This is the story of the auto-destruct of Sabin Middle School.


Sabin Middle School was 34 years old in May 2010. The school had been established in 1975, and was once the northern-most middle school in District 11 (which today terminates at Dublin Blvd, Colorado Springs). The school had a long history: several important District events had occured there in the late 1970's through the late 1990's. The school had been refitted twice, in 1998 and in 2006. It had broke several sports, academic, and discplinary records, and had at one time rivaled South Middle School, North Middle School, etc.

The first refit program in 1998 had tripled the school in size, and had installed new computer systems, running Windows 98 (later upgraded to Windows ME in 2001 and to Windows XP in 2003). A main computer had also been installed. It would run all the other computers, the security systems, the heating systems, the libary profiling and check-out-check in systems, the electrical systems, operations of the office, the main school files, everything. The computer was upgraded in 2003 to Windows XP School Professional Edition and re-installed in a Dell-computer form in 2005.

In the second refit, updated security and ventilation systems were installed, as well a seperate operations system for the libary, controlled by the main computer.

In late 2007, just before the computer and security systems were to undergo a major upgrade to Windows Vista Ultra-Business Edition, hard economic times engulfed the country. The school was suddenly crippled finanically and was so poor, it could not upgrade the computer systems. So, Windows XP was simply enchanced and the security systems were only cosmetically-redesigned.

At this time, a trio of three men went around, destorying schools by using the auto-destruct sequences on their main computers. The security systems on each school had been bypassed by these men. They apparently knew the auto-destruct codes and locations of each school computer in District 11. They disguised themselves as subs, lunch-men, janitors, security officals, police officers, parents, and even children.

The Destruction of Sabin Middle SchoolEdit

Entering the buildingEdit

The three men disguised themselves as substitute janitors and found one-day jobs at Sabin Middle School. They had planted agents in the office and among the staff, learning the auto-destruct codes and how to slip past the security system.

The men lied to the front-door viewing monitor, saying they were "the substitute janitors for the day". The monitor admitted them into the school. The men quickly went to the uppermost bathroom in the school. They searched around, finding a shaken piece of floor. They opened it, and it revealed the school computer.

Setting the auto-destruct sequenceEdit

The chief man logged on to the computer with the Username "kalbach9269-csd11sabni" and password "schoolofsabin295698csd11". The computer accepted and logged on. He then opened Command Prompt and typed "Computer, this is Principal Sherry Kalbach, requesting security access," The computer displayed "Principal Sherry Kalbach. Idenitity acknowledged." The chief man then typed, "Computer, destruct sequence one, code one, one, A," The computer displayed the same code and then displayed "Request second destruct sequence". The second man then typed "Computer, Michel Mc-Dowell, Senior Assistant Principal. Destruct sequence two, code one, one, A, two, B," The computer displayed the same code and then displayed "Idenitity acknowledged, request third destruct sequence," The third man then came up and typed "Computer, Richard Garcia, Chief Dean and Social Worker. Destruct sequence three, code one, one, A, two, B, three, C," The computer then displayed the code and then displayed "Destruct sequence completed and engaged. Awaiting final code for one-minute countdown," The first man then typed, "Code, Zero, Zero, Zero, Destruct, CSD11, SABNI, Kalbach9269, D1198, ComputerMAIN985, Benard, Silent until 9, 0," The computer displayed this code and then displayed "Destruct sequence is activated. 59...58," The men put the cupboard back on, sealed it, and immediately ran out of the building. After they left, all the doors locked automatically, since the word "Benard" in the final countdown meant "Lock all doors after three initators of count-down leave."

The actual-auto destruct: Destruction of Sabin Middle SchoolEdit

A unauthorized security tamperance to the main computer was displayed on the office computers and the security computers. Mr. Lacey and another security guard, as well the real Mr. McDowell, Mrs. Kalbach, and Mr. Garcia went to the uppermost bathroom. It took thirty seconds for them to get there. The computer count-down was already on 20 and was silently counting down "19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10.." Mr. Lacey opened the secret cupboard, revealing the computer, and they went over. Mr. Lacey said "The computer is counting down for something.." Mrs. Kalbach said "Counting down!" The computer's voice then said "9, 8, 7, 6, 5..." That was when Mrs. Kalbach yelled "It's the auto destruct!" just as the computer said "4, 3, 2, 1.."

Suddenly, a eruption rocked the bathroom, sending Mr. Lacey, the other security guard, Mrs. Kalbach, and Mr. McDowell to the other side of the room, destroying the sinks and toilets. Then another explosion completely destroyed the bathroom, killing Lacey, the security guard, Kalbach, and McDowell in the process. Explosions destroyed section after section of the school, including the library, gym, cafeteria, several 6th grade classrooms, the lockers, and the science office. Detonation charges continued tearing through the building, until finally one deadly charge, spread across the entire complex, blew up, sending the remains of the building across the street, immolating when it reached the park.


After-wards, District 11 decided not to re-build Sabin. Some 1,000 students and adults had died in the auto-destruct. The district instead compensated the families and withdrew from that part of town.

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