The Autobiography of a 13 Year Old

By Calthrina950


Sometimes, whenever a person fells the urge, they might take the time to record the events and circumstances that have occurred in their life, to put down their memories on paper, and to write down their thoughts on everything that has happened to them, and continues to happen to them. Although not every one will bother to do so, writing a autobiography or a memoir will preserve forever, as long as the Earth revolves around the sun, and as long as no disturbances occur, descriptions of events which have come upon them. Thus, future generations of people may read that record and derive understanding about the life of a person in the past, no matter what that person might be.

This is one of my primary motives for writing this autobiography of myself. By recording the events and the memories that have happened to me so far, I will forever preserve such events for future generations to look upon, to examine. Although I am only thirteen years old, I have witnessed a great deal of events which no child should have to witness. I have witnessed the early death of my mother, just a year before the death of my grandmother. I have seen disturbing circumstances occur on me or those who I know, including events which I will only recount with the utmost reluctance.

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