This is a fantasy story set in another world. This world does use magic and is inhabited by hundreds of creatures.

Legend of the book

All the worlds secrets, magic and evil shall be locked in the book. They will remain there until the book is opened. To open the book a key is needed, and if there is any pages missing, The holders of the pages will be killed. When the book is opened, evil shall rule the world and none shall survive the horror that will follow. Unless the book is opened by one pure enough to vanquish the spirits and live with the secrets.

The first opening

A mighty king known as faranic was the first to find the key and attempt to open the book. But when he placed the key in the lock and turned, the spirits jumped out and struck him down. A short battle ensued in which the spirits won against the king’s warriors and started to conquer the land. The land was taken by spirits and remained that way for many centuries. This was the end of the age of peace and the start of the second Dark Age.

A hero rises

Many tried to vanquish the spirits, but none could until one day a young warrior called Zen found the book and forced the spirits back in. In the last battle of darkness many millions were lost but the world was safe again and the age of advancement began. But the spirits were smarter than they seemed. They had got some of the pages and hidden them, knowing that this would ultimately lead to them being free again.

Chapter 1-mirroshine

Laura looked across the Mirroshine Lake and thought. She’d often do this in her free time, often for hours on end. She was peacefully planning the day ahead when she saw something move In the water. She kept looking for what it had been and was about to give up after 15 minutes of staring, when suddenly it jumped out of the water. It was huge and there was a massive splash, which reached up to the tallest oak on the waters edge. It was an enormous fish, which could swallow her whole. Strangely, it landed on the land and started to suffocate. Laura attempted to push it into the water before it died but it was much too heavy. She was about to call for help when suddenly the fish went stiff and cold. Then its mouth opened and a piece of paper fell out.

She was upset that she couldn’t help the fish but intrigued by the paper and started to read it. Most of it was undecodable but some of it was written in her language, azrylian. Even so, it made little sense and all she could work out was something about flaming wolf spirits. On the reverse there was a picture of one of these wolves. She was entranced by the picture and couldn’t stop staring at it. She was drawn to the picture and kept looking at it for the next few hours. It was almost like she was getting drawn inside. If it had not been for her master’s call she could have been there forever. But luckily, he did call and snapped her to her senses. She looked up at the sun. Two hours late. She was in trouble now.

Chapter 2- The farm

She stuffed the note into her bag and ran to the farm as fast as she could. When she got there she saw her best friend waiting for her. She ran over to kai and started speaking with him. ‘Hi’ she said. ‘Where have you been!’ he exclaimed. ‘Ill tell you later, I have to get to work quick’ ‘Uh-oh. Ill just leave’ ‘Why? What is it’ ‘Laura!’ jort bellowed. Jort was Laura’s master and had been for the whole of her life. He wasn’t that strict with her and would only give strict punishments to the other kids on the farm. This was because Jort adopted Laura when she was only one year old. She had to do more work than the others did, but at least she wasn’t as serverley punished. But when she saw him today he looked more sinister. He had a look of rage in his eye. She would have dismissed it, but then she saw a whip in his hand. The whip was only used when people had been really bad, and never against her. He let loose a first lash and pain seared through her back. She attempted to escape but was tripped by the whip. He let loose a third one and it hit her eye. She was in too much pain to resist as she was thrown in the barn and the door was looked, and as she hit the floor, she blacked out.

Laura woke up. She looked around and saw she was in a barn. Her joints were aching all over and she couldn’t see out of one eye. That was very unlike jort. He wouldn’t even do that to one of the other kids. She knew her only realistic option now was to lay down, wait, and wonder why jort had been so extreme. Suddenly she heard a noise outside. She tried to find a window. She spotted one, but it was high up and would be hard to get to. She got a ladder and put it against the wall, then started to climb. She got up to the window and looked out. She saw kai and some of the others being chased by a blurred red, fiery creature, which appeared to be on all fours.

It was faster than those running from it and soon caught them up. It grabbed one of the youngest girls with its fangs and bit hard. Laura turned away and, when she locked back, saw it feasting off her remains. This was horrible. What was going on, she thought. First the jort thing, now this. Could this be linked with the fish and the paper? She climbed back down the ladder and opened her bag. She got out the paper and looked at it. ‘Of course!’ she thought. ‘It must be the wolf pictured’. Which meant the paper and the fish were involved with whatever was going on.

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