Finally Purple has gone against his conditioning to be an obedient servant and he helped Blue Tentacles run away with the elderly tramp, Brown Tentacles that the boy loves. Purple has rescued Blue Tentacles from one evil paedophile but Blue is now involved with another paedophile and doesn't understand that he is in moral danger. Purple doesn't understand either that the boy shouldn't be with the tramp. Blue Tentacles is legally old enough to do sex and has been since before he left prison. It took Purple long enough to recognise that what the father of Blue the cruel legal guardian who is considered Blue's father wanted to force onto the boy was wrong. It took Purple long enough to recognise that it was right to resist him as well. Purple can't see yet how far some laws enacted by his master's class are wrong as well. The law allowing Blue Tentacles to consent to sex before he's old enough to live on his own isn't about giving children sexual freedom. It's about freeing adults to manipulate the sex lives of youngsters. Fugitive slave Purple Eye Stalks had tried to do what he was taught was his duty at least part of the time all his life. That means he tried to work hard and obey his master and was content with little. Purple only started recently to realize how badly he was exploited.

Petty criminal, Brown Tentacles plans to take both of them to a wonderful lagoon area where he is sure he and the boy will be happy. Blue Tentacles has moved from one moral danger to another and the one friend who should help doesn't protect him because he has been taught morality the wrong way.

There is one definite improvement, Blue Tentacles and Purple are now both free.

The story continues.

The Aliens of the Flaming Red Sun/42 They’re horrible snobs

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