like you.

Emperor: Now Raimundo Pedrosa, Samapara was merely toying with your mind, I’m not so evil; I’m only a mere Emperor of Nightmares. Come now, Tell me where the Garnet is, and if there's time left we can save your friends.

Raimundo: My friends are Ok.

Emperor: You seen it yourself, Your friends: Kimiko Tohomiko, Clay Bailey and Omi... err I’ll come to that later, all fell into the hands of Chase Young, he could be devouring them a we speak, tell me where the Garnet is and we can save them.

Raimundo: NEVER!

Emperor: Fine! If you won't talk now, then maybe you'll talk after a bit of torturing. Hannibal, be as so kind as to take him to the dungeons! Ahahahaha!

Kimiko: All right guys this is the moment we've been waiting for, everyone ready?

(They all nodded.)

All: Emerald Of Samapara!

(They all felt light and weightless as they traveled across the portal and crashed in the Gardens outside the palace.)

Clay: Whoa, how are we meant to find Rai in this place?

Omi: I believe that is where we must go. (pointing at Samapara's castle.)

(Then Dashi appeared before them)

Dashi: Who are you and what do you want?

Omi: We are here to find a friend known as Raimundo!

Dashi: Oh my dear sweet light bulbs from above, I think you should meet the Empress.

Kimiko: Why?

Dashi: She'll explain it.

(Dashi leads them all the way to Samapara's throne room.)

Dashi: Empress, this is Raimundo's friends.

Samapara: Oh hello my fellow warriors, I’m sure you're probably confused right now, like everyone else. I am Samapara, Empress of Dreams.

Clay: Mr. Light bulb says you know about Raimundo?

Samapara: Yes, I do please sit down. (She waved her hand and three chairs appeared.) Raimundo came here to seek a way out, as you know the only way out was the Garnet Of Samapara. Raimundo was successful in bringing the Garnet here, but he got captured by the Emperor of Nightmares before he got the chance to escape himself.

All: WHAT?

Samapara: Yes, I know it was hard for me to swallow too, but he has.

Kimiko: What are they planning to do with him?

Samapara: They plan on torturing him until he tells them where the Garnet is.

Kimiko: We have to find him!

Samapara: He is in the Emperor’s castle; I will create a teleport to the central parts of the castle.

Omi: Why the central? We can take on whatever they guard at the gates.

Samapara: (giggling) You are a very bold child, but the guards outside are too strong even for you, and frankly I don't want to think what they'll do to a cute little boy like yourself.

Omi:(Blushing) Why thank you.

Kimiko: Very well, create that portal so we can save Raimundo.

Samapara: Allow me and Dashi to come with you.

Omi: Dashi?

Samapara: My light bulb friend. We are partly responsible for his capture and I want to undo that.

Clay: Err... sure the more the merrier.

(Samapara created the portal and all six of them went inside. Then when they landed all was pitch black until lit by Samapara)

Clay: How do you know if you can help us?

Samapara: I know where Raimundo is.

Dojo: How?

Samapara: These two castles have the exact same design, except the dungeons here are my kitchens. If I’m right we should take a left here, and this should be my kitchen, or the Emperor’s dungeon.

(A big metal door was on the left.)

Omi: Maybe we should have a look in. Falcon's Eye!

(Omi looked through the metal door and right there was Raimundo, shackled and beaten, but alive.)

Omi: He's there! Dojo, did you bring the Serpent's Tail?

Dojo: Right here boss.

Omi: Everyone hang on! Serpent's Tail!

(They slid past the door and landed in the Dungeon.)

Kimiko: Raimundo!

(She leaped towards him and hugged him as hard as she can.)

Raimundo: Err... Kimiko? Is that you? (He gave her a hug back)

Omi: You did a deed not even I would have done.

Raimundo: Thanks Omi, but wait if you guys are here then we're all trapped!

Samapara: I wouldn't dwell on that thought, got it right here.

Raimundo: Whew great now get me outta here.

(Kimiko used her fire powers to burn away the shackles.)

Raimundo: Thanks now to get outta here.

Voice: I cannot let you do that!

Samapara: Wait, it can't be!

(Then the Emperor and Hannibal crept out of the shadows.)

Hannibal: When we get the Garnet Of Samapara, we can get to the real world, and with all four Wudai Warriors gone, nothing can stand in our way of world domination!

Clay: I wouldn't get too cocky, because we still have the Garnet.

Emperor: Not before we take it from your cold dead hands.

(He smashed his hands onto the ground and a flurry of dark-horned creatures appeared from the crack.)

Clay: What now partners?

Omi: We fight! Kaijin Charm!

(Omi's elemental Shen Gong Wu extended on his arm. And was using his water powers to wash away all the creatures.)

Kimiko: I agree! Cat's Eye Draco!

(She engulfed into a fire armor and started throwing fireballs at the creatures.)

Raimundo: Hold on, we still have the Garnet we can make our escape!

Emperor: Not before we make ours first!

(He leaped for Samapara who had the Garnet, but threw it to Raimundo, who threw it to Omi, who threw it to Kimiko.)

Emperor: Grrr!

(Then as the Garnet was thrown to Clay, it was intercepted by Hannibal, but he didn't fully catch it, instead it was thrown on the ground. Then Samapara, Raimundo, The Emperor and Hannibal all touched it.)

Samapara and Raimundo: We challenge you to a Xiaolin Showdown Tsunami.

Hannibal: My Orb Of Tornami for Raimundo's Golden Tiger Claws.

Emperor: My Shroud Of Shadows for Samapara's Mantis Flip Coin.

Raimundo: The game is platform-hopping, last to fall wins.

All: Let's go Xiaolin Showdown!

(The Dungeon split into hundreds of platforms that rose into the air, and the four challengers who are ready to fight.)

All: Gong Ye Tenpi!

Hannibal: Orb Of Tornami!

(Then the arena was water-logged with the water.)

Omi: Come on Raimundo, you can beat my element!

Raimundo: Wudai Star Wind!

(He span like a tornado that sucked up all the water and fell into the abyss below. And the emperor and Samapara were getting things heated up. The Emperor was throwing dark waves at Samapara but she kept blocking them with light waves.)

Samapara: Catch me if you can! Mantis Flip Coin!

(She started hopping round the arena.)

Hannibal: Oh I will! Tangle Web Comb!

(The ropes caught her and as she was tied up she fell into the abyss below.)

Raimundo: Hey that was cheating!

Dojo: Wait a second; I might have a remedy to it. (Pulled out the rule-book.) I read this a couple of centuries back. It says during a showdown Tsunami, if a person eliminates someone due to cheating then the eliminated person is allowed to switch with someone else, but that person must wager another Shen Gong Wu for another of the opponent's. So Samapara is allowed to switch with anyone and that person is allowed to wager another Wu.

Clay: That's a mouthful.

Omi: But who shall replace Samapara?

Kimiko: I'll go! I have a little score to settle with that bean that looks like it was left out on a country road on a hot summer's day.

Clay: That's supposed to be my line.

Kimiko: Sorry Clay, Ok I’m going in.

(She jumped on to the nearest platform.)

Kimiko: I'll wager the Lasso Boa Boa for your Tangle Web Comb.

Raimundo: Ok let's get this showdown under-way!

(Samapara re-appeared in a green light in the spectator's platform)

Raimundo: So what do you think we should do?

Kimiko: Well, if we can take out the Emperor maybe we might have a chance if we double-team on Hannibal.

Raimundo: The Emperor is more powerful than Hannibal.

Kimiko: Well what ideas do you have?

Raimundo: I've got one. Hey Hannibal! Bet you can't get me from here with that hair-brush you call a Shen Gong Wu!

Hannibal: Oh insult me if you must but who'll be laughing when I get you! Tangle Web Comb!

Kimiko: What are you doing?

(The ropes approached Raimundo)

Raimundo: Golden Tiger Claws!

(He ripped open a portal and the ropes went inside.)

Kimiko: Where did that lead to?

Raimundo: Behind him.

(The portal re-opened and the ropes got Hannibal.)

Raimundo: Wudai Star Wind!

(He used his wind powers to steal the Orb Of Tornami.)

Kimiko: I know what you’re doing!

(Both of them caught the Orb.)

Both: Orb Of Tornami, Fire, Wind.

(The water shot up in the air with both fire and wind. Hoping to wash away the Emperor and Hannibal.)

Kimiko: Wait then how do we survive it?

Raimundo: Lasso Boa Boa!

(He wrapped the Shen Gong Wu around the platform he was on. Grabbed Kimiko and jumped, so he was under the platform.)

Kimiko: Man, your smart.

(And it worked The Emperor and Hannibal, both fell because of the onslaught. Making Raimundo and Kimiko the victors as the arena changed to its normal self.)

Omi: That was well thought of Raimundo.

Raimundo: Yeah well, the brains are always hidden behind these babies! (Showing off his muscles.)

(But then the whole place started shaking.)

Kimiko: What's going on?

Clay: Look outside and your answers right there in front of you.

(They all looked outside to see a dragon-like form of the Emperor, as big as the castle.)

Emperor: If I cannot get out of this world then I will get out by force!

(He breathed out a swirl of darkness narrowly missing the warriors.)

Clay: We can take this walking lizard on!

Omi: Shimo Staff!

(It turned into a huge ice spear and Omi lunged it at the Emperor doing absolutely nothing whatsoever.)

Kimiko: Arrow Sparrow!

(The blasts fired directly at the Emperor but he spat out a swirl of darkness that washed away the blasts.)

Kimiko: Nothing's working.

Omi: I think it's time to pull out the huge cannons!

Raimundo: Big guns.

Omi: That made no sense at all!

All: Wudai Orion Formation!

(They turned into there elemental forms.)

Clay: Wudai Crater Earth.

(He stomped the ground to make a pillar hit the Emperor directly in the jaw.)

Raimundo: Wudai Star Wind!

(He let out a gust of wind that blew him back slightly.)

Emperor: Ahahahaha! Pitiful mortals what makes you think that you can defeat me?

(He let out a huge swirl of darkness that hit them all bringing them back to their original form.)

Samapara: Raimundo, you cannot give up.

Raimundo: We tried all our best moves on him, there’s no stopping him!

Clay: Although I’m not the guy who gives up, I say Raimundo's got a dead good point.

Dashi: Allow me to assist.

Omi: No offense but what are you going to do? Flicker him to death?

Dashi: No, if I can get inside him, I can severely weaken him, the only downside is I can't get close to him without getting blasted. All I need is a diversion.

Raimundo: But how can you get inside him?

Dashi: At the back, that's a hollow spot so I can get in there.

Omi: Well leave the diversion to us.

Dashi: Thanks, now let's go!

(Raimundo raced in front of him)

Raimundo: Hey dragon, no wonder your breathes so powerful, cus your breath stinks!

Emperor: Ahahahaha, you'll regret saying that. (Let out a swirl of darkness.)

Raimundo: Fancy Feet. (Slipped on the Shen Gong Wu and dashed to safety.) Too slow.

(The emperor fired and fired but kept on missing.)

Emperor: Enough.

(He let breathed a small dark fireball that hit the ground, without Raimundo trying to avoid it.)

Raimundo: Ahahahahaha! What's that gonna do?

Samapara: Raimundo, get out of there, that's one of his most deadly attacks!

(But the fireball exploded and out came a flurry of dark demons.)

Raimundo: gulp

Emperor: Once my army of demons rid you forever, I and Hannibal shall rule your pathetic little world! Ahahahaha... Ugh! What's happening!

Raimundo: We weren't planning to destroy you yet we were distracting you.

Omi: Now you are vulnerable to attack!

All: Wudai Orion Formation!

(They returned to their elemental form.)

Clay: Wudai Crater Earth!

Omi: Wudai Neptune Water!

Kimiko: Wudai Mars Fire!

Raimundo: Wudai Star Wind!

(The four elemental blasts combined into one big blast. Then the big blast grew as a fifth one joined onto it. It was Samapara's blast. Then the five-way blast hit the Emperor and went straight through him.)

Emperor: Arrrrgh! Samapara, you have not seen the last of me!

(The dragon turned into dust and what remained was Dashi, who was Ok.)

Omi: You may be small, but you helped us win.

Dashi: Thank you Omi... I’ll guess that later.

(But then the castle started shaking again.)

Kimiko: Now what?

(Then out of nowhere came Hannibal.)

Hannibal: Hah, I’ve been watching the fight all along, very good tactics, but Emperor here was simply buying some time so I can push the Self-Destruct Button so I can destroy you too, oh you only have three minutes to get back to Samapara's land! Ahahahaha!

Clay: You may have put us in quicksand, but you came along with us.

Hannibal: Nah, I’ve got mah Ying-Ying Bird that will take me back to the real world. Adios.

(And he flew off with the Ying-Ying Bird and disappears.)

Dojo: You heard him, only 3 minutes.

Raimundo: So what now?

Omi: We still have the Serpent's Tail.

All: Serpent's Tail!

(They all glided past the Emperor’s castle, watching the endless destruction, and when they made it to Samapara's castle the Emperor’s castle exploded, filling all the Dream Land into light.)

Samapara: You are all heroes to the Dream Land. You have brought to it eternal peace.

Kimiko: That's great.

Raimundo: So how about it? Want to come to the real world and carry on your life?

Samapara: I cannot.

All: What?

Samapara: If both leaders are gone from this world then no dreams will exist, someone needs to guide these dreams, and only I must do that.

Omi: I have an idea! Dojo, did you bring the Ring Of The Nine Dragons?

Dojo: Right here boss.

Omi: Samapara, use this and you will duplicate yourself so that one of you can be the Empress Of Dreams, and the other can be in the Real World.

Samapara: Yes, but who shall take me in, besides Chase Young?

Raimundo: Aha, Master Monk Guan.

Samapara: He's sill alive?

Raimundo: Yeah.

Samapara: Ok, I’ll do it! Ring Of The Nine Dragons.

(She split into two halves; the copied one was her governing personality.)

Kimiko: We all ready?

Samapara: Yes.

All: Garnet Of Samapara!

(Omi, Raimundo, Kimiko, Clay, Dojo and Samapara all teleported back into the real world, back in the Xiaolin Temple.)

Clay: Dojo, can you take miss. Samapara to Master Monk Guan's Temple?

Dojo: Roger That.

(He grew in size and flew Samapara to Master Monk Guan's Temple. And out came Master Fung.)

Master Fung: Raimundo, you were most brave today and helped re-claim many more Shen Gong Wu. But the Leader title still remains unknown.

Raimundo: Err... may I ask why?

Master Fung: I never asked you to save the Dream Land. You did it in your own accord, which is good.

Raimundo: Err... thanks.

(Later that evening, Raimundo (Who was in his pajamas) was sitting by the Xiaolin Temple steps, thinking there to be accompanied by Kimiko who was in her nightgown.)

Kimiko: What's wrong Rai?

Raimundo: I was thinking, do you think it's safe for Samapara in the Dream Land, after that Emperor swore revenge?

Kimiko: You saw it yourself, he got totally blown away.

(But then a huge gust of wind gathered in front of them, and out from the wind came Chase Young.)

Raimundo: What are you doing here?

Chase: Nothing, I have no need to disturb you... monks, I am only here to congratulate you. For destroying the Emperor Of Nightmares.

Raimundo: Thanks?

Chase: And to show that I mean no harm, here.

(He threw them a bag.)

Chase: It's all the Shen Gong Wu Hannibal stole from you behind your back.

Kimiko: Thanks.

Chase: Now if you don't mind I’ll leave you two alone.

(He disappeared in the wind leaving Raimundo and Kimiko blushing at each other.)

Kimiko: Well that was... err... surely kind.

Raimundo: So what say we bag these wu?

Kimiko: Ok.

(Then both of them went inside, delivered the wu to the vault, and went back to bed.)

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