"Who are you, more likely, WHAT are you?," the child said, as a man began to appear out of the eye stinging smoke. "You know who I am.," he said, his breath unveiling the smoke.

"I am Atralious."Edit

Operation 0 10-4-11 $0.00Edit

Whoa, Whoa. I kinda got carried away with that, so let me backtrack a little bit.

My name is Atralious Brown, but I am mostly known as Atralious. I am 28-years old, 6'4, 200 lbs, with black hair, blue eyes, and stubble. By day I am an 8th grade philosophy teacher at New Richard Middle School in New Richard, California, by night I am a M.M, or Magician Mercenary.

I work for Eclipse, a company that provides M.M's. The whole deal is run by Chief Azeral, Who first became the chief in 1940, when he was my age. (Sad, huh. he was at the top of the drawing board, while I'm stuck in the middle doing all the field work.) There are some good things about it though.

For each operation, we usually get a paycheck of $15,000.(Depending on the operation.) Also, we don't have to do assasinations, so I don't have to kill anyone, unless they get in my way.

One of my most foreteling stories was not long ago, and i'll never forget it.

Operation 1 9-3-09 $18,000Edit

This operation took place just after I got back to school. I don't know what is wrong with this generation, they have no respect for their elders(not saying that i'm old or anything, although I am starting to go gray!) Although, there is this one kid in my class that is a very pleasure to have around. He has straight A's in all classes( I know only because he has me in 1st period, and I took a t his progress report). He is also a gamer like me. We once had this conversation about Grand Theft Auto 4.

It all begun when I was teaching 4th period. "-and so that s what causes dreams-" My phone began to ring. "Start on tonight's homework, boys and girls."I said as I stepped out for the call. When I picked it up, it was no other than Chief Azreal.

Chief Azreal: Atralious, is that you?

Atralious: Yeah. Let me guess, you have another misson for me.

Azreal: Don't be so bullheaded. Listen carefully. The meeting area is on 1457 Rolivar Ave, just outside of the junkyard. The details we'll be explained there. All i'm going to tell you, You will need an Alpher for this one.

Alphers are these little inserts that allow you to teleport to different countries around the world. The inserts fit into a special ring that all the M.M's must wear at all times. The ring also has a code to purchase items to help you with your missions.

Atralious: All right, Ill see you at....

Azreal:10:00, Come at 10:00

Atralious:Ok. I got to go to my class.

The rest of my day was usual, teaching the meanings to blocks of lead they call eighth graders. After grading their recent test, which I would have to harp on them about it. Why can't they just listen in class. After that frightening episode, I signed out and went home to relax to tv.

At around 5:12, my girlfriend Lucy came home from her job working at Macy's She's a sight to be seen. Thin waist, soft, curly black hair, blue eyes, gorgeous smile, and the most optomistic attitude even I can't match.

"So, honey, how was school?"her voice could make any man drool in awe. " Well, The usuall. They fall asleep in class and don't pay attention to me. I've got another mission i've got to do tonight, But after this, I am going to take the next 4 months off, so you can finally see me at night for once in a while."I responded., "Also, I challenge you to a game of Uno!"

After the game of Uno(she won, as always).

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