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Let’s have fun somewhere differentEdit

“Not highlights from Tentacle Ball again.” Purple started after he'd settled once more in the television lounge, Purple stopped abruptly as Straight gave him a “Don’t you like the sport that interests me?” look.
“Not that pathetic Patrician youngster who ran away from an excellent marriage again.” Straight started and several engineering ratings added that young lout who had harmed relations with Earth didn’t deserve any marriage to any very high ranking Centaurian. There were further comments about how life for Patricians always turned well although Patricians deserved nothing, Purple took care not to show his feelings and didn’t tell the others what type of abusive marriage the cruel father of Blue Tentacles really had in mind.
“Not more about how they think Morowl is a wonderful ruler again.” another engineer grumbled and several in the group started suggesting they had spent too long in the television lounge. One of the group took out a communicator and afterwards told them Black and Gold would drive them to a recreation area when he’d finished the work shift he was doing.

So later Purple and his new mates were packed into the back of Black and Gold’s vehicle, they were literally on top of each other till they couldn’t breathe. [1] Straight was right on top of Purple, both whispered messages to each other and both agreed, they might do something really special later.

In due course Purple was relaxing in the sun on a mudflat that the Galaxy Shipping Company reserved for engineering staff and comparable workers. Engineers complained about drugged workers because the barrier against the wind [2] needed repair and the planet wide gale was blowing through many holes. Still Black and Gold found a quiet place for Purple as he was sorry for the former slave and tactfully no Centaurian told Purple why he had one of the most comfortable spots, Purple felt wonderfully relaxed, felt a Patrician could hardly have been happier. For a while the group enjoyed themselves, those who needed to start a work shift left on transport that the Galaxy Shipping Company provided while off duty workers from time to time arrived on the same transport.
“Why haven’t’ they sent for me? Why haven’t’ they found me any work?” Purple asked after a long time.
“That no-good coordinator in your department probably hasn’t noticed you yet.” Black and Gold explained and several shook tentacles with revulsion. “That coordinator’s usually sober on duty, usually!” Black and Gold continued.
“Make the most of this, next time just as likely they’ll send you out on a fresh job even before you’ve had time to rest.” Straight added concerned.
Purple drew his tentacles in with shock thinking how worn-out he’d been after the long driving session and how badly he’d needed a break.

So Purple made the most of it, there was an improvised tentacle ball game that Black and Gold arranged between Purple’s group and a group of skilled mudflat maintenance workers based at the recreation facility. Purple lost the ball after an awkward tackle from a Centaurian in the opposing team.
“These maintenance workers understand the mudflats better than we do.” Purple blurted out but Straight still looked really disappointed and Purple got the uncomfortable impression that Straight was the strongest player in his group.
“Er... I’ve practised wrestling more than I’ve played tentacle ball.” Purple tried to excuse uncomfortably.


  1. Centaurians evolved to spend time underwater and can hold their breath like whales, dolphins or turtles on Earth. Staying packed tightly during a short journey isn’t a problem for Centaurians.
  2. For more about the planet wide gale see Weather conditions and habitability of Red dwarf star systems.

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