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Psychologists Decisions Edit

They held case conferences Terran style about Blue Tentacles. Renaming him yet again would look bad. As a precaution the old paedophile was moved into a different section of the prison away from the youngster. Young Blue was just old enough to do sex legally so they couldn't easily punish either harder than they already had. Psychologists were pleased that the youngster was mixing better with other prisoners and Blue was even taking a little bit of interest in courses teaching prisoners skills for life. The old fellow had given some good advice and after all Brown Tentacles loved the youngster. Brown had really tried to help and protect young Blue though he just couldn’t face reality. He couldn’t accept that the best way to protect the youngster would have been to control his sex drive. The two caught a glimpse of each other from time to time in the exercise yard and the first time the youngster got excited. The older one flashed a very brief warning, well after that both acted as if the other didn’t exist. The youngster's tentacles became blue again.

The psychologists didn’t think they needed to do any more. That petty criminal was due to be released well before the youngster and would return to his life among the homeless and the lowest of Centaurian society. The Patrician’s son would return later to his upper class position so clearly their lives would never touch again. When old Brown Tentacles was released the prison staff were relieved that they had one fewer problem and young Blue was a bit upset but got over it as if he were looking forward to something.

Sometime later a lowly old tramp turned up at the traders’ entrance of the mansion where the parents of young Blue Tentacles lived. He asked very respectfully if there was any chance of getting work. Workers were hard to get and the boss always expected wages to be as low during boom times as during slumps, the boss also grumbled about how expensive it was to buy and keep slaves. They took the tramp on without asking any questions though other labourers asked him why he didn’t mind the low pay. Couldn’t he have got more catching and selling creepy crawlies from the homeless swamps? He gave answers like,
”Ah my poor old tentacles. Those shacks they build in the homeless swamps don’t protect us. It’s so hard running and diving into deep water every time the Sun flares.” and,
“Ah my poor old body. Who will pay for medicines if I get sick in the homeless swamps?”

An overseer suppressed amusement. They certainly wouldn’t pay all that much if he needed medicine. The boss would never tolerate spending a fortune on a fellow who was too old and weak to do much work. The overseers thought they had a fool as a worker. They piled the work onto him, as much as he could do at his age. Brown never complained about the long work and low pay. He waited patiently for what he wanted.

Back in the prison psychologists recommended releasing the young Blue Tentacles early because he had responded well. The Patrician robes that he tied round his tentacles were a bit small as he had grown since he last wore them. Blue passed his tentacles round his eye stalks and felt that he was a Patrician again, he began to feel better about himself. Hopefully Blue Tentacles waited for his family to take him from the prison.

His parents came to collect him and his father reminded him that he had done wrong and would have to make amends further for his behaviour. Crestfallen Blue got into the vehicle with his parents.

Chapter 8 Free at last, perhaps

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