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What can go wrong next? Edit

It was a credit to Purple’s driving skills that he managed to get the shattered craft to the harbour a little before their enemies widened their search to that area. Brownie the tramp wanted to travel with some dead cheap shipping concern so there would be plenty left to buy intoxicants after the journey but Purple knew about those cut-price companies.
“Their ships aren’t properly maintained.” Purple told them.
“But they’re wonderfully cheap!” Brownie rippled his tentacles pleadingly as he said that.
“Some of those old hulks could break down near the harbour with the slave catchers just behind us.”
Brownie was totally focused thinking about the intoxicants he could buy with all the tokens he had. The drunk just didn’t consider the danger that he had recognised only a short while before.
“I insist!” Brownie stated and tried to sound authoritative.
“You’re not my master.” Purple replied and began to appreciate what being free, what being able to choose would mean.
“You must.” Brownie added.
Purple steered the boat to an area in the harbour where the Galaxy Shipping Company moored its ships. The Galaxy Shipping Company was in no way the cheapest firm around but Galaxy Shipping Company had a reputation for keeping its ships in good repair also talk in the servants’ quarters said they were kind to former slaves and fugitive slaves, clearly for Purple that mattered. [1]

“Those ships are much cheaper.” Brownie pleaded, he indicated with his tentacle a part of the harbour where very old ships were moored.

Purple drove right to a Galaxy Shipping Company ship that was due to go where Brownie wanted, then he stopped the engine and climbed out of the broken down hulk with relief. A few moments later Purple had bobbed to the surface and located the walkways to get onboard, he noted that every walkway was strong, firm and easy to climb. Just after that Brownie’s head appeared above the surface with the boy, Blue Tentacles beside him.
“The superbly cheap boats are over there!” Brownie pleaded yet again and indicated with one of his tentacles.
Purple looked where the tramp pointed and noticed that most boats there didn’t even have a proper gangplank. Purple could clearly see Centaurians climbing across to the boats over some type of rope webbing. Centaurians can climb ropes like that fairly easily but Purple wondered what would happen if any of the ropes broke or if an unexpected gust of wind pulled the boat away and tore the rope.
“I’m swimming to the cheap ships,” Brownie stated “you’d better come with me.”
Purple felt he’d rather have nothing more to do with the tramp and remembered what the boy had done.
“I’ve taken enough risks for those two wretches!” was Purple’s first thought but then he noticed that young Blue looked undecided.
“If the slave catchers get to you, Blue Tentacles, they’ll take you straight back to that Slithery, Leering baddie that your father wants you to marry!” Purple warned severely. Blue Tentacles swam over as fast as Centaurians his age can and clung to Purple like a much younger child.
“I never ever want to get near that horrible villain.” Blue exclaimed abjectly.
So Purple and Blue Tentacles swam over to the well maintained ship of the Galaxy Shipping Company, sulkily the tramp followed.


  1. Since I wrote this I found out that there is a Scientology related organisation, the Galaxy Press. The Galaxy Shipping Company is totally unrelated to this and I didn’t know about Galaxy Press when I decided on this section of the story. More than one science fiction writer chooses the title Galaxy for something. The Galaxy Shipping Company is also totally unrelated to the Sea Org in Scientology, when I worked out and started writing about the Galaxy Shipping Company I knew far less about the Sea Org than I do now. The Galaxy Shipping Company is a responsible organisation most of the time where staff and passengers are well treated.

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