Before the I begin, there is something that must be said. There seems to be some confusion about the difference between a realm, a universe, and a world. A universe is any area that has infinite bounds. It is impossible to travel between universes without powerful magic, etc. A world is a single place among the universe. It is usually very large, and the people there do not usualy interact with the peoples of different worlds, if the even know that those other worlds exist. And finally, a realm is...hard to explain. There are usually three realms in one universe (or world, depending on the circumstances). There is the physical realm, where humans (or the equivelant to humans) usually live. There is the heaven, or afterlife, where people exist after they die. And there is the Aetherealm, the realm of energy. Usually ghosts exist here. It is also where power and energy is (usually) drawn from. Now that this is covered, I can continue on with the story.

The Dark ReigningEdit

There used to be only one universe, with only one world, and only one realm. It was called the Universe. It was very peaceful, and the people lived reletively happy, but there was a problem. It was overcrowded. The every single race, species, gender, etc. all living in the same place, with no death (remember, there is no afterlife, so death was impossible). So seven sorcerers gathered together to solve this problem. They gathered up all of their power, and split the Universe into seven universes. But the amount of energy they had to use was so great, that each universe was overcome by darkness. Some were only a little affected, some a lot. But no place was spared.

Although each universe was created from one common universe, the peoples of them forgot everything, and new histeries for the universes were created. By created, I mean they are true. The next seven chapters will list the seven universes.

Chapter One: EarthEdit

Earth isn't a universe, but it is the most notable of the two worlds that exist in it, and the people of either world never bothered thinking up a name for the universe. Anyway, the people of Earth were mostly unaffected by the the dark reigning for the first millenia or so, when the Dark Ages came up, but that was not the full extent of the Dark Reigning. That would not come for another millenia, two thousand years A.D. The terrorist attack on the twin towers formed the ultimate blow of power that would put the world into turmoil for the next five hundred years. But that's another story...

The other world of this universe is the world called "Narkk" by its people. These roughly humanoid creatures are very technologically advanced. They have not experienced any affect of the Dark Reigning for these first two millenia, but no one knows the workings of the government. It may be plotting something that could affect the peoples of both worlds...from 24 lightyears away.

One other thing, the abbreviation "A.D." Stands for After Dark. As in After the Dark Reigning.

Chapter Two: LibraeiaEdit

First, the name of theis universe is pronounced "Lih-bray-uh."

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