The Bells in Kandem were ringing.

It has been Sixty-four years since the last bell rang aloud in the city of Gods, but then again, it has been Sixty-four years since The Peace began.

The people at the funeral halls were quiet and discerning themselves away from daily activities and focused on the death of their beloved Lord Kain who had passed away in the recent days. They could only mourn with their fellow Saumcrao and Eirks; Spouse and Children.

I have been here in Kandem for only the Past Twelve Months, yet I already feel I know this city. I feel I know the world of Aukarri and yet, I don't belong here nor at the funeral.

My mission was to come here and observe Aukarrini Behavior and their general statistics, not become among them a single, self-conscious citizen. But purpose has defeated the thought of obedience to the creed of the First Contact Unit. I pressed on with self-pity and Remorse as I sang along with them the Litany of Mourning.

May I have defeated the purpose of FCU. Maybe I have destroyed the real meaning behind "Inter-Planetary Social Analysis Officer", but I am still me: Kai-El Drakkis from Uerkis, the Seat of the Galactic Council of Adromeda.

The Iron Bell rang louder and louder as the rain poured and the thunder cackled in the distance. Dancing sparks encircled the Tall spires of the Spiny Castle Delnour. The black curtain walls dripped with madness and the houses devoid of uniqueness. The gray, dull sky was foreboding over all.

But who would accomplish their main goals in life by sparking thoughts in sadness? Truly not I! I have been selected from a range of the most accomplished people, yet I was chosen from them. I was working a part time shift as a Deck Officer, but instantly went to being the Inter-Planetary Social Analysis Officer or IPSAO. The craziness that followed! I thought it was only chance that gave the choice, but the complexity of my choice was left with little alternative.

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