Travis has fallen, and the Demon of Shadows has risen in his place. Now, an unexpected troop of misfits must become heroes to save their world. Lucy, a young and idealistic mage with a sad history; Hiroshi, a blacksmith with a big heart and a bigger brain; Iyyena, born of rape and raised on the streets; and Benjamin, a criminal who’s crimes speak for themselves. These unlikely heroes must rise up to face the Demon and destroy it, or their entire world will die. But there are some out there that would try to stop them, that want to hold this great power as their own. And all the while Travis is fighting himself at every step, even as he hunts down these four young heroes…



Plot: Follows the story of the 4 heroes as they travel and meet and learn and fight. Also gives hints as to what the mysterious strangers who want the demons power are, and has (at the beginning of each chapter) a short diddy telling the Demons thoughts and actions at the time.

· Lucy:


· Hiroshi :


· Iyyena:


· Benjamin:


· Mr. Hewbrett and Agent Klo:


· Travis Palmer”



· Lucy Falnrii-

· Hiroshi Duridan-

· Iyyena Malorn-

· Benjamin Virko-

· Travis Palmer-

· Agent Klo- Works for gov. trying to gain control over “Demon of Shadows”

· Mr. Hewbrett- Agent Klo works for him, trying to get control of Travis


· The Songs “Concrete Angel” and “You Could be a Hero”

· “Naruto” “Naruto Shippuden”

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