Under the earth, everywhere, perhaps even beneath your house, there were tunnels. Huge tunnels, more complex than any person could imagine. In these tunnels, there was a city. This city was made of diamond, and shone like a glistening sun, not that anything down here had ever seen the sun. One building shone like no other, for it was made of the most precious gemstone there is, Pyre. This element had not been discovered by man, because their technology was very primitive compared to the creatures that lived here. These creatures longed for the light of the sun, and detested the humans for hogging it and destroying the very earth that lived and thrived because of the sun. They thought the humans didn't deserve the sun, and it's natural beauty. They planned to take it for themselves, and destroy those who defiled it.

Up in the pleasant farmland, life was going well. The family that lived there had plenty of crops and animals to eat and sell. Every night they would feast upon their crops and cattle, and eat until they were satiated and then eat some more. They greedily ravaged the land, and were dependent on it. They never knew that creatures they had never even heard of were tunneling towards them, and arming up for an invasion of the land.

On the quiet morning of May 17, 2027, Bob Gilligans went out to milk the cattle. As he was walking towards the barn, he saw there were no ducks in the pond. "Strange", he said to himself. But he went on, paying no heed to the absence of the birds and the fish in the pond as well. He entered the barn, and was mortified to find the cows and the horses had broken down their stable doors and ran out while they were sleeping. He rushed back into the house and called 911. " Hello, this is Bob Gilligans of Cloudy Farm ," he said. An unpleasant and obviously tired voice replied, 'Hello, how can we help you?' "Yes, all my cattle and horses have disappeared and I want you to find them, goddammit!" The voice replied, "Okay, sir, well-" Just then the phone went dead.

The house started shaking. Sally Gilligans ran to her husband, carrying along her baby, Troy Gilligans. "What's happening?" she asked. "I don't know!" Bob replied. "Maybe it's an earthquake!". They all ran into the kitchen and hid under the table. When it was over, they looked around. Pictures were broken, everything was knocked off the shelves and counters. "Wow, that was some earthquake," Sally said. Bob walked into the living room. Suddenly he cried out. Sally ran to him and found there was a gaping hole in the middle of the room. Bob had fallen in. She yelled his name. No reply. Only the sound of quiet footsteps in the hole. "Bob, is that you?". No answer. Suddenly, blood sprayed out of the hole. She screamed. A curious creature jumped out. It had a rock like skin texture, and it's face had a slight under bite, with dog-like teeth and four eyes, two on each side of it's face. It sniffed loudly. Sally didn't move, for she was stricken with fear. It was holding what looked like a gun of some sort. It had a shotgun body, and underneath that was a chainsaw on it. The creature turned on the saw part, and lunged at her. She couldn't move. The sawgun went straight through her stomach, and sliced up, gutting her and slicing the baby in two. The two slabs of carcass fell to the floor and the creature started eating it.

The sheriff sighed. His name was Fred. He had brown wavy hair and a soft, yet rugged face. He laid back in his comfy chair and mumbled to himself. "So much peace, so little war...Our economy is up, but military is almost gone. No one will fund it anymore, I can't do a thing about it... damn it." Just then, he heard shouting outside. He looked out the window. The press were hoarding there like zombies. He was confused. He had no idea what was going on. He shrugged and called his friend Joe. "Hello?" he said. "Hey, what's up with all the press?" he asked. "Apparently there's been a mysterious death out at the Gilligan's place" said Joe. Fred thanked Joe and hung up, walking outside. The press were pelting him with questions. "Here we go," he thought. 6 miles west of the Gilligan's place, about 3 hours after the siege on their farm, Seth Illoto laid back in his hammock in the backyard of his two story house. He sipped his beer. He felt the trees shake a little. The dog barked from inside the house. "Shut up!" he yelled. the dog kept barking and soon was scratching at the door. Seth got up to open the door, and when he did, the dog took off, jumped over the fence, and ran as fast as it could. Seth stared at his running dog, when he heard squishy footsteps behind him. He turned around to find a stake shoved through his neck. Blood splattered over the creature. Seth tried to yell, but he couldn't. he collapsed on the ground. The creature stepped on his head and crushed it. Soon these creatures were pouring out of the house, and searching everywhere for more greedy humans. One said something to another. The other creatures shrieked hideously.

Chapter 2Edit

Fred turned on his headlights. It was almost 10:30 at night, because the press had hounded him. "Damn press, always hoarding when something dies," he thought. He turned into the driveway of Cloudy Farm. He was driving up when his car suddenly sank down a foot or two. "What in the hell-" he said and opened the car door. He stopped. The ground felt mushy and soft. He looked down. He was mortified to find it was the remains of Bob Gilligans, strewn about and splattered all over the asphalt. he was so disgusted he threw up, spreading even more guck onto the asphalt. He got out of the car and started to walk up to the gate. He heard a thump from behind him. He pulled out his gun, twirled around and started firing randomly. He got a lucky shot and hit a creature on top of his car. It fell off and smacked the ground. He heard more sounds coming from the gate. He ran to his car, closed the door, and pushed the gas pedal. It didn't work. He forgot to put in the keys! He took out his ring of keys, and jammed one in. It didn't fit. “Damn...”, Fred thought. More of those creatures were approaching his car. He chose another key and jammed it in. It didn't fit. The creatures had reached the car. One took out a wicked looking knife. It jammed it into the windshield. Fred tried another key. It didn't fit. The creature pulled his knife down through the windshield. Somehow it cut the glass. Fred panicked. He took his gun out of the glove compartment. He cocked it. The creature sliced to the left. More creatures reached the car. They were doing the same thing to the other windows. Fred aimed the gun at the creature at the windshield and pulled the trigger. It jammed. Bobby shrieked in horror and punched the windshield with his other hand. It shattered and dropped glass all over the car. The creature howled and stabbed at Fred with it's knife. It stuck into the headrest an inch from Fred's face.

Fred jabbed forward with his gun. It jammed into the creature's eye. It yelled and fell back. More creatures took it's place. They started scratching at Fred's face. He shrieked and took the keys out again and jammed a random one in. It didn't fit. The creatures on the side windows broke through and started clawing and stabbing. He took another key out and jammed it in. It fit. He sighed with relief and turned on the car. The car lazily sprung to life. He backed up. Some of the creature's fell out. He jerked the car forward. The creature's started to climb out of the holes. The car crashed into the fence. Blood squirted everywhere. The creatures shrieked and some went limp. Others got out of the car. One remained unharmed. Fred backed up. It scratched at his face. He was bleeding intensely. The blood was starting to block his eyesight. Fred was speeding down the highway, with the creature still stuck in the windshield. He couldn't see very well. He was blindly swerving and turning all over the place. Suddenly the car abruptly stopped. He was jerked forward, expecting the creature to claw at his face. It didn't. He looked up. The creature was dead. He had hit a tree. He laid back his head against the headrest and sighed.

Chapter 3Edit

The president couldn't sleep. Whenever he closed his eyes, the same scene played before his eyes. It was September 11, and he'd just heard about the twin towers crashing. He laid his head in his hands. Suddenly he heard the door open. Someone was walking up to his desk. He heard them breathing down his neck. He shuddered. Whoever was there sure had bad breath. It also sounded as though they were wearing rocks. The president looked up. There he saw, in gross detail, a creature of unimaginable hideousness. It was wearing a contraption around it neck. It had four eyes, and long sharp teeth. It was also wearing a robe and hat of some kind that had a resemblance of the pope's. The president jerked back in his chair. The creature had two buff and scary looking bodyguards, with very odd looking guns. The creature began to speak. “Do not be afraid, we are not here to hurt you,”. “wha-wha-” the president stuttered. He was overcome with incredible surprise.

The creature walked toward the president's desk. “Our species is called Scorlan. We are here to discuss a proposition with you. Our species have been living underground for years. We have always been envious of you, though you pollute the earth. We want to take your land, either by peace and giving you reservoirs to live in, or by killing each and every one of you.” The president could not move. He was overcome in what seemed like fear and shock and delight all at the same time. His mind was racing.

The Scorlan waited impatiently. One of the guards said,”The Scorlan Pope awaits your decision.”. The president murmured “We-Well, I know what you're saying, with the pollution, and all that, but what I don't understand is how did you live down there without us noticing you?”. “Aaahhh...” said the Scorlan pope. “You did notice us, but all you noticed were peculiar tunnels, and you never ventured to explore them. You humans are very unaware of many things. We have been here longer than you, so therefore we are more powerful than you. You are to decide now, or be eliminated.”.

The president sighed. “ I will let you put us into reservoirs if you let me and my family live out side of the reservoirs, and live an undisturbed life.” “Agreed” said the pope. They shook hands. The Scorlan's hand was very dirt encrusted. “I don't know how I will tell everyone,” said the president. “Do not worry about that,” replied the pope. “You do not need to tell them. When the day comes, they will know...”. As the Scorlans walked out of the room, the president sighed. He was suddenly back in his bedroom, and he was sweating. He cried out silently. He knew today was the day.

Chapter 4Edit

Jim Waber sat on a bench, with a can of soda on the side, and a sandwich in hand. As he chewed the bite in his mouth, he closed his eyes. He sensed the zesty mayonaisse and the sweet honey ham. He started to chew slower. He could feel that awful night come back to him... he felt the splash of cold water hit his face, and could feel the awful salt taste, that awful salty taste...

Jim snapped back into reality. He stared down at his sandwich, which look suprisingly unappetizing. He put it down and picked up his soda.

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