mark's Promise to Those That Come

Mark Holoman; the first ever to produce a personal platform and a business platform in the same package as a collaborative website. The Collaborative Internet Company (CIC) was responsible for the first wiki; it's said to have been WikiWikiWeb, but the first real one was called CIC.Let's go back.

Mark was inspired to build something that could lead to great content for free. Readers could use the platform as a blank to start their own site, and eventually end up being famous. The government paid Mark to keep the "wiki" a secret and out of the public's eye.

He did. He started working with wikis in 1991, and eventually led to a great site that is still held private by the U.S. government. But the bigger question is: What was on that wiki? Is the software still able to be found? What did it look like? Our first wiki was by the CIC,a dn we don't even know where to find their information. They don't have a website, and the government's version is held offline, and is only accessible by phone line connections.


There was more, though. The secret got out. Ward Cunningham bought the idea and was able to create a whole new version of the idea as where anyone could edit a page. Now, the old idea is forgotten, and we're still trying to find out what and where the original idea was and came from. What we most likely know is that Mark was held prisoner. His whereabouts are unknown, and since the idea got out, the government possibly killed him.

We are about to start a whole new story.

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