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The boy won’t like his dad’s planEdit

The parents got on their way. Mother dragged her tentacles and lowered them resignedly. When he saw his wife’s reaction father planted his tentacles that much more firmly at each step.
“Why are you so hard? That won’t work.”, his mother asked.
“Leave it to me.”
“You’ll just drive him away.”
“I know what I’m doing.”
“I was looking forward to our son coming home. I was hoping we’d start things off well again.”
“I said leave it to me.”

Later they were settled in a dining establishment proper for their class. Mother looked apprehensive, father started,
“You remember what the prison said about our son getting involved with an old tramp.”
“They said the tramp was almost old enough to be his grandfather.” Mother wrinkled her tentacles in disgust.
“He was a miserable tramp who’s been homeless practically all his life.”
“There’s something wrong when a youngster loves someone so much older that sexual way.”
“He shouldn’t be going with tramps. There’s no way he should.”
“I was thinking we should have a party. Get him to meet some youngsters from our class.”
“That’s not what I had in mind.”
“Can’t you see? We need to get him away from this unnatural business with Centaurians who are far too old for him, my sister Violet says....”
“There’ll be no parties. He studies till I say he’s done enough.”
“I’ll invite a group of youngsters then. There'll be no parties.”
“I don’t want that either.”
“What’s the matter?”
“I was planning to tell you this later but it looks like it’ll have to be now. Old Leering Eye Spots wants to marry him.”
“They told me about Leering Eye Spots. He’s no good.”
“He’s from our class. He’s a bit above our class as a matter of fact. The connection with his class will help our family to rise. You understood that type of thing when you married me. You know you are way below my family. Why can’t you understand that now?”
“Leering Eye Spots must be even older than the tramp. Tramps don't live that long.”
Leering Eye Spots wants him. The boy’s ugly so the boy won’t easily go off with someone else. With the boy's record Leering Eye Spots hopes he won’t find anyone else anyway. And the boy already likes older folk.”
“So you don’t care about him?”
“We need to salvage something from this mess, the boy’s written off as a criminal. Do you think we’ll get anybody decent from our class to marry him? It’s for his own good as well as for our family and if we don’t use this chance the boy may never make a proper marriage. You don’t want that do you? ”
“Why do you push all that schoolwork onto the boy? He won’t need to know so much with Old Leering Eye Spots. ”
“I want the boy to be keen to leave us so he goes with Leering Eye Spots. Can you see that, silly?”

Mother carried on eating. The food was well cooked and right for her class or her husband's class. Eating it gave her no pleasure.

Chapter 10 Remembering

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