Travis Palmer, a young, overly idealistic man, almost a boy, has had a hard life. Orphaned at a young age, he never knew his parents, and had to grow up on the streets, trying his best to satisfy both his helpful, idealistic nature; and his need for food and shelter. Travis makes his way through life, trying to survive and still be able to live with himself, on the streets of the only city he has ever known. All the while, a secret government organization is watching him, as they know his parentage, they know the power he has…


· A figure, young male, with 4 shadows behind him. The shadows have the form of humans, 1 male, 3 female. 1 female is the same size as the figure, the others are all much smaller, child sized. In front of the figure is another shadow, which looks to be attacking him, like a hand closing on something. It has claws and spines and just looks evil. Have a cool gov. car in the back left side of the book, behind the shadows and figure.

Plot: Travis is taking care of his siblings, Akemi and Doron. He is also friends with a girl named Elena. Elena kills herself after being raped by her foster-father. His two siblings are killed in a drive-by-shooting shortly after he’s kidnapped by a secret government organization trying to tap into magic powers as a weapon. They are responsible for the shooting. Travis is kept in, essentially, a kennel, with a number of other test subjects. They are experimented on until they either die or tap into the magic power that the government wants. Travis goes insane there, and then taps into his power shortly after they kill his only friend there, a younger girl named “Nikki” who was only 6 years old. (reminded him of his younger sister). And so Travis becomes the demon.





· “Story of the Fall”

· “Naruto”

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