There has always been bad in the world, ever since there has been good. But true evil was kep locked away. It did not yet exist, but its arrival was inevitable. The Creators divided what was to be evil into eight diamonds. The diamonds were locked away in the most remote regions of The World. And they were protected. Why didn't the Creators destroy them? Because that would release all of the Evil that Was To Be. And that would be more evil than all of the bad things that ever happened, since the beginning of Time. For badness is unavoidable. It follows good, just as good follows bad, which is why good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people. But True Evil is different. True Evil is the result of people creating Bad things without allowing good to happen, and attempting to destroy all good, no matter how small, that is formed. For example:

Good: giving charity to the poor

Minorly Bad: stealing food and money to support a homeless and poor family other than one's own

Bad: stealing food and money to support oneself

Majorly Bad: stealing money out of greed

True Evil: offering to steal food and money to support an innocent poor family, then eating the food - slowly, mind you - in front of the family, then slowly killing the children infront of the parents, then leaving the parents to die, and, by the way, the half a million dollars was stolen in the fathers name, who is brought in and left to rot in the jail cells. Oh, and making sure the mother never sees him again. EVER.

That is True Evil, which I am very sorry to say, I released. I was young and naive at the time, but in the three days it took for True Evil to be released, I aged a thousand years, in mind and in soul. So now I am dying, unable to have done anything to save the world from this evil, I write this story, hoping that someday, someody will read this, and finally return evil to its rightful place: the state of Nonexistance.

The Eight Diamonds of EvilEdit

The VolcanoEdit

I am looking into the distance now, at the volcano, always emiting a tongue of smoke, dissipating into the air. As I travelled closer on my naive quest, I saw the that the land became more barren, more dead, the closer I came to the volcano. I remember the tunnels, the fiery tunnels that lead to the diamond. They burned with a heat that would have turned me back if not for my naive determination. At the end, there was a fiery pit of lava, and at the other end of the pit, a diamond rested. I watched a salamander-beetle ride a salamander to the diamond. At first they were both calm, but as they reached the diamond, the salamander became more aggressive, snapping out at all that came near it, until finally, it killed the beetle. It came forward to eat it, but turned away. It used its tail to flick the beetle into the lava, where it burned to ashed that were swallowed by the lava. The beetle died without a purpose, the beetle died without meaning, the beetle died, helping nothing, not even its killer. It died for no reason what-so-ever. I should have turned back then, when I saw the diamond of Aggression take hold of the salamander. But it was not the greatest of the diamonds, and it did not deter me.

The ForestEdit

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