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In this story, based on both the Jurassic Park and I Am Legend films, scientists have sucessfully found a way to "clone" dinosaurs, using DNA found in fossils that have been perfectly preserved, complete with muscles and skin. However, the animals quickly proved uncontrollable, and escaped the lab facilities before they could be contained. Eventually they spread out over most of the world, and experienced a population explosion as other species were pushed nearly to extinction by their feeding habits. The dinosaurs invaded major and minor cities, killing most of the inhabitants and forcing the remainders to run to small "colonies" surrounded by high-power electric fences. This is the story of one of those left behind in the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan, having been unable to escape with the rest of his family, and his attempts to survive in a city ridden with vicious carnivores which are constantly on the hunt, having run out of their main food sources. Contributions would be MOST helpful, as I do believe this story could make it if I have help. If you have any good ideas (please don't take this as a "rip-off"), please do not hesitate to write them.

The VisitorsEdit

Suddenly, Orthard seemed to wake from a long dream. He looked at his surroundings, everything was gigantic and full of life. He felt a strange sensation on his head; it seemed as it was full of itching, but deep inside... Now, his instincts were changing, he was not the same one as some days before. His relatives were far, but he could still see them. An uncontrollable force was awake inside himself. He felt very happy, he felt he could do everything. He tried to wake up from his bed but suddenly everything faded and he went to sleep again.

He had been like this for several months...days...hours? It was hard to keep track of time with his conscience going away and coming back at random intervals. His family kept him locked in a room since the changes started, and, from what he could gather, they only entered from time to time to administer medical care. It was hard to think, his mind was foggy. Hazy. Confused. He could feel a writhing...something underneath him, and with some focus, he managed to control it slightly. Like an arm, a large tentacle-like arm attached to his lower back.

Meanwhile, his uncle, who was taking care of him from a place Orthard could not see, noticed the change in him. It was something he could not explain with words, even with the language acquired a few generations before. His sister had started changing too, and now he could become a real dinosaur; a conscious one.

In Orthard's foggy mind he remembered when it all started. The virus. A virus that escaped from a lab. Which lab? he thought, but he didn't remember. When was that? He was pretty sure it was before his change. The virus was green and round and floating floating in the endless sea...

Orthard woke up. His uncle wasn't nearby. Some time had passed, but he was sure it had been only a few moments before he dozed off. What was he thinking about? Virus. Yes, virus. It was made for military purposes, but it escaped. It flew away. Floated in the air. Airbone. Not at first. First it infected animals and wasn't floating. But it mutated. It was a different virus. Not much different. But there wasn't a vaccine or cure anymore.

As Orthard fell back into a deep sleep, it started to come back. The virus...the AIDS had been mutated in the lab, given another protein strand. The strand changed its properties, giving it the ability to mimick any strand of DNA, thus allowing it to bond to and repair broken strands.

The effects of this had been immense. Paleontologists, upon discovering the presence of soft tissue still present in dinosaur bones, had used the virus to repair the heavily damaged DNA, thus creating a perfect clone. What came next was obvious: a desire to make living replicas!

The major institutions had said no. It was too dangerous, too risky for the public. They ordered all the embryos to be destroyed. It was done...but there was one problem. A spy from a Middle Eastern organization, based in New Mexico, had stolen several of the dinosaur embryos, and transported them back to their secret lab. There, using artificial eggs, they had grown several specimens. Unfortunately they did not consider the consequences...

The creatures proved too strong for the containments the organization had constructed. Within weeks they had spread all over the state...and soon the country. Now another property of the virus was revealed: it practically doubled the metabolism, thus allowing the dinosaurs to grow quickly, and also their offspring. Reproducing at an exponential rate, they soon began to drive other species, including humans, out of their habitats. Before long the government was forced to institute small colonies, surrounded by strong electric fences, that would keep the dinosaurs out until they could figure out how to stop them.

Orthard saw it all in his mind's eye. One day, several months back, he had been taking classes at the Grand Rapids Community College. Suddenly there was a warning shouted from a military helicopter as a pair of allosaurs entered the city. The college was suddenly filled with smaller, feathery creatures called Deinonychus. They had attacked the students, the professors...they had killed most of them. The city had been evacuated...but Orthard was attacked and driven into unconsciousness by one of the creatures...and he was skipped. When he came to, he was alone in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Chapter summary: Tom encounters an older man in the city who is wounded and delirious. Taking him in, he finds out that the man is an amnesiac who cannot remember his own name. In an attempt to find medicine, Tom runs in with yet another person: a young woman, Alecia, who claims to be the man's daughter. She says they were travelling together to the colony in Ada but became separated by a pack of deinonychus.

With a start, Thomas Orthard came awake. Bright sunlight was streaming through his bedroom window, and a gentle breeze was blowing through the room. The former student sat stright up and looked around. He had been dreaming. The tentacle on his back...his family worrying over had all been a nightmare. He was alone; completely alone in the city, and the world, so he felt. His family, he hoped, was now safe in a colony somewhere where the monsters couldn't get at them. But he was not safe. Trapped in a city with vicious allosaurs, ceratosaurs and deinonychus roaming the streets and allyways, he was forced to be constantly on his guard. He had already had several close scrapes.

He wiped the sweat from his forehead, and then got up off the small cot in the upstairs section of the Charlie's restaurant, which served as his makeshift headquarters. The bright light coming in the only window caused Tom to blink. He stretched, yawned and then made his way downstairs to prepare for another long day of preparing.

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