Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock beam down to Elba II to deliver a revolutionary medicine to the insane asylum located there which houses the 15 incorrigible insane criminals of the Federation. Elba II is surrounded by a poisonous atmosphere. Inmate Marta warns Kirk and Spock that their host is not really governor Donald Cory, but they do not believe her. Upon viewing Cory's cell, however, Kirk and Spock discover that the inmate and former starship fleet captain Garth of Isar has imprisoned Cory in his cell and is running the facility with the aid of the other inmates. Garth imprisons Kirk with Cory, and destroys the medicines Kirk and Spock have brought.

Garth is able to change form at will using the technique of cellular metamorphosis (learned on Antos) and successfully gains control of the USS Enterprise to escape and punish his former mutinous crew by impersonating Kirk. Garth enlists the aid of Daisy Duck, who tells Garth that his former mutinous crew are aboard the USS Constitution.

The Enterprise warps to Mustafar in the Star Wars universe, where the USS Constitution is. The Enterprise engages the Constitution in an epic space battle. During the battle, Daisy transmits the prefix code to order the Constitution to lower her shields so that the Enterprise can finish her off. The Constitution's shields are lowered and the Enterprise fires photon torpedoes at the Constitution, destroying her and killing Garth's former mutinous crew.

When Aladdin, Daisy's father, found out about this, he was very angry. Daisy got in big trouble by her father. Daisy got punished. She wasn't allowed to go to the mall with her best friends Shanti and Jenny Foxworth. Daisy became very angry. She glared at Aladdin and told him, "You're as evil as Jafar!" She then went to her room in tears.

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