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The Beginning Edit

Chris's heart was raging. One more heartbreak and there would be nothing left for him... or of him. He knew he was falling a part, from god, his family, all because of this one girl. He didn't know how much heartbreak could come out of this one place. Or did he... he was asking for it. Her wandering blue eyes spelled heartbreak all over them, and now he has no where to turn.

2 weeks later Edit

Chris was falling deeper into everything god opposed. Drugs, Alcohol and much more things that quietly ate away at his life. He picked up a girl from the big city, but that was not enough. He was missing something. There was a huge whole in his heart, that nothing could fill, not money, not girls, not drugs. And he knew that, but he was afraid of what he needed, which was god.

One Month later Edit

Chris is at the end of his ropes, he has no where to turn, his girlfriend took all his money, and left him to die... alone... and afraid. One Sunday he slipped into the back pew and listened to the preacher preach about many people who came to god in their time of need. Chris realized that, so he prayed about it for many nights... and one day it came true about a year later.

1 year later Edit

Chris was shopping at his Local grocery store when, there she was, a girl from school that he secretly loved. It turns out that she too found god and because of that her boyfriend dumped her. Chris then realized that he still loved her, and The girl realized she loves him. God put them together just for that.

10 years later Edit

Chris and the girl get married and have 2 wonderful kids. They go to church every Sunday and now Chris is a preacher and the girl, now a women is a youth minister. Chris still loves her, and she still loves Chris. Now all Chris has to say is... AMEN

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