Mac is a six foot, muscular, thirty year old man with short, brown hair, blue eyes, and a thing for wearing red. He is a Christian and kind man, and his Japanese-American wife: Kuki Fukuyama can agree to that. He and Kuki work as Basement Security Guards at Khan Industries, which is approximately twenty blocks from their house. They work there in thanks to Khan Industries for manufacturing some of the greatest anti-burglary technology, which Kuki and Mac use in their home. The couple believe that God wants them to work at Khan Industries to protect it from the building's evil Basement Dwellers.


Mac wakes up on his and Kuki's luxurious TempurPedic bed and looks at the digital clock on the night-table beside him. The clock says that it is six o'clock in the morning, and he groggily gets up out of the bed and heads to the bathroom to brush his teeth. Mac hates mornings, and that is not just because he has to get up; he also hates them because of an accident he had one morning when he was a teenager, driving to college. The wreck with the semi-truck left him with a broken arm and leg; however, that morning wasn't entirely bad because he met Kuki that day. She was the one driving the semi-truck: a Ford F-150. She ran a red light right when Mac's car came into the middle of the intersection, and she hit the side of it. She got out to check on him, and when their eyes locked, they fell in love instantly. Mac thinks about that day, whilst looking in the mirror with the water running. There is a toothbrush in his hand, and on it is bubble-gum-flavored toothpaste. Mac smiles, and then, his beautiful, curvy wife with jet-black hair and brown eyes comes into the bathroom.

"Good morning, Kuki," Says Mac and starts brushing his teeth.

"Mmmm," Kuki says in response, her eyes half-closed. Kuki takes off her clothes and gets in the shower. As she takes her shower, she begins thinking about the past.

Kuki Fukuyama was born in Kannapolis, North Carolina, which was also the birthplace of her husband, Mac. In her childhood, Kuki was a very good little girl, but when she became an adolescent, things changed for worse. She started hanging out with a blasphemous gang of boys, who, with extreme peer pressure, ended up convincing her to skip school often, drink alcoholic beverages, commit grand theft auto, and mock the Holy Trinity.

The bonds between Kuki and her blood brothers were unbreakable until that night. That night would be January 17, 1998, which was nine years ago; she was gang-raped by the boys and left naked, crying, and scarred in the very shack where they performed the vicious act. She wasn't sure whether to think that that was awesome or evil, but she did pray to God, asking him for forgiveness for everything she had done wrong, and she asked Jesus to save her from her sins and help her repent. Her rape made her realize that if she didn't mend her ways, other bad things were going to happen.

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