The day had just dawned and the shadows of the night were fast retreating, but among those shadows, hidden in the depths of Chrondrus, there stirred a malevolence that had been dormant for three centuries. The purpose of its stirring was a man, small in stature but bearing a silver globe that shone in the shadows. Slowly this man made his way towards the hidden gate. With each step taken the malevolence stirred, subconsciously aware that the time was drawing near for its awakening.

At the foot of the gate the man paused, muttering to himself in a strange tongue. Roughly translated, he said, "The quest must be undertaken or all else is lost and darkness will rule. For this porpose I must do an evil and may the gods have mercy on me. Father, I do not bear this task willingly but I do your will. The time has come. Now will I be tested and I pray that my training will sustain me.

He walked slowly forward, reaching out with his left hand till he came in contact with the rough walls of the cliff. Softly he cried, "athan mera, athan mathan, athan viruthan hai betha nakuni." As the last word slipped from his tongue he looked up and for the first time the dim light reflected on his face. He was a handsome youth not more than 23 years of age, but the cares that he carried were etched deep in his forehead and reflected in his eyes.

Suddenly he was aware of a dark presence watching him. He turned to the woods surrounding him.

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